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I Hate Being Sick

I get sick once every 1-2 years. I caught the flu sometime sunday, managed to make it through monday working with a horrible sore throat and feeling bad. And called in tuesday and today. My throat is swollen, the ridiculous amounts of pills I’ve taken has finally taken care of my headache, but I can barely walk, and am down about 6 quarts of water. I also just got out of a 2 hour cold shower to break my fever. So im sitting here in basketball shorts in my cold ass house still sweating a ton.

Luckily I’m good friends with my doctors assistant who is one of my friends ex-wife so she always takes care of me, makes me come into the clinic when im sick.

and I’ve probably lost a couple pounds of muscle since the all I’ve eaten was a sandwich in the last 3 days.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my dread.