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I got shit

I’ve been training for about two years now with only gains in strength…i get stronger every other week or so, but honestly i dont give a shit about strength…its natural to me…i just want to get huge…ive tried every imaginable supplement from creatine to prohormones to the supposed “growth hormones (sold by muscle link, nutraceutics, etc)”…and i got shit…i eat 6-7 times a day…eat a ton of food…protein, carbs, fat, etc…and i just cant seem to grow an inch of muscle…so, im open to any suggestions? ANY suggestions…


Tell us exactly how many calories you get per day. No guessing. Plus tell us exactly how many grams of protein you get per day. Also, outline your training program- days per week, reps, exercises, etc. We’ll start there and see if we can come up with a diagnosis.

do what chris said and then eat more. You are gauranteed to gain some weight then.

Well said Chris, I’d start keep a nutrition journal, keep tabs on what you take in, you may not be getting as much food as you think you are.good luck, outlaw.

It’s simple thermodynamics, old chap! If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. Ergo, not gaining weight = not taking in enough calories. Period. Despite what you may think, you’re just not eating enough.

Ever notice that these “I can’t gain/lose weight” people never answer me back when I ask them how much they’re eating? Obviously, they’re not keeping food logs and have no idea how much protein, carbs, or overall calories they’re consuming. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

BTW, I’ve written an in-depth article on food logs, so if TC likes it, it’ll be posted at T-mag in the future.

I’ve been lifting for about a year and 3 months, and so far I’ve gained 25-30lbs of muscle. I gained the first 15 or so pounds the first couple months during the summer, and the rest during my first year at college. I did bulk up, but I was able to cut off the fat, keep the muscle and still end up with a gain. Not to brag, but I’m pretty happy with that so far. BTW, eat more! I started keeping a food log when i tried to diet down, and I swear that’s was helped keep the muscle, so I know it would work to gain muscle. ok i’m done.

Shugs…works like a charm every dayum time, my man! I was wondering where this lil’ fish got to…guess he got caught upstream with all the other throwbacks:-) It would be nice if he showed me up with a log of the last couple of days though…then we could give him a boost.

Chris, I would love to see that article, even if TC doesn’t decide to run it (although I’m sure he will). I have never kept a real food log, although I know fairly closely what I eat per day (grams of protein, total cals, etc.) and often weigh my food just to see what I’m really getting. But I plan to start, because although I can gain and lose weight without much problem, I always seem to gain and lose fat along with the muscle in the same proportions. I know you have to gain some fat to gain muscle, but AFTER I gain the muscle it comes back off when I take the fat off. Something of a problem. Anyway, do you have any particular brand of food log that you like, or any other criteria for creating one? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If the article runs, it’ll explain everything. My goal with a food log is to keep is as simple as possible. I only use two legal pads, nothing commercial. The article shows you how to start off very detailed with your log, then gradually move to where you rarely even need a food log.