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I Got the Confiscated Package


So in my last thread if you read it would find out that my goods had been seized and I did indeed receive a letter from customs. I just got them to resend two days ago from Thailand to a different address and name entirely......

Well today I come home and I have a package from Thailand with my gear on it and its in my name and address. On the outside of the letter it says PLEASE ALERT: ITEM CONTAINED INSIDE MAY BE A VIOLATION OF YOUR COUNTRIES LAWS OR REGULATIONS! This IS the package they confiscated...it somehow made it to me anyway.

Is this weird or has this happened to anyone or should I worry. Im happy my shit made it but uh I feel very sketchy about things but US Customs may know I have recieved this. Don't know what to think .....any help suggestions? or should I just enjoy my spoils?


uhhhh that sounds like a bigass trap to me!! Did you already open it? I have heard of this once before but there was a device in it that turned on when the package was opened. As a result the dude was arrested because that device told the feds outside that he opened the package thus showing them that he indeed order illegal items.

Very odd indeed man.


Very odd indeed yes I opened it hours ago, you gotta realize it was a very small order only 150 USD. The package was unopened just had that stamp on it. I seriously doubt its a trap however that was my initial fear.


I wouldn't open it... I don't know what to do with it, but don't open it.

Edit: Well, nevermind haha. I'd be too paranoid to open it, if I did I'd be checking out the window for uniforms every few minutes lol.


Too late. Guess your going to prison....

Who knows maybe you'll get the resent package too. Then you can consider your self lucky.


Ive been in a house when an "illegal" package came FEDEX. Let me tell you the cops were right behind it just giving him enough time to open it and they kicked the door in. I had no idea what was going on they let me burn as I was just staying there for the night. So I think by now....hours later they would of been here. My wife didn't have to sign for it or anything so I think Im in the clear but Im still flabbergasted by the whole thing


I'd be worried simply for the fact that it was flagged and you got a letter, and now there's also record that the package was delivered to you. Whether it was through error or not, they know you received the package. Maybe they come aknocking asking about the delivered package that they KNOW for a fact contained steroids?

I don't know, I'm paranoid about this type of shit.


Maybe they tested the contents and they came back negative for AAS.


The package was unopened and the contents untouched...as far as I could tell trust me I was looking


Either call/mail customs and tell them you received a package that says it may violate laws, and you do not wish to do that, and that you thought you ordered something else (something legal). Say you want to know how to either return or dispose of the contents in order to avoid any legal troubles. As long as you admit to this before being charged with possession you will be okay.

Or hide the package at a buddy's place or somewhere unconnected to you, and if ever asked about it tell them you disposed of the contents because they were not what you intended to order and were possibly illegal. Feel free to use the AAS from the location of the storage, but don't bring anything into your house or keep on your person.

Either way you could potentially be a target for a sting operation in the future, and even if you did send it back or dispose of it under custom's authority, you'll likely be watched.


I don't see them kicking on your door for $150 worth of stuff. If they haven't opened it, then how do the know what it is? What they X-rayed it saw some vials or pills. So what, do you you really think they're going to get a search warrant based on that? They have other shit to deal with than some guy who's using a little AAS for personal use who's a productive member of society.


Yeah Hagar thats my sentiment however Shwarzy is talking good sense but Im holding onto it I might move my stash outta the house for a while as it is fairly sizeable, enough for personal but could be misconstrued.


Bro, move it outta the house seriously, like Schwarz said, just use it from a buddy's place. No point keeping it on your person or in your house after something like that.


The way I read that notice is that the package was x-ray'd and they saw something suspicious. It was obviously a small quantity and therefor instead of wasting time having it analyzed etc. it was sent with that information on it.

The fact it was un-opened and appears untouched should put you in the clear. At that point it is just hearsay as to what the contents actually were and would not stand up in court.



Does customs send a seizure letter just to slap a sticker on the box without opening it? Opening the box takes 1 minute and they have that authority, so if they choose not to open the box, why go through all of the trouble of holding it and sending a letter, then sending the package anyway? Something doesn't add up.


Just keep the stuff and get it to another location. Like some of the other guys have said, dont keep it at your own place.

Worst case scenario: they know that it's AAS and know you signed for it.

However, even if they know this, they need to have the actual drugs to make a case. They can show all the test results etc that they want to a judge, and show the fact that you signed for the package, but if they cannot display the actual drugs themselves as evidence then you CANNOT be convicted for posession/importation of a controlled substance.

THis is the reason that when raids occur they typically occur almost immediately after the drugs have been delivered to the premises. THe police know that if the drugs arent there when they raid the premises then they have zero case. One of the basic evidential requirments of the posession/importation charge is that the police can display the said substance as evidence in court.

I've seen it happen. I've known people who have imported controlled substances. The police evidently knew fully well that there was a controlled substance in the package but they were slow to raid the premises and the substance had already left the property. So...no drugs = no evidence = no case.

If you ever accept a package with AAS or any other controlled substance in it, then make sure you have a way to get it out of the premises almost immediatley.

Bottom line: no drugs in your posession = no case....regardless of whether they know you signed for it.

fortunately, I do not live in the U.S (or australia for that matter) and so dont have to worry about being arrested for AAS.

Just get the drugs to a safe place ASAP and you're golden.


lol this is by far the oddest thing I have ever heard of.

They know i's steroids and just slap a sticker on it and remail it, without a sting.

Haha you must just be really lucky man, want to go hit up vegas?


wow im even more worried waiting for my seizure letter... last thing i need is a package saying there are illegal substances in it and my family asking me questions... thank god i work in a gym and can easily come up with some bullshit.

but hey, look at the bright side! atleast you got yourself some free gear.


PLEASE ALERT: ITEM CONTAINED INSIDE MAY BE A VIOLATION OF YOUR COUNTRIES LAWS OR REGULATIONS! This IS the package they confiscated...it somehow made it to me anyway.

I see the word MAY in the comment, And appears to be looked at by overseas inspectors with the VOLATION OF YOUR COUNTRIES comment.

Very strange to say the least, but looks like it was just a hey this may be bad stuff but we are not sure as we did not open it to make sure.

go figure !!