I Hate Endocrinologists

I’ve been diagnosed with hypogonaidsm for 3 years now, since I was 22 years old. I’m 25 now, I have consistently had results of 7.5-10nmol/L of total testosterone and 220-330 of free testosterone. LH usually at 2-3 and FSH at 2. All other blood labs are within range. 4 doctors said I should get further treatment (not specialists)

3 endos refused to work with me, decided to go private and shell out $400 for a seemingly respectable endo who was willing to do SERM therapy. After doing an extra blood lab (I’ve already done about 30), teste ultrasound and MRI I get this letter from him:

“Your blood tests were completely normal, morning testosterone at 10.2nmol/L, free testosterone 283 and LH 5. As such it is not possible to attribute any symptomatology to androgen or gonadal function”

Are you fucking kidding me? 283 is a good number for a 25 year old powerlifter/wrestler who is 6’1 and 100kg, eats fucking clean paleo (plenty of fats), takes zinc+mag supps, sleeps 9 hours a night, doesn’t drink and works out 5-6 days a week? I feel like shit and this is the help I get, I’m fed up with these incompetent clowns. I think it’s time to take things in to my own hands.

God damn, you’re as old as me. If your levels are such at such a young age, this is gonna deteriorate further as you age. So you’ve known you’re hypogonadal and haven’t receieved any treatment in the last 3 years? My god. I’m fucking depressed by the state of all this. I don’t understand how these “doctors” sleep at night. Search for testosterone replacement at YouTube and watch Dr. Morgentaler’s lecture on the misconception about testosterone that has made doctors so blind to the need for treatment.

Read the “finding a TRT sticky.”

Also, another poster had a great idea for finding a TRT doc. Look for an older guy at the gym who looks stronger than his years. Have a conversation with him, drop that you are low T and can’t find a good doc. He may give you a tip.

You’re mixing up your numbers as far as free and total goes. Your total is low and you free is borderline low. I have been intensely reading and seeing specialists over the past month. Your free affects how you feel more than your total. If you see a ‘mens clinic’ or T clinic they should prescribe you no problem. Its your call if you want to be on it this young. Other options include Clomid monotherapy which could help you on both fronts without being as drastic as t replacement.

I think he’s converting his TT from nmol/l to ng/dl and misunderstanding that as a calculation to FT level.

As I said prior, at your age, you should be on some treatment for this problem. It’s disabling. I still can’t believe the state of affairs in your area, a 400$ consultation at pvt. specialist and no help at those levels. No one can even say you’re in range, forgetting that even range is useless for half the people with hypogonadism.

You’re right, it’s definitely no going up from here. I kind of feel like in a downspiral, I’m overweight and less able to workout, which leads to more hormone issues over time. Saddest thing is I didn’t even ask for TRT, here your levels must be at 6nmol/L or less to be able to get it legally. All I wanted was a single SERM prescription, is that too much to ask for?

Well, it’s not too difficult to get things with the dark net and such. I’m just too scared to jump in to that rabbit hole alone and without a doctor monitoring me. But it seems like that will be my only option.

I knew from the first moment that he was the type of guy to think bottom range is acceptable, I mentioned how it’s ridiculous that the government made a new rule making it that only a specialist can prescribe testosterone to people below 6nmol/L (my general doctor even agreed) and he didn’t think it was wrong at all. I mean is just surviving the goal of modern medicine? My first ‘specialist’ told me people who suggest being middle range are ‘testosterone junkies’. The outlook here is screwed.