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I Hate Cottage Cheese


Man, I hate it, but I eat it because it's high in protein and low in fat, is portable and seems to work into each diet, but there has to be another way..........1 serving makes me gag.


Add cinnamon/pumpkin pie mix/pumpkin pie spice. Put it in tupperware. Enjoy the tastiness.


Won't that be a little too sweet, and add carbs, defeating the purpose?


I have no problems getting 250 - 300 grms of protein without eating cottage cheese. Eat more meat, eggs, drink more milk, protein powders. If you don't like it, don't eat it. It is not a miracle food.


The pie mix I get sometimes, or used to get, was very low carbs, mostly from fiber if I recall. And the pie spices/cinnamon don't add any sugar. Just a suggestion


I'll look for it at the store, sounds good. Thanks ( I still hate it, though)


I shoot for 250 grams per day, with powders, eggs and chicken.......just trying to mix it up a little, ya'know? You're right, it ain't no miracle food by any means.


milk, half a pound of cottage cheese, banana

mix it well

enjoy the awesomeness


Yea, it sounds nasty, but instead of tasting like curdled milk, it tastes like crappy pumpkin pie made with curdled milk!


Mix with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and some peanut butter. Yum.


You get used to it.

Vermont style will always be nasty though.


I mix mine with apple sauce and cinnamon.Alittle apple sauce and cinnamon go along way.


There's over two million species on the earth. Eat one of them instead.



It took me probably a solid 2 years of hating it, but now I actually enjoy it. Another suggestion: stir in some salsa. I know it sounds disgusting (I was extremely skeptical), but it actually tastes pretty damn good.


Is the big scary food going to make you cry?


Man up Motherfucker! -lol



Haha, at first I complained about it, but, now I just eat it plain too :stuck_out_tongue:

For you, I recommend SALSA on your cottage cheese


cinamon + natty PB = awesome


I hate cottage cheese also. It's disgusting.

To hide the taste I put a serving in a zip-loc bag, add vanilla and splenda, mush it (doesn't have to be perfect), then freeze it. I leave it out for ~15 minutes and eat it like ice cream with a couple spoons of natty PB. I actually enjoy it made this way.


Instant coffee and scoop choc protein powder mixed in the cottage cheese is awesome. At night I sub the coffee with natty pb which is also very good