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I Got A Feeling


training this week

7/12 upper
a shit ton of mobility
TRX elevated row x pushup 4x10
A1 CSR 2p 10x10
A2 hammer strenf incline 1p 10x10
B1 cable chest fly 5x10
B2 straight arm pull down 5x10
C BFR arm circuit
ez bro curl x incline tri ext x single arm pushdown

assualt bike tabata 8 20/10

just a super light volume day
right bicep/shoulder still feeling like dirt
bfr- blood flow restriction - great way to get dat pump

lower mostly a movement day

shit ton of mobility stuffs - agile 8
lunge progressions
dislocates , fake shoulder rok, db shoulder shit

circuit of 3x10-15 of good girlx bad girl x lying ham curl
bear crawls x crab walk a bunch
95-185 2x5 of row x rdl x jump shrug

A squat 65- 315 x5 335 x2 , 365x2, 385x1 405x1 315 3x5
B CSR 3p 4x8
C1 seated db clean and press 4x10
C2 meadows swings 4x20

thats it.

made this mostly a movement/mobility day with a wee bit of strenf work
crawls - really need to be doing more of this very taxing but fun as F
squats- baned my knees thru like 275 or something
put on shoes and knee sleeves- at 315
singles moved well - did a few back off sets.
other shit- just more shoulder pump and fluff


training 7.17.17

really short session - movement and upper conditioning

right bicep/ shoulder still tweaked

band distraction BPA’s face pulls many x many
scap work blah blah blah

A pull downs 7x10 light
B bb complex row x rdl x front squat x back squat x god morning
95 4x8 bleh
C OH press bar x 20 65 2x10 95 5x5 - weak and strained

D1 land mine row
D2 land mine OH press
C3 30lb ball slams to wall


shoulder is jacked - from bicep - that is tweaked still
OH presses- OH sqauts thoracic mobility is all weak and shot.
the fall that broked my knee - somewhere
crutches etc still not recovered leaving me feeble as F.

anyway- had a blast doing some ‘upper conditioning’


7.25 training

work work work .
got to train today.

pvc at home a bunch of shit to feel human at the gym
banded walks, lunges, stretches blah blah

activation bb complex 65 3x10
row x rdl x front squat x good morning x squat

A squat bar thru 275x5 add sleeves shoes 315 3x5 365x2 405 3x1
B good morning 5x10
C1 db RDL 100 3x10
C2 pull thru 3x many
D BFR arm circuit 4x10 ez bro curl x incline tri db ext x rope curls x rope tris
E calf BFR circuit seated calf machine -some other toe pointing machine
F assault bike tabata

trying to train when I can
squats- they felt heavy moved ok.
wanted an amrap - but was spent


yo people been a minute.

work work work .
make hay while the sun shines.

I trained a few times - been sticking to one of two workouts

A squat 315 3x5 then an AMRAP - some db work of rows, OH or incline bench, abs thats it
B few barbell complexes- and an assualt bike tabata for a conditioning day

today I actually ‘trained’

moblity lots and lots dislocates by the many
banded walks, lunges even did some OH loaded lunges - these where good.

A squat in socks bar 95 135 185 225 275 315 335 all x 5 all in socks
in shoes belt - 356 2x3 405 3x1 365x3 315 2x5
B1 pull down 5x10
B2 loaded pushp bw+45 5x10
C bss 4x8 30’s
D rope medley of abs x face pull x tris

should have left off the shoes- and kept going in socks
had a good groove- could have done 365 for 5’s and prob should have
bss- and any single leg work need to do much more of this
upper crap- right bicep and shoulder have been nagging me
trying to some work in.

work has been ffed up - busy is good.


busy busy busy.

looks like I am able to get maybe one or two days a week.
usually one.

training today-
shit ton of banded walks - shoulder , hip stuffs

896,543,289 lunges

A squat bar thru 2275 x5 in socks 315 add belt and shoes
315 2x5 335x5 365x4 385 x2 335x5 315 x5 bleh
B reverse lunge bb front rack 135 4x6 each
C1 db CSR 70 5x8
C2 face pull 5x20
D meadley db press lateral raise rear delt raise
20 x 4x20 5 4x10-15 each
E bb ab roll out 3x10
F assult bike tabata 8 20/10 and ten minute cruise

8a-230a work - thats pretty typical
squats leaning forward- saw some tweey birds on the 385 dbl
speed felt ok - shitt knee held up ok- mid back tweaked some where at work
did some pump and fluff- been having problems with my right bicep and shoulder
feeling pretty limited.


I have been a bad participant.
Not only on keeping up on yo people- just training in general
1x weekly makes is what I can manage

work work work - but Im thrilled to be busy.

spent a week with WWE- jacked ass fools running around- all over where I work.
JACKED ass fools…making brock lesner look petite

I worked something like 100 hours or more this past weekend
from thursday thru tuesday
meh I signed up for it.

training 8.24.17

mob stability activation much much much

lunges lunges banded walks and banded lunges
holds stretches etc

A squat bar thru 315 x5 socks - added shoes at 315
315 10x3 added belt somewhere in like set 5
365x3 385x2 meh
B snatch width RDL 2"defficit
135x10 225 4x6
C belt squat 5x10
D bb roll out 5x10

squat- went for speed vs load- not horrible for not training in a week or so
added shoes- at 315 sleeves at 275 could have lived without shoes-
added belt 5 sets in on 315
deads- more of an RDL- for back hams etc- used straps

belt squat- used a 55 lb kettle bell and an assisted dip/pullup machine

could have done another 10 x3 tripples once warm - can do all day.
felt like shit- no training and bad schedule leave me like shit.
had to grip bar with pinkies under- helps my shoudlers allot
my shoulder and bicep - on the right side- wrist - forearm are ffffffed up.

otherwise doing work and feeling ok.


