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I Got A Feeling

Hmmm wife is Italian it’s been a while.

How good are you at sauce ?
Would you make it a meat sauce ?


1lb ground pork beef veal mix or lamb
8 cloves Garlic chopped smashed fine
2-4 anchovies if you don’t like them skip it.
2 18 ounce cans crushed tomatoes
San Marzano are that much better

If sauce pan Brown the meat maybe in batches
You might need to drain it
Add garlic red chip pepper anchovies

Let that brown
Deglaze 1/2 cup wine or water
Pour in the tomatoes
Your gonna need to stir - let it simmer for maybe two hours
You can do less like 45 mins

This one is pretty good.

They have an ok sauce recipe too

Basically the egg egg yolks etc get whisked with the ricotta


I mix some pork breakfast sausage in with the meat and lots of fennel in the sauce.


Thank you! I will give a try.

yes I use allot of fennel seed with the meat as well.
there are many many debates in our house and my Italian-American coworkers about thing like tomato paste-
what counts as " sawwse’ or " gravy"
gravy is usually the addition of meat- and its really an Italian American thing- many of the settlers in America where from Napeloton - the southern Italian region and this is our bastardized version of their food

Much of the food here is the bastarized version of foods from other countries. Much of what we call Chinese food was what the labors brought in to work the railroads could come up with. Saw many a shocked tourist in Hong Kong and Tawain when they saw real chinese foods. First time I went to Northern Italy i found the tomato based sauces to be more watery and not near as thick as the southern.

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Its so true- wether from lack of traditional ingredients or from just like the generations - or degeneration.

A friend taught me to make traditional thai food years ago- and it changed about my palette Traveling to north Africa really solidified that belief about traditional cooking

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Ive been doing some older complexes from
Istvan Javorek - dumbell complexes using kettle bells

I met him a hundred years ago the OTC and have been using them for years

6x6 using 25lb kbs

high pull
bent over row

these suck - he wants you to do the snatch high pull and push press with full extension on toes

he has other variations- like one that adds a squat push press
and some harder ones using a high pull or upright row- in a squat position.

yesterday I did like 5 set reps went 6,7,8,9,10
BO row x RDL x high pull x clean x squat to press.

these sucked ass…


Its been a shit ton of time since I checked in.

Ill cover some old ground-
Back to making television - until the entertainment business comes back.

No gym- just stuff at home.
New kitchen- finally have a dishwasher etc.
I did allot of it then hired some contractors.

was off today so I did some stuff.


7.5 mile 30 lb ruck.
100 pushups this morning

been doing pushups and kettle bell junk for the most part.

and Ive been working on my Knee- found a new bro-

Ben Patrick


Its been helping.

what else?

kitchen is just getting unpacked- and trying to figure it all out.
Id like to lift again and might join a new gym-
there is a strong man gym near me - but they have like bankers hours -
8am- 5pm.

will check in on you people soonest



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I lied

I haven’t checked in on anyone

Work work work
Blah blah blah

I bough a crappy doorway pull-up dip thing.

So I’ve been doing that
Dips all day can’t bench be for 10 lol

Today 4/17

I did 50 pull ups and like 80 some odd dips over 5 sets

I’ve had to rekindle mobility work

LX ball and occ are my friends.
So is turmeric snd whiskey

There you have it

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I’m more old school. Ibuprofen, whiskey and cigars. Glad to see you back.


Sporadic training - and sporadic time spent here if at all…

Shit in the entertainment business is opening slowly -
just wrapped a season of Law and Order- organized crime.
will be doing that kind of shit and piecing work together til concerts come back.

This past week

Saturday 5/29 - I did 60 pull ups 100 dips over like 4-5 sets just bw.
Sunday 5/30 and Tuesday 6/1I did 3x10 kb complex
pair 25’s 3 rounds ten reps each.
row x rdl x high pull x clean & press x squat

Monday 5/31 I did a 8.2 mile 30 lb ruck/hike

gonna do something - today - not sure what yet.

I think I weigh like 180 ish- feeling pretty lean .


Damn good.

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Thank You Harry.

More sporadic training.

Ive done some kettle bell crap and 100 push ups pretty much every day .
for the past 5 days - maybe 6 its hard to keep track.
a shit ton of BPA and other band work.

usually its the same complex 3 or 4 round of 10 with 2 25lb kb.
bo row x rdl x high pull x clean and press x squat

6/10/21today I did
50 pullups
120 kb swings with a 50
and some bpa’s

nothing exciting here.