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I Hate Getting Sick

All was going well with my “getting my lost strength back” training until last Monday.

Then I got buried on my final set of squats last Monday with a weight that I shouldn’t have. I was achy as hell the next day and decided to skip my GPP training and rest. Came in fresh on Wednesday (or so I thought) then got buried with the first set of squats.

What the hell?

Then Thursday came around and I was achier than I could ever remember. I attributed it to training. I decided to skip my GPP workout again, and back off on the weight for Friday. But then Friday came and I was feeling even worse and was basically a zombie, so I said to myself, “self, you must be overtraining or something… maybe time a for a long weekend and to hit it fresh on Monday.”

But then Saturday came, the aches were worse and then the bazooka barfing, fever and diarrhea started. Sunday I the fever abated (as did the vomiting and diarrhea), but now the headaches kicked in hardcore and I felt like I was being stabbed in the middle/upper back with a couple big knives.

Finally yesterday came and I felt tired, but no pain. Today I feel normal. I am considering whether to try to do something light in the gym today to see how I feel or whether to give it a couple more days to see make sure I am 100%.

God I hate getting sick.



that sucks man. I have had a similar experience with food poisoning, but the funny thing is that I’m usually a little stronger when I get sick. As long as its a minor cold or something, I end up lifting more. Not sure how that works, but whatever lol.

Funny you should mention that, but same thing here with minor colds and such. This one was FAR different tho.

Hell yeah man I hate being sick. IDK about you, but if I puke, I’m VERY sick. I mean(other than being a baby) I have literally puked less than 15 times my whole life.

Whenever I’m sick I try to make a positive out of it. I usually get my strength back quick, and I’m just at a lower BW now!

…and I would chill a few days, I’ve had a flu relapse of sorts from pushing too soon. Call it a deload.

Yeah, probably a good call on taking it easy. I took the dogs for a walk today and that exhausted me, so I probably need a few more days before I venture back to the gym.