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I Got Jacked, Everything was Stolen


I got EVERYTHING stolen out of my truck last night. My subs, my radio, a pair of work gloves, 60 bucks worth of tow straps and my sledgehammer. I think I know who did it and I am going to go 'confront' him about it today. What are yalls thoughts on what I should say?


wsup den?


What makes you think it was this specific person? Is there overwhelming evidence that it was him?


Whelp the guy I think it is is my neighbor. A couple days back (Tuesday or so) I drove home from work and was jamming out. Him and his little buddies were hanging out in front of their house so they obviously heard my subs going. Then I got out of my truck and faintly heard talk about them wanting to go steal some junk. I didn't think too much about it then but now it all makes sense.

And he's stolen a fair amount of stuff from us before (money, dad's laptop, my bookbag?)


call the cops, say you overhead him talking about stealing from you, has stolen from you before. And have them do it.


If he's stolen stuff before and has got away with it he will continue to do so. Inform the police. If theres not going to be enough proof for them to get involved then take things into your own hands but don't endanger yourself.


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This sounds like it may be related also...



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If this is "for real" then get the cops involved - seriously!

Otherwise, this and all the other stupid threads about buying dope and getting your $20 stolen and stuff has my laughing pretty hard...

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wow! this is great , this is what I would like to call extreme trolling,,,,three trolling threads intertwined....great job!


Yep it's me! Thanks! You must not be a fan of the T-Vixen thread. Not sure why...there are some HOT girls over there! Come check it out! TILF too if you'd like to contribute!


Thanks smallfry! :wink:


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Nice man! I hope I can be jacked someday too, that's why I visit this site


I'm not gonna lie that I got a pretty good chuckle out of that thread. Get it? Its funny because I asked yalls opinion about having the exact same stuff stolen out of my truck like 30 minutes before that one popped up.

sylarmst you sure know how to cut to the core of a man, claiming trolling and whatnot


Yeah man! Effing trolls man! They're everywhere these days man!

Eff you and eff your couch. Just because I came to T-Nation to ask some advice about some tool stealing my crap so that I could get a different perspective on how to approach the douchebag makes me a troll. Total troll job right there.


I just got done making an official report to the police, I just wanted to see what yall would say to the guy in this situation. The way I figure it, if I have any chance of getting it back then Im going to hafta talk to him about it myself within the next 12 hours or its donezoe. And Im not about to give up $1500 worth of stuff just because I sat around and waited for the police to take action


Well I would consider what you did trolling...your fault!