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I Hate Ignorant People Giving Advice


My new co-worker and I were talking about lifting weights and he asked me the age old question, "how much do u bench?" I told about 250lbs for 1rm (I'm 160lbs @ 5'8) which is ehh...and he replies, "Damn, I struggle w/ 120lbs"...

we keep talking about lifting and he keeps telling me how magnificient glutamine is and starts preaching to me that it's an amino acid (no fucking shit!) and how I should stop taking protein and how glutamine is so much more important than protein when building muscle (in my head: uhh, glutamine is an amino acid which make up protein u jackass!)

Then, i told him from what I read on this site that glutamine actually has no effects on tests done on HUMANS (ie; protein synthesis) and he says, "Dude it works, I worked at a gym...I know"

I'm all about keeping an open mind, but when a guy who struggles w/ 120lbs on the bench press gives me a close-minded response like that, I want to rip his head of his skinny fucking neck!...How valid do you think your statment is when backing it up by "Hey, I worked at a gym"...doing what, cleaning the pubics from the mens showers??? has to be if you think glutamine is the key to muscle building. No research nor books to back up his claim while I have well-respected, eminent authors from TMUSCLE telling me otherwise...I'll stick to ppl like David J. Barr who actually backs up his articles from references.

I just wanted to share one of my many stories of misinformed, ignorant ppl who think they are the fucking wizards of weight lifting and dieting. I know I'm not the top knowledgable ppl when it comes to tmuscle stuff, but through years of reading and knowledge I have gained, it pisses me the fuck off when these douche bag stupid fuck heads try to educate me on some shit they haven't even chipped the fucking iceberg on

ya'll got any other stories of dick fucks like this one


I'm sure EVERYONE has a story like this, it just runs rampant.
Of course most people just shrug it off. Or laugh. Because, you know, it doesn't really matter.
In the end your bench is still over double his.

But of course for the sake of the thread I'll post my most recent one-

Some 140lb kid that I tried to give advice to (because he asked!)- but then started crapping on about how awesomely ripped he was, like, check my hawt abz! lifts up shirt, and he's lifting like, everyday, and his boxin skillz are mad, blah blah
I interrupt, said, "whats your deadlift"
he said "dead.lift,?, huh?"


My dad tried to convince me that peanut butter "probably has more protein and is better for you than those shakes you drink" I eat a loads of peanut butter anyway so not discounting its benefits but when i corrected him he didn't want to believe me. Ha.


I workout in the back of my office, I don't deal with nonsense like this.


Yeah, just the other day a guy at gym tried to explain to me how all that one needs to build muscle is an energy drink before gym and how protein plays no role. I just laughed.


Sure i'll join in.

This little dude that goes to my school asked me how much a set of dumbbells were at the fitness store i used to work at. So i told him, then curious i asked why. He said because he just wants to be able to pick up some dumbbells at home and do some curls. I said that is extremely stupid and just stick to doing your curls at the gym. He told me, It's how he keeps his arms cut.

I asked him how much he weighed. He's 6'0 and 140. I told him his arms are cut because he's dying from starvation not because he curls once everyone hour.


My own mother refuses to believe that trans fat laden margarine is in fact NOT better for you than butter. She cooks it into meals, puts it on my dads toast, on baked potatoes...

Dad just had a splint put in his main veign to fix a 90% blockage about a year ago.

She tells me I'm to muscular and that I'm too obsessive about health and nutrition.

She has my dad eating oatmeal and toast for breakfast. No protien or healthy fats.

I love my dad so I told him to start eating eggs in the morning now that his cholesterol is decent. Told him to get some fish oil to and gave him some other recommendations. Unfortunately he takes my Mom's advice over mine. She's following nutritional advice from 'Lady's Home Journal' circa 1983.



No offense to the dudes who run their back days like the kid in the story below, but I order my back exercises so I hit the top first and work my way down.

I start w/ wide grip pull-ups and lat pull-downs, go to seated cable rows mixed with face pulls (look weird, but give a good pump), then DB rows or bent over BB rows (or both), then I finish with deadlifts.

Anyway, this kid tells me I should deadlift first because that's when my muscles are fresh and I'll be able to move more weight. I counter this with an explanation of how I want to work my upper back first and save my LOWER back for the ultimate destruction at the end. He looks at me like I'm crazy and insists I'm doing it wrong.

