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I Got the Letter!


I finally got one! I have been offered admission to a PhD program in organizational behaviour in one of the top schools in the country. They are offering to give me $3000 for moving costs, waive my tuition, and give me $24,000 a year if I accept. While I'm not sure that I'm going to accept (I have to discuss it with my gf), this is one of the happiest days of my life! Hurray external validation!


Congratulations and well done!


So not only are they going to waive tuition, they're going to give you 24000 a year, and are still thinking about accepting?


Congratulations! That's some very good news and a good way to lead into your weekend. What area of the country would you need to be moving to?


Very impressive! Nice work.



But what do you mean "waive tuition." Are there PhD programs you have to pay to get into?


all phD programs have a tuition associated with them

most of the time they are waived

a credit hour costs X, and in my case i have to take 9 a semester, so my waiver is 9x


I live in Canada, and the university that offered admission is the university of Toronto.

After a short, wonderful conversation, I have decided to accept the offer. My gf and I will be moving to Toronto!

Thanks a lot for the support everyone. This has been one of the best days of my life.


Congrats, bro! I'm here struggling to get a bachelors and you're getting a PhD. What is your focus of study?


I just finished my undergrad in December. I did a psych major (honours) with a business minor. The PhD (omfg, I can't believe this is real) is in organizational behaviour and human resources management.

And thanks :slight_smile: