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I Got a Problem? MONEY vs FREEDOM


Would you buy a home 1hr from work/friends/city/-closer to parents for 50,000$ slightly unfinished but NEW. OR

By a used home 20-30mins from city used/but ok condition, closer to work/friends/city/girls! but have to pay 140,000$

What a frikkin problem.....MONEY vs FREEDOM...


If you think about it I would be like 90,000$ v.s 30mins drive time(everyday). But I could pay off my home in like 2-3years LOL!!


what house is better



Well the one would be finished inside...but acually the one I would complete inside would be nicer and the way i want it...


If you can easily afford the 140K house, and it's worth 140K to you, I'd go with that. A 1 hour commute gets old really fast. Plus, the more money you leverage, the more you stand to make when the market finally rebounds.


My husband had a one hour commute for a year. It was hell. I wouldn't recommend it.


If 140k is pushing your budget I would buy the 90k live in it for a couple years and flip it when the market rebounds. Give your savings account time to grow a little.


Flip a coin dude..

You gotta live with the result though. Granted you're really not favoring the other house alot more than the other.....


Long commutes suck. You do it twice a day, v. visiting Mama once a week.


What city? Some areas are going downhill fast (incredibly high foreclosure rates) and it's hard to see how they're going to recover within 10-20 years.


Time is your most valuable commodity - you can always make more money.


I would go with the house outside of town. When I had a long communte to work, I found life in general was better, it gave me quiet time each day to think about life. Also, that 90k could easily be invested in something else besides a house with a much higher return. I'm not an economist, but a money market account or mutual funds, or a Roth would be definitely worth looking into.


I say f**k a one hour commute...your time is too valuable.

I think when you find yourself really hating that 2 hours out of your day is spent commuting, you're not going to be saying to yourself, "...but I saved big time money on this house, and that more than makes up for this miserable existence."

Granted, I'm biased in that I REALLY hate commuting. So for me it would be miserable.

I guess it also depends on your situation. Trying to juggle my work schedule, my wife's school schedule, my daughter's school schedule and all her extra curricular activities, plus the everyday things necessary to keep a household running smoothly, I already find it hard to find time to train. If I had to take away two hours out my day just to get to and from work, than something else in my schedule would have to go. Or I would just get less sleep....negative.

And from your description, it's not just the commute to work...any time you need to get things, run errands, go to dinner or go out with friends, it's going to be a two hour round trip into town where all those things are.

IMO, to hell with that.


Buy both.


you havn't really given us enough to go on here. Is this 30 minutes further from your place locate you in hicktown? Is there absolutely nothing else around there? Publix's, walmarts etc. Because that extra hour a day driving then turns into two in a heartbeat when you have to go get something.

I've had a job once where I commuted for just over an hour each day, and it was a long job too, working 10-12 hours a day, so that extra 2 hours in the car really sealed the deal on me not doing a damn thing once I got home but sleeping. And I've also had a job with about the same hours located under 10 miles from me house. It's pretty nice but I often found myself leaving nearly an hour early out of habit to not be late. Anyway, g/l I suppose.






the finished one, you'd end up paying the balance in finishing the other one, right?

plus the social aspect, I rarely see my friends that have moved to findlay, or sandusky ohio...maybe every few fee weeks....not many will make that trip just to say "whats up" and laugh at your haircut ya kno?

i would pass get the finished one


I wish I could buy a house for $140k. Hell I wish I could buy a small condo for $140k. Average price of a house where I live is around $600k. Closer to a million if you wanna live "in town"


How is a new home unfinished?