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I Hate Ebay!


You Probably only want to read this rant if you also hate Ebay or are just really bored :slightly_smiling:

I recently saw an oportunity to make a little extra cash.

I saw on ebay that i could buy needles and syringes in bulk and sell in packs of 10 for a small profit.
There was loads of adverts for syrinhes and needles in the catagory "syringes/needles"

So i bought some bulk needles and started selling I did well and could not quite keep up I made £50 in 2 weeks not loads of money but a nice little sideline.
then my advert got removed and I was told needles are prohibited items, I complained and I got an appology for the error and my advert went back on

then 2 days later my advert got tokk off again this time I was told that it will def not be going back on.

I am told I can sell filter needles but not normal needles.

Needles are not on the 'prohibited items' list on ebay
they have a 'syringes/needles' catagory
why allow filter needles and not normal?

now I have loads of needles and syringes without any realistic out let to sell them on :frowning:

Ebay = knobheads


Craigslist that shit. I'm sure it's not 100% legal, but I've seen some weird stuff on there.


cheers ill try that


You'd be amazed how gay ebay is. Its quite amazing. This would be the 4th time I've relisted my ps2.

1st time, some nigerian bastard told me to send it to nigeria. AHahah he said he would pay me after he received it.

2nd time, it was bought with the buy it now, AFTER the listing was finished, they canned the guy saying he too was from nigeria.

3rd time, ps2 sold for $2,000. Then ebay deleted it quite quickly, then they still left the final value charges on there. Looking through the help for a wee bit, found it saying to ask a WEEK later to get them removed. Bastards trying to make me forget.

4th time, still waiting for guy to fing paying.

I doubt I will have much hope.


oh man you want to talk about ebay USERS being gay..

I jusy bought a double leather speedball

£10 for the ball £7 postage

The bladder inside is split

Now to send it back they will only refund what I paid for the ball not the postage or the postage to return

So it is foing to cost me another £7 to get £10 back

So after I have returned it I will be £14 out of pocket



Who would pay $2,000 for a PS2 when you can get a new PS3 for a quarter of that price? Somebody from Nigeria, perhaps?


Yes, it was from Nigeria, then sent me emails for weeks asking me to please sent it to their kid in Nigeria and they would pay me when the tracker number is confirmed. ahahhah.

It was 2 nigerian guys bidding against each other.


I wonder ow many people have fallen for that scam?


Im personally rather fond of ebay lately. Pretty much just because of the strong Canadian dollar. Picked up a few decent deals lately.
However had had my issues as well. Won an auction. Received an email saying my item was sent and I would receive a UPS tracking number shortly. The next day I got an email saying that my product was on back order. I immediately sent them an email asking how my item was on back order since I got an email stating that it had been shipped. Five days passed and nothing so a refund was asked for. A few days later and I still have yet to hear from this company. Good times..


Ahhh, Ebay. Where else can I buy a walking cane made from a bull's dick.


To Eels, try selling some books. It will get you more, trust me.
You can buy for cheap at thrift or charity stores, just a thought.