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I Had a Revelation!


I went to sleep an hour ago, but I could not sleep becuase of all this thougts in my head.
They where toughts of something that has bothered me for a long time, but I havent be able to see
it clearly before now. The thing that have been bothering me is my own ideology. After being at
university for over 2years, arguing on this forum alot the last year and taking political philosophy
this semester it strikes me how many flawes there are in all political ideologys. And marxism are no
exception. It hits the nail on somethings, but it is not able to explain the entire society.

The catalyst for this was the "pete eyre" tread where I could not find any counterargument based on my ideology in the end.
Therefor I would not base my entire understanding on society and political issues on a ideology that comes short in the end. Therefor I am no longer a selfproclaimed marxist for now. I will use this next year to digg into all sorts of political theory and I will try to keep an open mind.

ps. This does not meen I have changed my opinion on many subjects. I am still against aggressiv warfare and occupation. I am still concerned that there are huge difference between poor and rich. I am still for a welfare state in a capitalist context. I am still sceptic to any talk about anti-immigration, nationalism aka everything that smells of fascism, nazism and racism and I am still for equality between the sexes.

I wish to thank PWI for this revelation, because throwing my arguments in here helped to reach it.

Respect to all of you guys from Florelius.


I smiled big time when I read the title.


because I used a word thats common in religious terminology?


You were an admitted Marxist?

Fuck. Well... I once thought I was a socialist. I also once though Ronald Reagan was awesome and Ayn Rand was a great author.

We all have to start making sense some day.


yes why so shocked? I defended that doctrine in several treads on this forum.


Apparently this groundbreaking revelation didn't include the insertion of an "h" in the word "thread".


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I have a long way to go when it comes to english, but my english has improved since I started posting here.

The "revelation" boils down to that I aknowledge I dont know as much as I like to think and being comitted to an ideology dont change that. Also it feels like a burden liftet off me shoulders, I feel somewhat releved.


As Socrates said, "The wise man knows one thing; it is that he knows nothing."


No, because I know you got rid of that Marxist nonsense. :wink:


sorry to disappoint you I still hold Marx in higest regard, as I hold adam smith in hig regard.
Its moronic to dismiss them completly, they have both contributet with important perspectives to our
collective knowledge base. ( hope that made sense haha )

but I digress. When you get rid of your libertarian nonsense we can share a glass of your monestary ale
your where talking about in another thread. I assume you are buying.


I don't read every thread here... so, yes it was a bit of a shock.

Marxism is foolish in so many ways. It just surprises me when people associate themselves with it... kind of like libertarianism. Both are interesting and undoubtably have some useful points... but ultimately foolish.


Nah. The wise man knows EVERYTHING.


As I've said many times (and have been ridiculed for saying) if a 20 something thinks that he will have the same ideas at 40 something as he does now he is indeed mistaken. This is a good example of a smart guy who, as he gains more facts about the world around him is also changing his opinion.

Good for you!


Wanna know the main source of all this stuff? A planned society is impossible. A planned society is based on continuous functions (econometrics, sociology, poli sci, and such) and its all simply impossible. Human society is chaotic and discontinuous. This is one reason I stand for LF Capitalism -- anyone who plans anything for whole societies is insane.

Now, of course, we can attempt it. As our society breaks down, we will adopt some sort of National Socialism, a state of electronic feudalism. It'll succeed for a while before we launch into 'Mad Max' land, but that's a few decades down the road, and I'll be gone.

So...fck it...


"The man who views his world at 50 the same way he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life"

Muhammad Ali


Do you dislike Ms. Rand's writing style or her philosophy? I'm a Randite (though not dogmatically so) and would enjoy reading counterarguments to her philosophy.

Just to expand -- I believe that one can have subjective experiences of God and that these are not delusional. Ms. Rand would kick me out of her group (as she did Rothbard) for such ideas.


She was a terrible writer, and her political philosophy was childish and overly simplistic.


True. I was a skinhead back then, working nights in a factory. Then I picked up Rand's 'New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution'. The rest is history. XD


How so? Philosophy that's too complicated is worthless to most people so even if her's is those things, that doesn't make it incorrect or worthless. I hear this description of her philosophy a lot but never an adequate explanation of why that makes it wrong.

What's wrong with plain and simple? That's worse than complex and confusing?