I Guess I Need More Info?

Just recently had a blood test done on a whim after seeing my pcp for a sinus infection that wouldnt quit. I asked him to order the test and add a testosterone component for kicks. Well my numbers came back and it seems to me they are low? Im not sure how to read these numbers and they do not seem to be in the same format as other results I’ve seen on here. I was given 3 numbers.
%Free Testosterone% 2.34
Testosterone Free 6.74 ng/dl
Testosterone 288 ng/dl

I havent been back in to see him and am not sure when i will. Im a 43 yom who lifts regularly and eats well with no significant medical hx or steroid use. Reading through the potential symptoms and the only thing that strikes me is lack of mental clarity and Im tired all the time. My question is would you suggest I get more detailed tests done or are those numbers ok? I also may be tired because I work a ton of hours every week. Thanks!

Low testosterone equals inflammation, your levels are indeed low and you need TRT. Most men find success on TRT injecting one or more times per week, not 200mg every 2 weeks like doctors hand out to patients.

Your SHBG must be very low to have a Free T percentage between 2-3 percent with Total T low, multiple doses per week is what’s needed when SHBG is lower and high normal testosterone isn’t needed.

If SHBG is <20 every other day or everyday dosing will likely be needed, in this case use 27-29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Thanks for the response. So I should get a detailed test where I ask specifically for SHBG levels? Were the numbers I posted in my initial post vague or is that enough info?

And sorry if I’m not understanding. I’m just now starting to look into this.

You need to just go back and tell your Dr you want to start TRT asap and if he wont oblige then there are many private options you will read about on this site.

Wow. Ok thanks. That cut and dry huh? Did not expect that. I believe he is going to be reluctant as hes pretty old school. But I will schedule an appt and see what he thinks and if hes not on board I’ll go another route. Thanks!

I was recommended a clinic by a friend and after getting in touch with them and doing a 2nd round of blood work my numbers came back much lower. So I decided to place an order and will be starting trt soon. I was prescribed 200 mg per week along with hch and ai. I’m going to start with only the test and my question is should I begin with a lower dose and work my way up over time to try and get dialed in? Also I was thinking about IM injections 3 days a week? Any advice? Examples? Thanks

You could, but with your levels, I would not start with anything less than 150mg. I believe less would be a waste of time as I think you’ll end up higher anyway.

I do not think that would hurt, however the vast majority of guys taking testosterone (outside of what is prescribed from a PCP, urologist or endocrinologist) take weekly injections, probably around 85% of them and that includes the underground guys. I would start with once a week and see how that works out for you. There are some that metabolize test quicker and they find they do better with more frequent dosing. You can always add more later. No point sticking yourself any more often than necessary.

Really appreciate it. Thank you

I have never once heard of an underground guy only taking injections once a week. I’m on a number of forums and nobody has ever recommended that protocol, either for blasting or for trt. Once a week injections are a recipe for a roller coaster of unhappiness.

Gotcha. It does seem the majority of folks on here are spreading out the weekly doses. Although it was prescribed once a week and sticking myself more doesnt sound fun. So if I start with one larger dose weekly would you guys recommend riding that out for 6 weeks before I make a decision to increase frequency? See how I feel?

That’s fine. I’m reporting what I know and I am speaking of several hundred, including gym guys using once weekly injections and those under care through a TRT practice. Obviously guys using the PED approach, as we did back in the day, are playing a different game in terms of dose and frequency. In the overall scheme, guys here are outliers. If it works for you, it’s all good.

“Once a week injections are a recipe for a roller coaster of unhappiness.”

I will point out that most women function just fine with large hormonal fluctuations each month. On the other hand, some suffer greatly and are extremely sensitive to such variations.

You roller coaster guys are the male version of them so, yes, if you struggle with these symptoms, it makes sense to go the more frequent dose route. I do not believe, as a general rule, many need to do so.

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Everyone is different I guess. The dr I spoke to says 80% do well on weekly but what I’m reading on here it seems 80 % prefer more frequent smaller amounts so I’m torn!!

You obviously haven’t met my ex wife. Hey-o!

Oh, I may have. Note the word “most” which I suppose, technically could be 51%. My wife was always fine, even struggling through perimenopause and menopause, never irritable or bitchy. Of course, she is a lot better now with HRT, but I know plenty in which that is not the way it is and they are miserable. Very sad.

Sorry for you, and her. Do you think maybe some sort of hormonal management may have helped her?

I’ve been doing 250mg test-e/weekly for a few years and just recently switched to 2 injections/week. Will be interesting to see if I feel any different and how my bloods will look in 6 weeks time.

That is important to keep in mind. You’re on the internet, seeking advice from strangers of various backgrounds. Consider who might get on the net searching for info on TRT. Guys thinking about trying it, or guys on it but not satisfied with their results, yet. Sure, there are some fascinated by this or simply make it their hobby. Guys here have not been happy with the standard protocols, so you are seeing a different cohort, one that does not include those, for example, taking one injection a week and doing well. They are not searching the net looking for answers. The sample here is biased. I think most want to help others and we are all products of our experiences, which includes what we have read.

I say read as much as possible, consult with a professional, go with what makes sense and aligns with your needs and desires. Also, don’t overthink this. Walking around all day wondering about your mood, worrying about your nipples, or your libido, is not a good thing. Good luck.

Appreciate the insight and the detailed response highpull. Belekas was there a reason you switched to 2x a week?

I think the BC she was on combined with Accutane was some bad juju. I also had low t at the time and was a mess as well, so it was destined to fail without some intervention. After it was all over she changed BC, I got on TRT, and we’re both much healthier. You’d think we would have done that before splitting up assets and disrupting everything, but sometimes very smart people do very dumb things.