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I Guess I'm Getting Old...


I'm late 50s and have been a powerlifter for many years. Last couple of years I'm starting to feel a bit of dull pain in my knees and shoulders after a hard workout. I know it's normal wear and tear on an old body.

I'm thinking about giving up the powerlifting and going to more bodybuilding type of lifting.

I hate to give up my sport but maybe it's time..............

Anybody else have this experience?


A lot of discomfort in the synovial joints is do to the lack of synovial fluid in the joints. Synovial fluid is a sticky fluid secreted by the synovium membrane. This secretion is activated by continuous movement of the joints. Like weight free warm ups of five minutes or more. Doing a walk with arm movement or other aerobic activity prior to your workout will help secret the synonial fluid to the joints.

The lack of secretion creates a friction and rubbing of the bones. Basically you need to lubricate your joints before working out. The older one gets the greater the importance of making sure there is synovial fluid secretion. The lack of this secretion can lead the arthritis and other joint discomforts.


You could continue to train the big lifts just one day a week and the other training days do a more traditional 'body building' style training.

I'm assuming you're already taking some natural anti-inflamatory agents. If not I'd start with some kind of highly concentrated fish/flax oil. Flameout is of course Biotest's version of this. The new Curcumin supp is also an anti-inflamatory pain killer that Dave Tate says works well for him. (I've heard)

Adequate warm up is a VERY good practice that I know I have been lax in over the years. I find myself having to do it now more than ever and I'm only 36. My shoulders have been hurting way more on bench days than they previously had.


Wow. I'm surprized that you held up so long without pain, especially after competing for many years. Good for you, and I'm jealous. I'm 55, and have been working around old injuries in my knees for years.

I don't think you should give up PL ing just yet. Perhaps you should get checked out by a sports medicine professional to make sure the pain is nothing serious before you make a decision to give up the sport you love.

Until then, try megadosing glucosamine and chondroitin as well as fish oil to see if you get some relief and/or ease of movement in the joints that are ailing you. And adjust your training to how you feel on a given day. Good luck, hope everything works out for you.


In addition to fish oil, get a good glucosamine/chondroitin supplement if you aren't already using one. This helps support joint health by stimulating synovial fluid production, and helping to re-generate cartilage. It takes about a month or so to start to have an effect on some people, so give it some time.

I bought some of the Curcumin 500 stuff. It definitely does NOT work like ibuprophen for me. For instance, I've tried it on a long hike when joints in my legs and feet start to really start to hurt. Didn't do much for me. After an hour or so I gave up and took some ibuprofen. Ahh! On the other hand, I think it might help some with mild joint discomfort on a day to day basis.


I guess I'm just a little surprised at the premise you have proposed. BB does consist of big movements as well you know? In addition it's not an injury free activity. You make it sound like you are going from running to walking...so not the case.


What are "big movements"?


Y'know...like, posing.

I think he means squat, dead, bench, rows, et al.




Sorry I missed this...I'm just not on TN all that much anymore. That was pretty fucking funny tho!

How's it workin out for ya top dog?