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I Hate GNC...


But it did serve its purpose today. I ran out of ZMA and had to go buy some from GNC for twice the price of Biotest. That motivated me to put in my order, which I've been meaning to do for the past month
Forgot to mention the clerk was a heifer who couldn't be bothered in her conversation with another heifer that didn't buy anything.


hahahaha, i went in a couple of weeks ago and found some surprising cheap powders. Needless to say i had to scoop up the high quality protein jug for 25$

Soon to be shopping with Biotest, just wish i could remember my other account. Signed up in 2005, instead of sporting a 2011 join date :frowning:


Just type in your email address and they will mail you your username and password, dude.


They always push those frigging "Mega-men" vitamins on you guys?

Anytime I'm forced to go in there, it's usually to get a tub of protein or some BCAA's. I politely inform the clerk that I am not interested in buying "Mega-men" vitamins. They persist and persist. They use awkward segues to try and steer the conversation back to "Mega-men" vitamins (ie: "Hey, the BCAA mix you're looking at has B6 to help absorption. I can tell you something else that has lots of B6...MEGA MEN vitamins, which we are now featuring at....".

I politely inform them that it's almost impossible how uninterested I am in purchasing "Mega-men" vitamins.

Wish they'd fuck off with the vitamins already...


I cant remember what email i used..... i haven't been on in like 2 or 3 years.

I remember the username though


Thank god for trueprotein.


Some guys on the ar15 forum were pimping out proteinfactory.com as an equivalent. Any experience with it?

I buy whatever whey is on sale at costco on the day that I run out. Now that I have an income I'm planning on getting back to Biotest for as much as possible


i envy you america =( here we pay an average of 140 dollars for 2lbs of whey.


try sending them a e-mail, i recovered my old account this way. Better than having a 09 one.


i'm guessing you have pretty good access to ajinomoto amino acids though. i assume that at 70 buck a pound, you don't consume a lot of whey? how much are eggs, milk, and chicken in japan out of curiosity?


This is Dante's response to the recent increase in their whey prices

We have tried to hold the line as long as we can but the dairies and their packaging mediaries just jacked milk related and whey prices across the board.

The companies that we make products for aren't too happy either but its the material cost that has risen. Sure doesnt make me happy, I would love to sell everything for a buck a pound.

You will see alot of smaller supplement companies and certain products by certain companies fall to the wayside......both from material costs going up and also GMP regulations.

My business partner and I have stood to the side and watched how two custom manufacturers who make a large amount of products here in the United States....have just cut corners left and right and companies are having them make their proteins for them. Their cookie cutter formula has a large amount of skim milk and non dairy creamer in it with 60% something wpc....(wpc is supposed to be 79-82%)....BUT ITS CHEAP TO MAKE AND THEN THEY CAN TURN AROUND AND SELL IT TO EVERYONE BELOW COSTS OF EVERYONE ELSE.....

THATS IT WE HAVE HAD IT. I am going to be very very very transparent here and Im going to copy that formula and show you guys exactly what it is and that we can beat any price out there when we are talking apples to apples and oranges to oranges. If you want dirt cheap protein with skim milk and non dairy creamer in it (tastes great!) because all you care about is the bottom line price....IM GOING TO MAKE IT FOR YOU...and beat their pricing.....and Ill tell you exactly whats in it. The marketing of it? Im probably going to put "Not exactly the best protein you can ingest

...hes obvioulsy kidding about selling non digestible protein, but hes making a point.


Why? Theirs a couple manufactures in CN that would probably import, import tax cant tbe that much.


GNC is incredibly overpriced. The vitamin shoppe in my town is way cheaper than the GNC. I don't really understand how they even stay in business when their prices are so much higher than everyone else.


Where the hell are you shopping man??

Can get whey protein for much cheaper than that in Japan


So my Biotest order got here in 2 days. I guess I should hate myself for being impatient.