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I hate Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck sucks. The only reason I didn’t see “The Sum of All Fears,” and why I won’t see “Daredevil” is because stupid Ben Affleck is in them. That chump can’t act.

I agree. That guy sucks ass.

 Sure. And we care exactly because...

You should watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. They’re both in it but Affleck starts ripping himself and then turns it to ripping on people who always bitch about him. I felt the same as you untill I saw it and realized how cool it was for them to be in their buddy’s movie after they’d become such big stars.

I agree. He seems nice, but sure comes across as a cheeseball on the tube.

I disagree. Have you seen the movie “Dogma”. Funniest fucking movie ever. I agree that in some movies he comes cross as a pussy but watch this movie and he definetly isn’t a pussy and is also pretty funny.

:slight_smile: Groove

evertime i hear his name, all i can think of is that damn Aflack duck. anyhoo, i liked dogma, but still think benny sucks. i just cant take him or damon seriously as action stars. they seem like such royal pussies.

Why does everyone hate Ben Affleck? Personally I think he can act. He’s cool. Ah well. Jennifer Garner is in DareDevil and that makes it all worth it. Matt Damon was good in “The Borne Idendity”. :slight_smile:

I think Matt Damon is a better actor then Ben Affleck. He was also great in Rounders.