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I Hate Clean Bulking

This irritates me. The point of bulking is to gain muscle. If you gain a ton of fat, that’s not a “dirty bulk,” but a “failed bulk.” You either do it right, do it wrong, or justify paranoid eating as “eating clean.”

Your not allowed to say that here.

To redeem yourself take a cell phone picture of your abs in your bathroom mirror and post it asking “am I ripped?”

Oh yeah and add 1.5 celery sticks to your lunch.

Totally clean bulks are a waste of time in my opinion. Why wait a year to put on 10lbs of muscle when you can put on 40 solid pounds with 30 of it muscle with a fucking cheeseburger tossed into it here and there.

You can lose a couple lbs of fat a lot faster than you can gain the same amount of muscle.

Bulking is tricky. Yeah it seems too simple to some, but it is a personal measurement. I goofed up last year trying to bulk and got alot more fat than expected. Granted there was some muscle added, and my PRs went up, but my pants feel tighter than I am used to and it is annoying. But I agree with losing fat is worth it if the muscle gain was substantial. As long as your not an idiot and consider a steady supply of Little Debbies as bulking.

The key is to find the rate at which you are adding MORE muscle than fat. You cant optimize your process unless you are adding fat (which lets you know you are in a calorie surplus).

I’ve made the mistake of adding weight way to quickly, its not a fun thing. However, at the same time you dont want to add too slowly, or even…gulp lose weight.

The key is gain about .5 - 1 pound per week. Anything over a pound and you know you are eating too much (unless “assited”).

Techniques like carb and calorie cycling to meet daily energy needs (If you dont go to the gym you need fewer cals, or if you add cardio on top of your gym you need more) can help to add more muscle and less fat.

I think when we refer to a “clean” bulk that is norally thought of as eating cutting foods (chicken, rice, yams, lean beef) in larger quantities. However, adding a cheesebuger or a few slices of pizza will not harm you if you factor it in to you calories.

Bottom line… Eat a cheeseburger/pizza if you want, just not for every meal.

In my opinion anyway.