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I Gotta' Bump


I have a hard bump..still hurts from an injection in my glute.

That goes away right?

T'was a mixture of T400 & Eq



It should go away. It is probably from too quickly injecting the depot, which builds up as an oily mass in the muscle. It will be tender for awhile but if any dark discoloration or nasty puss starts seeping from it and it starts to hurt LIKE HELL then get medical treatment Immediatley.



I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. This is question you should already know the answer to (I think you do) but you want some reassurance since you're probably all alone on this one. Hoping that's the case I'll assure you.

YUP! It's normal. Assuming you sterilized the area you injected before hand, didn't touch the pin or reuse a pin, and I personally like to wipe down the top of my vial with alcohol also. All that accounted for you really shouldn't be to worried considering what you used.

Now do me this service (assuming nobody spoils this). Please tell me why you think/know this is normal when injecting t400 and eq. Also you might wanna mention the mg of the eq and the gauge on your needle in your explanation.

SOrry for any attitude I might be putting out but I think you're smarter then that so I'd rather you tell us.


Fully sterilized - If not overly so.
22 gauge 1"

Total: 1000mg Test & 500 EQ

Break Down: 500mg Sust, 300mg T400, 200mg Cyp, 500mg EQ

I broke up the amounts on both sides (L R Glute). But it might have been the single .5CC of T400. There was so much going in that I tried to span it out over multiple areas on both 'cheeks'.

The various Test was not out of choice, simply what I ended up with.

I've noticed the T400 feels like being kicked by a large quadruped a day or so later, but being that this is my first cycle ever, I'm hyper-sensitive to any oddities, thus my concern for the 4 day painful half soft golf-ball sized lump on my upper right glute.

I'll admit I didn't warm the Test prior, and injections were completed in under 30 seconds/ea.

  • Should this be done a great deal slower?

-Does warming the Test break it down or enhance absorbtion?

I'm always seeking data from those that hold experience greater than mine.

Also, I've noticed spikes in my labido and intensity. Normal?

Cycle initiated:13th
Last Injection: 28th

  • I've witnessed NO increases in strength outside of my normal natural gains. I have however noticed a decrease in endurance. Possibly Carb-intake related, but I've never had it occur like this. - Difficult to get a lactic acid burn - lack of Glycogen?

Is glycogenesis altered to some great extent with these 'items'?

Sorry for the long post.

Feedback is most welcome.



THANKYOU! Seriously thank you.

Ok first off t400 is painful. In fact I know guys who are semi-pro football players (in other words get the piss knocked out of them on a daily basis) who cringe at the pain from t400. Injected alot slower then that with your gear heated under warm water AND perhaps diluting it with some usp sterile oil to cut down on the concentration will help alot. Afer doing all that, try taking a nice hot shower and massaging the spot gently for a few minutes (like 5). I ran ip sust 250 for my first cycle with a 20 gauge and the result looked like a third asscheek. Try out what I said next time and if you need a link for sterile oil pm me, I'd be glad to help someone who's educated themselves.

Hope you feel better bro.


I appreciate the feedback.

I noticed a nice bruise developing where the injection was completed.

My main concern is the lack of strength increase, and such that I've heard so much about. My endurance is DOWN, my strength on legs went down out of no where..drastically, and I'm eating more from the EQ..so I'm kinda' not excited about this thus far.

..oh yeah, and then there are the painful lumps in my butt.

What fun!

Again, I appreciate the feedback.



I hear you on your other concerns there buddy? SO let me get this straight you're on day 15 or so of 1 gram of test a week (test blend) and 500 mgs eq and you haven't gained anything so far? Including strength?You did mention something about carbs, you're not cutting are you?


I've had feedback regarding this telling me to be patient. I know the cycle has just begun, and to not expect anything until week 3 or 4, but I'm just still wondering if anything is going to occur.

I'm 100% natural. The avatar pic on the left is from last March, my first show, so I've done well thus far. I'm expecting this overwhelming result to occur that I've always heard about.. but I'm just not seeing it..yet.

Cycle started at 400-500mg Test & 300-400mg EQ for 2 injection cycles, and is now up to 1000mg Test & 500 EQ which I plan on maintaining through my 10-12 week cycle.

Test - SYD Group & a common Mex sust ("Tornel" I believe)
EQ - SYD Group
T400 - Denkall

I've felt more testosterone/intensity from my natural levels/endogeneous than what I've experienced thus far. I've gained a little weight, but I attribute that to the appetite increase from the EQ. - I've never had problems gaining naturally.. I just want to step things up to where I'm carrying 20" arms..etc..possibly compete on the national level in a year or two..

So I took the plunge a few weeks ago, after training over 10 years 100% naturally...

I certainly understand that maybe I have to just shut up and be patient, and wait for the "Switch" to be flipped ON (that I keep hearing about)...



SHit bro you look 10 x's better then I have in my entire life. Sure you wanna listen to me? In defense of my pathetic ego, I will say I've never tried to cut. EVER. Still need another 20-30 lbs..mwhahahah!

Back to the topic at hand. You're answering your own question. GIve it another week or two and if you're restricing your carbs, KNOCK IT OFF! I'm going to assume once again, ESPECIALLY AFTER SEEING WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, that you know how to eat for muscle size. Keep doing it, in fact if you wanted to you can get away with eating a little more "sloppy" when your on :slight_smile: Train hard and don't sweat the rest. You ended up with one of the most painful types of gear you can get and what you're experiancing is normal. Try to plan you training around it ie. don't pin your quads before squat day. DUH! :slight_smile: And hopefully once you try out the things I mentioned it won't be and issue.

