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I Guess I Am a Bad Person...

 Would it be so terrible if we left New Orleans under water and rebuild some place that was actually above sealevel??  I don't know who first came up with the idea but building below sea level in an area with flood issues was a BAD idea the first time.  Why make the mistake again?


Because humans are slaves to tradition. My guess is, that voice will win out over reason.


One problem I see with your plan is what do you do about those people who own land in New Orleans? They still own that land.

And if you rebuild elsewhere, are you going to take or buy land from somewhere else? That would end up being one of the biggest eminent domain situations of all time.


Also, over 100 million people world wide live on coast lines below sea level. How about the population of CA (which I happened to visit last week) living with earthquakes. I live near NYC, the number one target for terrorism. Where should all these people go to be safe? What if? What if?


It was just a thought. But till we pay all the clean up, pump all that crap into the lake. Perhaps it would be better off to just pay the land owners for what the land is worth and let it be. They can find a house elsewhere. You're right it would be a huge eminent domain issue but it could be a right choice in the mist of all the bad ones that have already happened.


I was just suggesting it might be cheaper to rebuld elsewhere. I guess we should just blame it on Bush some more.


It would feed the housing bubble.


Where do you live? Maybe all of us homeless people who love living below sea leve can come to your area.


PA. Come on up. My wifes college is supposed to be giving free classes.


Good point. If we made choices on where to live in this country based on risk, the entire country would have to move to Iowa or Kansas.


I've been around LSU for the last two weeks but the vacation is over with. It's back to work now.


I hope I did not come across as completely dumping on your thought because, believe me, I was thinking the same thing. Why make the same mistake twice? That piece of sod on which the city of New Orleans was built is seemingly the worst place you could imagine to put a city. But then I started cranking into my nerdy legal analysis... lol.

Good sense would dictate that rebuilding is a mistake... I just keep wondering what the alternative truly is.


I think the major problem would be the Banks and Mortgage Co.?s that carry the Mortgages on those respective properties




It would take alot, but why not bring in lots of fill and get the city above sea level?


Cut off the tops of the Rockies.

Or strip mine all of Wyoming and use that for fill.


I say people should be allowed to own and/or build property wherever they want...they just shouldnt be surprised, or expect the government to rebuild for them, if a natural disaster destroys everything they own.


it would take 310,000 dump trucks with a bed size of 20 c.y. to raise one square mile of land by 2 yards.

And that's if all structures were removed which won't happen.


They say that N.O.is sinking as we speak. It would be a monumental task to just stay even .The Mississippi River used to dump silt in N.O.before they built the levees



What about making another Venice?