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I had a WTF Moment Today


I was really about to choke this chick today because I didnt know what else to do with her. I was chillin in our rec room today and a news [rogram about Michael Jackson came on. The girl says "that damn faggot raped all those boys I hope he burns in Hell" Normally I dont care if someone says stuff like that because I'm all about free speech and all that. However, the problem today was with this girl's past. She's told me about two abortions that she's had. So I was in a sick state of shock to hear her say some shit like that.

She has killed 2 kids and sees no problem with it, but MJ was accused of molestation and never found guilty.

wtf man, wtf

I also figured out the whole alien thing follow me here

consider childbirth and the scene that comes along with it

bright light
medical experiments
the actual birth
the giants with distorted faces and strange language

now think about how a baby may be traumatized by all this and repress it as a traumatic event

later on to have it come to the forefront of the memory bank and be to confusing to explain

does this sound familiar?

I was sleeping and all of a sudden I was taken from my home by a bright light. Then taken into a place where they probed me (temperature and other med tests). I saw these giants (adults) that spoke to each other in an odd language i had never heard (what language has a newborn heard?)

I havent figured out crop circles or any of that yet.....but its coming



Haha. People repress traumatic events all the time that can affect them years later. It really could be possible. Never really looked at alien abduction that way before. How the hell did you come up with that anyway?


Holy fuck! It's L. Ron Hubbard.


why are you still here?


You're now ripe and ready for scientology, my child. Follow the light.......


Fucking THIS!

ha ha, awesome


I'm in rehab dude, I have nothing else to do but solve the world's mysteries.


I think I had a WTF moment today as well. I was reading this Internet forum and some dude made this weird segue from Michael Jackson and abortions into his theories about repressed memories about aliens.....WTF?


Count Rockula, how's rehab going? Have you learned how to use cocaine and ecstacy in moderation there yet, or have you SEEN THE LIGHT?


Sorry. Low blow. Seriously, how is rehab going for you?


it sucks I'm stressin right now, I havent touched anything in a while and I'm goin crazy. I never had such strong cravings before I signed in. I guess its because I've finally realized that I'm not going to be allowed to use anything for a long time. Hopefully the next weeks get better but I have a feeling Hell is on its way.

thanks for asking man

and wtf so you mean by SEEN THE LIGHT? I dont get it


You know, seen the light. As in seeing bright lights when you're born and all that shit.

As for the cravings, they're physical. You have a physical and psychological addiction to those drugs. Now that I think about it, the physical cravings might be gone by now, but the psychological ones are tougher. It requires a lot of things from you in order to conquer them, too many to go into here, but they all involve making improvements/adjustments/changes/etc, etc to YOURSELF, not to everything around you. The therapists and counselors there will know what I mean. Good luck.


gotta go, curfew is coming up.

Train hard and take care




When did you make this decision --
while you were sitting there eatin'
your muffin?


Yeah. I was just sitting here
drinking my coffee, eating my
muffin, playin' the incident in my
head, when I had what alcoholics
refer to as a "moment of clarity."



"Sewer rat could taste like pumpkin pie, but I wouldn't know, 'cuz I won't eat the dirty motherfucker."


That movie has the best dialogue ever.


Curfew ?? Are you like 9 or do you live in Iraq. (Just sayin')


what is that from? it sounds familiar


I had a WTF moment when i read the OP message.


congrats... you're a retard.