For the record, he's about 5'7" ~160lbs. I'm not huge by any means, but at 5'10" and between 205-208lbs, it irks me that the kid wants to 'teach me how to build my back' and is very adamant about my being wrong.

I don't tell him how to run his workouts. It's annoying when he tells me how to run mine.

So I went out and bought a sweet set of Shure 'in ear' ear buds. They totally block out ambient noise.
All is well.


To: Rev1911

That's always happening at my gym cause there are two crowds - the older bigger guys who have been doing it the same and with success for years, and the up and comers who THINK they've got it all figured out. Personally if I'm scratchin my head as to why someone's doing something that looks 'wrong' to me I ask em why they are doing it that way. You learn a lot about staging excercises, tempo the whole nine yards. Even if I walk away thinking it's not for me at least I've got something to pull out when what I'm doing stops working or gets stale.

It's just a matter of affording someone the dignity that they probably know what they're doing and why, you just haven't figured it out yet.

Of course then there's just the douche bags who insist on working their upper backs first, who we all know are crazy. :wink:


Last week I was at a party, and a guy wanted to know if it would be okay to use protein powder if he didn't work out. Two people IMMEDIATELY jumped in and said, "You're gonna get fat, that stuff is soo bad for people who don't work out. Protein just makes you fat, don't use it"

That shit continued for a good 5 minutes while I just sat there and kept quiet. Finally they shut up and he looks at me and asks, so is it true? All I said was, "First thing, ignore EVERYTHING those two just told you"

LOL @ the looks they gave me right there. You fat dumb broad, shut your fucking mouth next time.


I'm glad we can agree on this. :slight_smile:

I put together my routine from the guys I used to lift with in college. That routine got me to where I am today and while I might change things around here and there, I stick to it for the most part. Where did they get the idea to DL last? I don't know, but it works for me.

On the other hand, I'm a big advocate of switching things up and shocking your system. T-Nation has been invaluable to my training with tips and new exercises to try. Plus, TC and I have the exact same thought process. I wish I could live my life the way he writes his articles.

I don't want to be a dick to the little dudes. I used to be a little dude. I'm still a little dude when compared to some guys on this board.

Vires Eternus, you wanna do my back day with me today? We can start with wide grip pull-ups and lat pull-downs, and then go make Muscle Milk brownies.

P.S. I think doing DLs last in conjunction with my shoulder workouts (heavy shrugs FTW) has really brought my traps out. Fatigue the upper back first then hit the lower back w/ DLs and force the traps to do some holding at the top. I get comments on my traps and how they're gonna 'eat my ears' soon. Big traps make me happy.


He is actually right.

Just saying...


That is hilarious. Situations like these really show how stupid someone is. If they are willing to talk authoritatively about a subject that they know damn well they don't understand, who knows what other subjects they are talking about in such a way.

I have a female client that is 100lbs and can deadlift 190x4 and a co-worker of hers that knows nothing about lifting told her that quadraped Fire hydrants were better for glute development. bahahahaha


Some kid told a freind of mine that I trained that there was creatine in True-mass protein.

Same kid told him that bananas are bad for you with all the sugar in them.

Same kid told him all he needs to do in the gym to get jacked is 25 mins.

Same kid is out of shape and has a gut now...he's a mister know it all.

Some kid at the gym keeps asking me about ab exercises to get abs not knowing that cardio and diet gets you abs. I told him that...he still insists on doing ab work.

Same some kid never trains his but his biceps and chest 5 days a week.

Same some kid take superpump like no tomorrow.

Same some kid lat pulls 190lbs to only bring the bar 3" down.

....I can go on with a lot of shit lol.


I work out in my garage by myself, so the only ignorant motherfucker I have to deal with is me.


The best is when people say ahhh man your huge. I am 210-215 and I am like wha??? I say I am small for what I do. They go noooo man your fucking huge! I just walk away.


Headphones on... music loud... eyes focused (on either the weight, the floor, the ceiling or the wall, depending on what lift I'm doing).... don't have to worry about dumbfucks bothering me :slightly_smiling:


The bigger and stronger you get the less you get that.


Actually this is very subjective...I prefer to do my heaviest lift last. Because I like knowing that I can put every ounce of my energy, focus, intensity into it and then when I'm done I get to collapse for a few minutes before limping out of the gym.


Hehe, true. In the mean time ignoring or playing the "I am bigger card" will do.