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I Hate It


i feel ashamed i have to ask this,but i was doing hack squats for the first time the other day and i had a really hard time keping the bar from bouncing off my legs and bottom.so i put a plate under each side and found it was easier to keep the bar from going crazy.

now having said that,is this cheating?i know you cant get everything the first time,but theres no way it should be bouncing off me like that, i had to use my arms quite a bit to get it steady,so arms got the "burn" as well as my legs.


Im not sure in understanding what you did. Sounds like you elevated the bar on a plate?? If so yes in a sense thats cheating by not using full ROM.

Anycase. in hack squats the bar is going to rub on you. I dont know how you would avodi it in totality. This move I find is GREAT to teach you to sitback in the DL, and squat.

Good Luck,


yeah i put it on a plate to elevate it,so are you saying i gotta start in a "wall sit" position?because i was starting in a half DL when i did them with my but in the air a little bit

on a sidenote i got 315-10 reps,405-8 reps,495-4 reps, and 585-2 reps, a PR for little ol' 185lb me,i jus had to tell someone


True Hack Squats are not the easiest exercise. Many lack the flexibility required to do them properly.

Try mastering front squats and you'll find your flexibility will improve.


Are those numbers for hack squats???? Why the hell are you posting on the beginner's thread? Those numbers are insane!


you are a 5'11" 185lb high school student and you did a 585lb hack squat....twice. you do realize that that is six plates per side of the barbell. SIX plates. olympic plates not bumper plates. i know many big strong guys who couldn't do a 585lb conventional deadlift and you're telling me you hack-squatted that shit....twice. i don't know man i think you need to count again.


Yeah, you're right. I didn't even look at the poster's profile. He's going to have to post a video if he expects us to believe those numbers. No way some high school kid is hack squatting that kind of weight. I remember this one guy I hung out with for like, a week trying to tell me that he squatted "around 1000lbs" in high school. The guy was a huge fat guy, but no friggin way. I was younger and didn't even know much about lifting, now I would call total bullshit on the guy and challenge him to a lift off. I doubt if he could have squatted 315.

If those numbers WERE true, he should be able to DL around 700 lbs.


No, he's probably correct, cos the other day I did 20 rep front squats with 915. Still had some left in the bank.[/sarcasm]


yah exactly man. especially if he is just learning the movement which he must be if he is asking questions about it and if shortening the range between the bar and the floor is cheating. because that's pretty obvious. i mean i'm 6'2" and 275 and can easily go into the mid sixes on deadlift and there is NO way i could hack squat 585 for two. i can't believe it until i see it.


ahem,i forgot to say that was for leg press,420 more lbs and i win a bet and get better legs,its a win-win,and no way in hell was that a hack squat,i was only doing 225 on those,struggling cause of the bouncing


Even then I am a little hesitant. I used to leg press almost that much and could not even back squat 135 with good form. The admission really helps the beleivability though. Do you do squats in general?



Ok, that's a little more realistic. :slight_smile:


yup,i can squat 285,not much but its heavy for me