I Got Jacked, Everything was Stolen

But for real, that sucks man. I hope you get the guy.

The oldest person in the world died today, he credits his age to whisky and women…

[quote]sylarmst wrote:
tommytoughnuts wrote:
sylarmst wrote:
This is a total troll…

I’m not gonna lie that I got a pretty good chuckle out of that thread. Get it? Its funny because I asked yalls opinion about having the exact same stuff stolen out of my truck like 30 minutes before that one popped up.

sylarmst you sure know how to cut to the core of a man, claiming trolling and whatnot

Well I would consider what you did trolling…your fault![/quote]

How the hell is that trolling? I didn’t write up some huge BS story about how I scissor kicked some guy in the back of the head and rained down righteous hammer fists on somebody or post a crap post about how Im such a bad ass and got in a fight with the dbag who stole my crap and beat the absolute mess out of him. I posted an honest to God question about a subject that I was eager to hear other peoples opinion on. Goodness gracious I dont know what the heck this website is coming to when a man can’t post off topic subjects in the off topic section.

You’re in Texas?

Invite him over, shoot him.

Walk to his house and reclaim stolen property.

Call police to clean the mess up.

I’m on T-Nation because I’ve been trying really hard to get jacked for years!