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I Had a Free Workout


sorry for the crappy story telling, but here goes.(true story)lol.

So I was on my way to my gym, which is basically two gyms no more than the size of a living room, one is strictly for OLY lifts and the other for well, other free weights exercises. I bought a protein bar and an 6 hour energy drink and ran to catch the bus, when I accidentally dropped two dollars in the slot(I forgot I had a bus pass), and therefore short of the daily gym fee of 3 dollars.

So, I got off the bus and asked where the nearest YMCA is, but there was nothing. Lucky for me though, I found a good life fitness centre. So I went in and pretended I was gonna apply for a membership. To my surprise, a "trainer" approached me and kinda gave me a little interview and asked what I was interested in. Now, to his credit, he was nice and seemed cool, and for the untrained eye one might actually think he actually "lifts". I cant estimate his b.w or know his lifts but if you've ever seen David Spade, you've seen this guy. Needless to say, he didn't even look like he lifts..... even curled.

So he gave me a tour and some "advice". I told him I usually do more of a PLing approach, but I don't think he knew what I was saying so he went off to say these:

-If you're looking to lose weight, and look toned, use the machines and do 12-15 reps with minimal rest.
-We have lots of group activities like Body Pump, Body combat, yoga and spinning. You can do these for cardio.
-You can only gain about 4-6lbs in 6 weeks if you're trying to put on weight. and half of that is gonna be fat.
-He even demonstrated the back extensions and did a HYPER EXTENSION.
-If you want to lift heavier weights, use the machines because they are safer and the movement is fixed, so the risk of injuries are less. ( I almost left when he said this. Unfortunately I needed the free trial. lmfao)

-I've never been to a gym with about a hundred machines and cardio equipment. So I was a little overwhelmed.lol
-They had a blood pressure checker machine thing.
-1 squat rack. 1 smith machine.
-2 massage chairs and a couch. wtf?
-1 vending machine.
-About 4 guys who actually looked like they lift.
-Pencil necks. y'all know who the are.
-6 tvs

So I gave him my number and said I'm definitely going to sign up in two days, but obviously I just suckered them so I don't miss a workout. LoL anyway, I really find this funny and I walked out after my work out smiling and shaking my head.

Overall, I guess its your typical "fitness centre". No offence to guys who train in commercial gyms. But hey, I needed the free workout, so whatever.
The workout:
Deadlifts 10x3
Military Press 5x5
Seated Press 3x8
Curls 5x10
Back extensions 3x8
1 arm lateral raises 3x8


It's about 60 degrees right now... finally some clearer skies after an early morning mist and a mid-afternoon rain shower.

Forecast for the upcoming week unknown; will update accordingly.


are you in th UK B.L.U nija?


Almost all of your description matches my gym. Sigh. I'm glad i didn't get "instructions" from one of the trainers when I started, or I would have been totaly wasting my first months..

Q:Who do you go to for fat loss?

A: The fat trainer.

Q:Who do you go to for strenght/size whatever

A: The fat/skinny as hell trainer.

That's how it works at my gym,I feel sorry for all of those people doing ½reps benchpresses and 10 to the power of 99 crunches...



I doubt it since his usually gym fee is $3.




Yup, that sounds like Goodlife all right. I used to work at a Goodlife as a trainer for a few years actually. Definately more focused on hiring people with the ability to sell than the ability to train people.

Just to clarify though, the guy you were speaking to and who took you on a tour would not have been a trainer, he would have been a membership sales guy only.


I was just hired on as a Membership Sales rep at a gym "chain" and yeah that sounds about right. The main reason I'm doing it is because they're paying for all my Personal Training courses which is nice.

But like Kheaslim said most people giving the tour are hired for their sales abilities and not their Fitness abilities.


Lol yeah I'm from Canada. and its $3 because its a track and field centre and its kind of government owned.