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I Had to Get MD6

I saw the advirtisement for it, and it brought flashbacks of my favorite all time supp. Especially the OG norephedrine product! my Memories of the leanest Id ever been flashed in my head as well.

I had to for the placebo effect of just seeing the bottle sitting on the counter! MD6. !!

Well I have to say I love the product even though its weaker. HRX is just too powerful for me.

MD6 feels a bit like Spike to me as well.! cant beat the 100 pills for 20 bucks!

Let us know how it works.

ihavetried it its not bad i feel it within 10 min of taking,i actualy feel it more than HOT-ROX Extreme

Do you guys think that when taking products with Yohmbine, that carbs should be restricted to get the overall benefit?

Not sure about fatloss yet, but energy wise its pretty great!

Are they selling it on this website?
I don’t see it.
Or am i missing it?

I know how you feel. I had similar experiences with the original MD6, I went through about 10 bottles of the stuff. Just the site of those yellow capsules would trigger the formation of beads of sweat on my brow.

The original T2 was my absolute favourite(uk spelling of favorite!!!) though, when they withdrew it over here(uk) the distributors sold it off cheap. It felt like christmas had come early!

I wish Biotest would bring the original T2 back, as if I recall correctly, it’s still legit.