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I Hate Long Rests


I hate resting too long during workouts, I just get bored. Now when I follow a program from the site I follow whatever prescription is given. I figure I'm not smart enough to screw with a good thing. I even time them in the gym using my timex grom Grade 10.

I know that in EDT you can have shorter rest periods for your beginning sets and rest more as you need it and Westside has days where they use really short rests.

When I need a rest and feel I can't do it I don't mind the 2 - 3 min rests. If I go by feel nothin really matters as long as my weights are going up (well not completly).

Sure you can mess with that variable later on but I've started workinge out again, and I want to increase my weights and have fun.

So do I need to be a stickler, or can I take as much time as I need to keep moving the weights. Also, can I increase my strength while not giving my CNS alot of time to recover. (stay away from maxing out)



either u have godlike conditioning or you need to lift heavier.

or go ahead and try edt... by 8 min you're way....you'll be ready to take 2 min rests.


Guess I need to lift heavier. I do EDT 10-minute front squats and never take more than 45 seconds rest all the way to the end.


In EDT, isn't there an indicator to increase the load after getting approx. so many reps with what you're using?

It would also depend on your goals too I guess, and your muscle make-up.


Yeah maybe I need to use heavier weights. I usually build up from light weights when I haven't worked out for a while.


Yeah, it was when your reps increase by 20% above the first workout's reps, you increase the weight by 5%. If they increase by 20% or more in the second workout, increase the weight by 10%.

I believe it was called the "20/5" rule.