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I Hate Leg Day Memes!


This has bween building up over the last year and I hate it.

Yes, we all know that squats are the king of exercises and that someone who is serious in the gym trains legs proudly, but there seems to be a lot of borrowed respect happenign when people try to make it seem like they trained legs so hard they couldn't walk.

And the joke is just getting OLD.


Some more typical shit




I feel fucking fine after leg day, because I actually train things with frequency.






I really just hate all Gym memes. The way the fitness industry in general has blown up is a little irritating, everyone feels so special because they go to the gym but really like no one fucking cares. And all the stupid hashtags and silly sayings suck too, like beast mode or when a couple lifts together they're "swole mates", like go jump into a fire. Go to the gym and shut your mouth.


Up until recently were you not training strictly for powerlifting? Working up to 5,3, or singles is not the same as doing a John Meadows leg session.

I think some of the memes can be funny but, I think they are overdone.


That is because you do not train them hard enough.

Also, you have baby bird legs.

J/K...I just remember PX mentioning that.


I like the one about fat girls in yoga pants.


I don't see the leg ones that much, the anti-crossfit ones are whats popular now


Oh I've done all kinds of things. The last strict powerlifting training cycle I did I was squatting 3x a week using Shieko volume which averages around 25 bar lifts each time. So like a 5x5 or 4x6 that sort of thing. I've done Smolov a couple times in the past. Now I'm only squatting twice a week with around 45 bar lifts and then 6-12 sets to failure on leg extension and leg curl type things.

Trust me, if you ignore the soreness and train frequently enough your body gets over it regardless of how much work you do. And I highly doubt the people making these memes train legs as hard as John Meadows...


In general, I have found that those people that employ fitness memes are neither big nor strong. Same with dumb lifting slang, hashtags, portmanteaus, and pretty much any tactic that boils down trying to express a complicated idea through a soundbite.


This is why I don't do facebook.




Nothing infuriates me more than going on Facebook and seeing endless amounts of posts of stupid Gym/Leg Day/She Sqauts Bro/Too Much Pre-Workout/etc... memes or fucking Spotify screenshots of 'BOOTY WORK/SQUAT MIX/HUMPS DAY/etc...' playlists from people who don't even actually really lift, work out, diet, or put in the time or effort to legitimately educate themselves or apply knowledge/advice from peers, but they'll scour the internet for stupid ass memes and music so they can get likes on their pathetic social media accounts. FUCK ALL OF YOU JUST ACTUALLY GO LIFT EAT CLEAN POST HOT SELFIES OF YOUR GAINS LIKE THIS CHICK BUT UNTIL THEN NOBODY FUCKING CARES!!!!!


Fuck don't remind me of that dickhead.


There are quite a few uncomfortable ones with "When you see your training partner" and it's got Mark Wahlberg and The Rock eyeing each other.