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I got some 2012 Olympic weightlifting tickets


69 A mens x3
77 A mens x3
85 A mens x3
94 A mens x3




I got shafted and got 77 B x 2


for what? 2012 olympics?


Well we could maybe do a swap so you can attend one of my events and I could go to the 77 B with you? Bro should be able to make the 77's mate. DON'T DENY ME SEEING MY BRO IN THE 77S MAN!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!



Yeah changed the title :smiley:



wow sweet. aren't they like 100 euro each?


Yeah I'll swap you and give you some money fo sho mate


Sick! Cheers mate, really appreciate it :smiley:

How many tickets did you get? 2? OxMan got a 77 B class ticket also.

I've flogged one 77 and 85 to him. So what class do you want?



Varies depending on A or B class and price band

Prices in GBP

A class
A band 125
B band 95
C band 65
D band 45

B class
A band 65
B band 45
C band 30
D band 20

I'm also planning on going to watch at the Worlds in Pairs in October.



I got a pair mate. Applied for the 105 A session as thats going to be sick but didn't get them. Pair of my mates got the A grade tickets to the SHW A session! I'll come along to the 85's mate if thats ok? What do you want for it? 77 B session (I can't remember whether the tickets are C or C class, one of the other) and the difference?


Thats cool mate. Yeah the ticket and the price difference mate. I'm not out to rob mates.



I got 85A and 94A. Cost £226 though...pretty dear. Anyone know how much the worlds would cost?


I'm keen for the Worlds


Worlds will be £125-150 for the whole week LOL, but you got to factor in accomodation £225-250 for 6-7 days and the eurostar £69 if you book early.

So all in £480 plus spending and food. You can get a hostel farther away from the venue thats at Disney Land Paris but then you'd have to get a train everyday.

Sweet mate. Well in about a months time I'm going to start booking stuff as prices get CRAZY nearer the time. Eurostar gets crazy, the hotels get fully booked out and it all goes crazy. You got to organise and book this sh!t up early.



i never got my first choice, really pissed actually as i only applied for preliminary rounds. Just had to re-apply for the 77kg mens i think as that was all that was left!

Not happy


Let me know when you do mate


Euro star : 69
hotel : 225-250
Tickets : 125-150, maybe a bit more? Not entirely sure, as the prices were the discounted prices of EURO 127 for the whole week with all classes included
Total £469 + spending and food

I'll see if anyone else is keen. May do less days, not entirely sure but I'll want to see osme HUGE lifting!



anyone know how americans are supposed to get to the games?

i'm thinking if i want to go i'll be in probably $3000 for travel/tickets. not sure where/how i would sleep. couch surfing?


through some research:

americans can only purchase tickets through cosport which is the official ticket sales agency..
weightlifting tickets range from:
D-98 C-142 B-207 A-272 USD per event

tickets go on sale through cosport in three days

i can buy tickets but airfare.. jesus i need to start saving.


Dude airfares you better get in there early or they'll be JACKED. Like for the Beijing 08 games, I got THE SHAFT for airfares...and I got in somewhat early!

Hostels should be okay mate. A better option would be the World Champs in Paris mate. You can watch a whole week for about £125-150, thats all the classes so up to D-A and womens and mens!