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I got my T-MAG!

Today the mail man brought me the newest T-mag. All I can say is it was worth the wait!
Great Mag! Also, I gave Powerdrive a try today and it rocked my world!

Still waiting on mine Freddy, maybe it will be in the mail today. I sure hope so because all the other mags really blow shit. Can someone please tell me why the mag doesn’t come out more often than it does, because it gets really frustrating. Thank God for this website or I really would go nuts trying to find useful bodybuilding and powerlifting info. T-mag is by far the best. Bill Phillips still sux big hard ones,too.

Got mine too! Coooooooooolness!

Damn it!! Still haven’t gotten mine yet! Maybe the mailman stole my copy (that bastard!) =)

Yes, great issue! The Berardi column alone is worth the price of the mag!

Seems kinda expensive for 30 bucks for only 6 issues. Maybe 12 would be better. ;/

Five bucks a mag. That’s what you’d pay at the newsstand for any other rag out there. You already get this site updated weekly for free. What are you complaining for?

Landon- If you learn something that will improve your body or your mind, then it’s worth $100. Besides, you get a free T-shirt and a poster with the subscription. And don’t most mags run around 5 bucks anyway?

Tek what are some of the topics in Berardis peice? I am still waiting for my issue mainly for that article. (Did you get yours because you subscribed or did it come with a supplement order?

Believe it or not,the local Wal-Mart here is stocking it.

JW, I got mine with a big supplement order, but I saw it at a bookstore the other day too.

The Berardi column talks about outsmarting your body’s “set point” and resetting your maintenance level if it seems like you’re dieting all the time. The column also talks about specific nutritional needs of steroid users and Berardi gives a lot of tips on how to lesson the side effects. Then he talks about why you can eat more when on something like MAG-10 or any androgen and not gain fat as you normally would otherwise. I’ve noticed this myself, but it was cool to read about the mechanisms behind it. Overall, a very interesting column.

5 bucks on newstands yes, but selling it at that price for a subscription
is unheard of. Maybe for a subscript of Robb Report or a more classy
magazine, but for a muscle magazine, it just doesn’t seem right. Note,
I do think a T-Mag subscription would be awesome to have, and
knowing it provides great mass building tips, but I already have
subscripts to Flex, Muscle Magazine, and Musclar Development and I
paid 30 bucks for 12 issues, not 6. Let me ask this then … what
makes T-Mag able to charge nearly double for their magazine versus
another leading competor ? Access to the VIP board is nice, but
gimme a break. The 20 dollar shirt and poster doesn’t help me build
muscle, news articles, howto articles, nutrition articles do that for me.

I’ll explain why Testosterone Magazine is worth twice as much as the publications you listed as having subscriptions to. for people who are not interested in contest results and the gossip surrounding professional bodybuilders, T-Mag makes alot of sense. its full of useful information that has practical applications for bodybuilders. if i were you and had money tied up in those 3 magazines, i’d cancel flex and muscular development and use the windfall to subscribe to t-mag.

landon- It’s a bargain. Why? Because you need 6 issues of Flex or any other mag to equal the info in one issue of T-mag. Unless you got a thing for staring at oiled up guys in their underwear, Flex is pretty worthless. Or does tha help you get bigger unlike the free T-mag shirt?

Landon, you’ve already explained all we need to know. Subscriptions to Flex, MM, and MD? You’ve got to be kidding me. And you’re whining about T-Mag not being “classy” enough to pay for?

Chris: I’m subscribed, but periodically like to pick up an extra issue or two.

Is “Testosterone” available through “Barnes and Noble”? (Haven’t seen it on the Newwsstands…but that doesn’t neccesarily mean it’s not available…).

If not, is that something I can request locally, or is Newsstand space something that is worked out on the Corporate level between “B&N” and “Testosterone”?


  1. I’m not whinning :slight_smile:
  2. Some of my comments about it was too expensive are fair assumptions since I haven’t even read a T-Mag before, but I was wrong in comparing MD,flex,ME with T-Mag since it’s obvious now that it’s a great magazine with everyone praising about it.

Does the magazine ship every month, or every 2 ? I’ll look into getting a subscription once school starts back up.

I’ve seen T-mag at Barnes and Nobles and Hastings. I’m told it pops up at Borders and even Wal-Mart and grocery stores on occasion. The thing is, since we only come out in paper quarterly, they get snapped up pretty quickly. My local Hastings had a big stack one Saturday and the next Friday they were cleaned out. By the time most people knew the new mag was out, they were gone. Our “sell through” rate is very high compared to most mags.

I should probably know how all that works with the newsstands but I have no idea. Requesting it be carried by your favorite bookstore certainly can’t hurt.

Where the hell is my mag at?! Due to this unexcusable delay, I expect a PDF version in my inbox by tommorow morning :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to receiving my copy as soon as it makes its way over to little ol' Jersey.

The mag cost more and only comes out as often as it does because you can’t really pring a full magazine full of quality info every month. Thats why everyone else has one training article and the other 112 pages are ads disguised as articles. T-Mag is the only real magazine. P.S. I don’t have my copy yet so I called Biotest and they said sometimes it takes longer in my area for it to come in.