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I got a name!

Has anyone got the latest Dinosaur Filez? In there is a Peary Rader article about breathing squats & weight gaining. John McCallum (the same one who wrote the Complete Keys to Progress I think) was the guy who gained 100lbs in a year. He started out at 6’2" & only 140lbs, gained a pound a day for the 1st bit & 100lbs in his 1st year & kept going until he was 305.

Drax, you da man! I did a set of 20 breathing squats yesterday, and my legs hurt like hell. The first 8 reps went smoothly, then the next 12 were unbearable. I almost puked from the stress, but I made it through. I also did some sumo deads, good mornings, and some power cleans. Overall, I’d say that I got a good workout. I am doing a meltdown-like training, but with big power movements. Your reccomendation for breathing squats is awesome. I don’t know if I will gain 100 lbs., but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the squat info, -The Starkdog

btw McCallum used a hip belt for his squats. I guess he had a glass back. Joe Hise used a Magic Circle.