BTW assuming all your gear is legit, in about 1-2 weeks the pain will be greatly outweighed by the gain. In other words it really won't be and issue. Good luck bro and enjoy the ride, if all you say is true you've earned it.


I always appreciate feedback.

The steroid thing is totally new to me, so all experiences, data, feedback, and the like are good things in my book.

The bump has subsided a bit today, but it certainly took it's time.

My primary concern is seeing results. So far my d***s been hard, I've been more hungry, and I've had golf-ball sized thing grow in my glute - But no gains. I hope it turns out.

Again, I appreciate the feedback.



How bout you lay out your diet for shits and giggles? ALthough considering the progress you've made already I feel kinda silly for asking.


5 or 6AM - Pre-Workout Shake
20-50g.P (designer.choc)
30g.C (juice or.. whatever)
5-10g creatine

6AM - Prep-Workout (WM + 1 set)
Part A of Dble Split
*Prep-Workout enhances my strength for the full evening workout.

7AM - Post-Workout Shake
90g.C (honey+juice+oats)
10g creatine

9-10AM - 10oz Steak OR Chk OR Tuna
*been slacking carbs here

12PM - Burger+Chk Breast+whole wheat
X meal of 50+g.P & 30-40g.C

3PM - X meal of 50+g.P
*been slacking carbs here

6PM - X meal of 50+g.P
*been slacking carbs here
Pre-Workout Shake
20-50g.P (designer.choc)
30g.C (juice or.. whatever)
5-10g creatine

6+xPM - Post-Workout Shake
90g.C (honey+juice+whatever)
10g creatine

9PM - 10oz Steak OR Chk OR Tuna

10-12PM - Pre-Bed Meal (shake or solid)

This isn't exactly correct, as I listen to my body, and go with the ebb and flo of the metabolism. Typically I'd cycle carbs...things are different when doing cardio.. all sorts of things.

Generally, I eat every 3 hours, 40-70grams of Protein. Typically when I bulk I eat lots of brown fat grain rice as my carb source. I've discovered the magic of steak..certain types. Petite sirloin is too dense, thus hard to pass, so I go with Rib Eye, then carve off every gram of fat I see. Medium Rare keeps the cells intact (my opinion/finding).

I integrate lots of yogurt, cottage cheese, bars, juice from my juicer, fish, seafood.

Again, just quality sources, on time, in the right amount.

Back to the issue at hand. I've gone with "low" (40-150) carb before, and still gained strength and size. As soon as I began the Test Cycle, my leg workout suddenly dropped 2 plates+, and my endurance was non-existent.

Who knows, maybe it's Mexican Ball Sack sweat or Motor Oil.




The first cycle I took that contained Test was exactly the same. I thought I'd been ripped off, even though I'd acquired them at a pharmacy in Spain. Then half-way through week four BOOM, everything just kicked into gear. Trust me it's worth the wait.




20 or 30 more pounds from now, your gonna want 20 or 30 more pounds. You should know that.......

Besides, who really wants to diet anyways?? :slightly_smiling:

Man, I would drop that t-400, it's the worst stuff out there for pain. Try upping your other test doses or getting some new stuff. Don't worry, it will come.



I appreciate the feedback guys. I keep being told on here "In time grasshoppa'"...so I'm hoping like I said that this stuff will soon rear it's head, and show me the reason I got it in the first place.

Next week should be week 4 I think...we shall seee :slight_smile:



Asuming you know how to properly inject. I would give it a day to see if it gets absorbed. If you wake up tomorrow with bruising, get it looked at


I know. TO be honest even at my fatest I've only been like 2-3 weeks away from abs. ANd that's eating like a horse.

Hang in there though Magic, also the oil trick might help. Any luck finding some usp grade oil to cut your T-400?


Interesting that you should mention bruising, as there was/is some
- What does that indicate?

The lump and pain have decreased, and I'm quite sure it's going away, however I am interested about the bruising.

Also, my leg workouts are still crap. I don't know if the test in general is effecting me, or if that extremely painful inner thing injection of Cyp my first week caused some form of nerve damage..or something..

I hope I'm over-reacting, but I am concerned.

As to cutting the T400...I am not knowledgable regarding how to do that. Online reference to this?



Breaking News: Ass Bump Lives!

Ok, so the thing is still there. Quite noticable. Bring the knee up toward my waist, and check the glute in the mirror, and HELLO - Wonderous Ass Bump. Hurts less...seems smaller.. but still it lives on.

What causes this?
It's not perm right?
Do I need to have it cut out or something? Jackhammer?
Dead muscle tissue?
The King's new home?



Relax for now man :slight_smile: Don't ingonore it but this is pretty normal, just about anyone I know who's used t-400 has experianced the EXACT same thing as you. As for cutting with oil, assuming you can find the oil, it's real easy. Mix 1 cc of sterile oil in with 1 cc of t-400, shake it up real good then it's more like t-200. Get me?

BTW don't take this as a knock but first off I'm sure you know you're probably never goint to want to buy t-400 again. Aside from that even though you're a biggun I really don't think you need that much test.

You did educate yourself and made that decision, however if it's really the t-400 givving you all the trouble then maybe just running your other test (what would that make 600 mgs a week instead of 1gram for your first run). Then you'd probably be alot happier. However, in another week or so like I said when the gains come you might just not care.