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I hate ignorant kids!

Man I talked to this guy today who thinks he knows about roids. I was telling him how roids can be safe if done properly. And he started arguing that roids can’t be safe. His argument was that he did them at 15 and tried to kill his brother. So I told him he’s mentally Ill because he doesn’t know how to control himself heh. Anyways the guy kept going on about how unsafe roids are and had no backup, he talked about some wrestler that died. So i gave him the usual facts. HE said he knew more about roids than me cuz he did them at 15. Then I asked him a few simple questions, like how roids work via AR and gluticorticoids, and of course he said “I’ve done them before, you haven’t, I know about them”. Oh man the kid pissed me off I wanted to snap his neck, I proved him wrong time after time and he kept using the same excuse! It’s true I haven’t used roids. I feel that I still have a few tricks I can pull to get me through plateaus, and i’m only at 208. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do my research and study them, because I have been for some time now. Anyways I’m just venting a bit this kid was so annoying!

Most 15 yearolds think they know everything.

“Don’t confuse me with the facts my mind is made up!” Yup, he is one of them. Relax. Avoid the kid or the topic. He is not worth it. If you proved your point, then you would have taken away his excuse for his behavior. He would have been responsible! Just be glad that he is so convinced he know it all, that he would use steriods again. How bright coould he be, using them at 15.
Not to be religious here, but remember the tale about casting seed on barren soil, rocky soil and fertile soil. This kid is barren. Hopefully in more ways the one. :wink:

So you could guarantee that this kid wouldn’t get any harsh side effects from your idea of a safe cycle? And why are you trying to convince a KID that steroid use is safe?

I read the post again. The guy was 15 when he took the roids. How old is he now?

He’s 22, obviously a 15 year old kid would have more trouble controlling aggression than an older more mature person, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t guarantee him anything, there’s a difference between 100% safe and safe. His view was that “Roid Rage” affects everyone, and I told him that’s not the case.

AHH, I see. The title had me thinking he was still like 16 or something.

Well He acts like a kid hence the title, plus I was very irritated at the time heh. Anyways the point is I wasn’t trying to convince him to use steroids. He was going on about how he used them before and how they are dangerous. I just took it upon myself to tell him my views and that myths can’t dispel facts.

So by folling this guy’s logic, everyone who drinks a beer will turn into a hopeless drunk. As for the wrestler who died,I can’t recall any wrestler who’s death was reported as steroid related. Brian Pillman, I believe, had a pre existing heart condition and Ravishing Rick Rude may have had a dependence on pain pills that contributed to his death. I know there have been a few other wrestlers die in the last 2-3 years. If steroids were going to kill anyone I would put Scott Steiner’s name at the top of the list.

There was a wrestler from CT named Quick Draw Rick McGraw who supposedly died of steroid related liver or kidney failure but I don’t recall the specifics. It was about 15 years ago. He wrestled for the WWF and good old Vince McMahon. BTW, my $.02 is that steroids can be good and steroids can be bad. It all depends on the dosing, knowledge, age, sex, general health and a plethora of other factors which are individual specific. Any one generalization cannot be true.

That is why I always just say “steroids are not as bad as some would have you believe.”