Geez man, was just reading your story in the other thread.

I think the presence of mind you had to do the tuck thing as you were falling is what saved your life. Much respect for that.

Wrestlers were always the craziest & toughest guys around. You 'da Bro for sure.

And now you’re back working crazy hours, & in the gym when you can squatting like a boss. Of course you are…two thumbs way up!


thanks PG- Idaho asked me to write about it .
It still sucks- big picture I lived.

hmmm squatting like a boss- just trying to keep it all moving.
yep- busier then ever which is good


training - 8.30.17

quick session today

mobility stuffs dislocates lunges face pulls 3x10 of dips
more face pulls- hip crap

A seated box jump 3x3 bw , bw +40 3x3
B squat warm bar to 275x5 socks 315 3x5 amrap x10
C1 complex row x rdl x high pull 135 5x3
D1 ab bb roll out 3x10
D2 face pull 3x many
D3 tricep pushdown 3xmany

just getting it in
quick and easy
made my stance a big narrower and am putting pinkies under the bar-
seems to halp with shoulder pain
did some other junk


been a lame contributor

trained 2x in the past few days

conditioning day

mobility stuffs- dislocates lunge progressions
band stuffs

trap bar x rowing machine

A1 4x 380 x5
A2 4x 500m row
B1 bw dip 5/10
B2TRX face pull 5x many
bb rollouts 4x10-12

trap bar 3 plates and a 25 bar is 60
rowing machine- kept the times under 2:10
dips- progress on this bicep shoulder thing -
ice and tens after
trap bar didnt feel great on this knee


mobility lunges progesssions
shit ton of BPA’s dislocates face pulls banded

A squat zero -315 x5 then 335 3x5 cut it off.
B1 CSR 3 plates 4x8-12
B2 incline db tricep crap 25’s 4x 10-12

C assualt bike tabata
D v-ups 3x`15+

knee def feeling like dirt from the barometric shifts today
and past few days
wanted to do an amrap or do 5x5 with 335-
kept it to a smart 3x5.
no dips today- shoulder/bicep felt like dirt

abs and bike felt good really good


Kev, getting work in is better than not ! Like the rowing times…


Thanks OG
I like just getting it in.
Id like to pretend I dont put a ton of emphasis on the nubmers
or the times.
Id like to just train with some frequency

work has changed-
I went from doing mostly TV
to doing almost entirely Live Sports TV
most often getting on a plane and doing work elsewhere

Last summer I took a great opportunity
and stayed at one busy busy venue all summer

now I am doing the same thing at a bigger venue-
where I really cant do much else- work wise

Training is crap and sporadic - but that work/life stuff is important too


Amen, Kev…the rest is just a reward for taking care of business ! Be well


9.18.17 training

4 16 plus hour days later I trained for a bit.

slept in- had some esspresso drank a bunch of water
used PVC bands and an LX ball at home


lunges, dislocates etc

A1 TRX face pull
A2 trap bar dead 150x5 240x5 330x5 380 2x5 420 2x5
A3 bw dip 8 x 10

B1 machine pull down 5x10
B2 machine bench 5x10
C assult bike tabata


this sucked
not awake - beat to shit from work
weak grip- got it done in 45 mintues
blah blah blah


work work work

I have trained maybe 4 times in the past month
work is stupid busy- supposed to slow down in November.
not so sure its happening

training 10.21.17
45 min short session

pvc at home
a bunch of lunge variations
some banded walks

after some warm ups and some ramping

5 rounds of
5 trap bar dead 3p 330
8 land mine press 35
8 land mine row 45
15 TRX face pulls

8 20/10 assault bike tabata

this was manageable
feeling detrained
shoulder/bicep kept loading low so it felt ok
knee- meh been tight all week.
outer side of my calf wasnt tight and shitty


I am a shitty contributer

feeling detrained
did some shit in the gym that passed for training


lunges, banded walks banded lunges
agile 8 some other shit

squat bar to 265x5
315 5x3 meh
switched it up to

land mine complex

2 x 5 reps each 25,35,45
squat to press
OH press
reverse lunge

25 min elliptical

feeling detrained rain and work made my knee feeble.
elliptical while not hard- its awful boring


some training 10.25.17

moblity walking - lunge progressions
dislocates banded walks banded lunges

A trap bar pull 1-3 plates x5 380 x5 400 x 3 425 x2
B Trap bar RDL 240 3x12

C1 CSR 2 p 4x10
C2 db clean and press 25 4x8
D pull down abs - 3x some

feeling de-trained and lame
trap bar - weighs 65 thus the funny numbers
low handles suck the the top sets felt heavy - duh.
trap bar RDL - these are awesome

chest supported row and db cleans -
kept thse super light.
right bicep shoulder what have you is still jacked up.

thats it.
not much to talk about


Good to see you are getting back into the gym moving some weight. The detrained feeling will pass buddy.


@Irishman92 thank you - just adjusting to my new more fucked up schedule


work work work.

I trained. this morning 11/5/17

worked 8am -3am
got up later- caffeine and PVC pipe

lunges, banded walks banded lunges
dislocates and face pulls

bb complex 3 rounds each of 65 and 95 x5

row x x rdl x 1 power snatch x good morning x squat

Squat bar-275 x5 added shoes and sleeves
315 3x5
semi sumo 225 275 315 all 2x5 365 x5

dips x face pulls x tricep pushdown

not bad for no sleep
just basic stuff-not much volume