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I Gots to Know

Are you the Zodiac freak I’ve been looking for?

Ha, ha. That’s Tyrese. I’d add “Signs of Love Making” to the list of songs for sex.

Since the song’s in my head, what’s your sign? I’m a Scorpio.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, I’m a “wood” snake. Western Zodiac, I’m under the sign of the “golden archer”, Sagitarious.


Virgo, thank you very much…
and “zion” by fluke…aahhhh my god. On the sexy music list!! (It’s from that awesome underground rave-cum-orgy in Reloaded, if you’ve seen it).

Capricorn, Aries rising.

oh yea and by the chinese zodiac I’m a fire snake.

'zion" by fluke is good but I would also like to add anything by Maxwell to the sex list.

Virgo over here, w00t! The best freakin’ sign, bar none.

sagitarius…and I have no idea what I am in terms of the Chinese Zodiac

and I am going to reiterate that Brian McKnight and Erykah Badu and high on my “songs for sex” list (wink wink)

Libra, Year of the Tiger

gemini here. have no idea what my chinese zodiac is.

Yeah bigperl…

I dated a Gemini for about a year. You all are Crazy!!

But in a good way…

yeah i know that split personality thing. i mean melissa you know i can be the nicest person you could ever meet. but if u piss me off then thats another story. lets just say realy short temper on certain things.

wow lots of geminis here.

Scorpio here.

There’s an interesting book, Sexual Astrology, that’s really good for parties. And realizing what a freak you are.


(Curious coincidence I got nicknamed the Lion King when I had my hair at its longest).

Virgo western, rabbit Chinese. At least that’s what the place mat at the buffet said.

Leo on the cusp of Gemini/Taurus rising, and a water rat on the chinese zodiac…


Oh yeah, a Lion - I can sleep 20 hours a day and then hump my bitches when I feel like it.

Leo. Im a horse by the chinese calender.

virgo. tiger.