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I hate Maryland

As if I didn’t already hate it enough, ‘walking’ has become the state’s ‘official exercise.’ Christ.

You’re kidding me? I was thinking about UMaryland for grad school. So this is what we pay the government for…

What don’t you like about Mary Land?

Hey, they could have made the state exercize Channel Surfing!

Wouldn’t it have been interesting if they came out and said, “We’d like to announce Maryland’s official exercize - DEADLIFTS!”

nephorm - Just curious, what else do you hate about Maryland?

mikesmith00 - What are you planning on studying? I went to grad school at Maryland so maybe I could give you some insight.

jeffrage - As another Maryland resident, I say WE declare the state exercise the deadlift. We can change it once in a while just for kicks.

Speaking as an ex-MD’er, the one good thing about MD I ever knew was the fact that the official state sport was Jousting… But that dosen’t do anything to offset the sheer amount of bile the people who live in the DC area seem to carry with them.


I remember a number of years back people actually tried to get it changed from Jousting to Duck-Pin Bowling. It’s shit like this that is making me leave that state. Also, the fact that everyone is fugly has contributed to my decision.

Because it rains, all the time, it rains all the time. Just to reinforce that point, it rains all the time. We have had so many games cancelled this year, I want to go back to good ole NY


hahaha! true to the fugly

duck-pin bowling? must’ve been the rednecks :wink:

Let me preface by saying that UM has great graduate programs.

I hate:

  1. Budget cuts, especially after the govt spent millions of dollars on the ‘smoking stops here’ billboards

  2. The continual devaluation of property, especially in the butt-crack of the state (PG County) where I live.

  3. The mentality of lower-class ‘I would sue my own mother to get rich’ type people that have been moving into maryland, thus perpetuating number 2.

There’s more, but I’ll wait.

Don’t even get me started about PG county, the bastion of all that is fucked up and wrong :P… I grew up there, went to the magnet schools and experienced the backwards racism and general brain-deadedness of the welfare class.
The only thing that still amazes me about that place is that I stayed there so long.

I’m a jr physicist, wanted to go visit UMaryland this summer. I know some of the professors in the medical school, they worked for the same undergrad research advisor I have, and one of the recommended I check it out. The school looks great, but is the area around it that bad? I’m not sure where this PG county is, is there where UMd is?

I might know you, Josh… what schools/years did you go to PG County schools?

The Greenbelt/College Park area isn’t bad (that’s where UMCP is), although UMCP is inside PG County.

Yeah but the Crabs at “Buddies” in Anapolis almost make it worth while.
Spent seven years living in Shadyside while working at Andrews AFB.

I currently go to UMaryland Law school and I must say that the State government sucks ass. They raised our tuition in the middle of the semester. Also, the Umaryland grad schools are in the middle of the ghetto. My advise is to go to school somewhere else if you can.

I go to UMD-college park and like the school a lot. I’m an undergrad though, so I couldn’t tell you much about the grad depts here unelss it was for business.

Go to UVA. Better area. :wink:

I live in Va, and I can’t imagine living in PG county. Why not move to VA or go to Montgomery County? Montgomery County seems much much better.

Went to Suitland HS, graduated '98. I was in the music dept. there. Also went to UMD for a year or so, did Comp Sci mainly.

Montgomery county is only better if you’ve got the money to rent (or buy) something that’s not in shitsville. Otherwise, it may as well be PG county, especially since they annexed Tacoma Park.

Josh - What you said about having enough money to not live in Shitsville is true not just of Montgomery County, but of the entire DC/MD/noVA are. It’s a fairly expensive area to live. Check out this link.


Now, I must draw the line at you comparing Montgomery to PG County. Montgomery County is better even if you don’t live in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, or Potomac. And, we’ve always had a piece of Takoma Park. Am I biased? Yes, so don’t take me too seriously, just don’t drag me/my county down with you and yours.