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I Got A Feeling


Been a while.
Life work work work for in the way.

Elton John two television shoots
And the Rock and Roll hall of Fame
All happened this month and this very little to write about.

Calisthenics at home until today.

4/2/19 training
PVC at home - a lot
Mobility stuff - lunges bands jumps hips skips crap
A box jump 2x3 +30lb 2x3
B dimel dead 135 3x15
C squat 65 95 135 175 225 x5 245 275 x2
315 3x5 x8
D prone ham curl 4x10
E dB rdl 100 3x8
F 30 min assault bike
Abs and junk

knee all jacked up right from work
Right wrist - banged up meh
Squats felt pretty good set of 8 Last rep a grind
Different accessories more ham
While I like the fake belt squat - needed and need more ham in general

Good session good to be back

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I think Elton John for television shoots is pretty interesting to talk about.

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Two separate jobs.

This was his farewell tour.
Then I did a bunch if TV shoots.

Then I did the rock and roll hall of fame.

The Elton show was as amazing as you would expect.
RRHOF the cure performed they where really good.
The tv shows I did where whatever
And. Now I have WWE keeps work exciting
But hard to train


I lifted weights but they where small

Training 4/7/19

15 min bike ride
Dislocates BPAs stuff
A bunch of rope push downs 4x15-20
A clean and press 65 3x5 95 2x5 115 2x5 135 2x5 bleh
B1 bb bench 95 2x10 135 2x5 185 5x3
B2 BPA some x some
C seated dB press 40 5x10
D1 rear felt canle thing 3x10+
D2 band triceps push down 3x30


Notes easy upper session
Cleans felt meh pressing felt heavy - feeling detrained
Bench meh - weak needs work
Some pump and fluff - elbow one was killing me


4/10 training

got home at 5 am slept for a few hours then trained.

lunges a bunch of shit to move

A trap bar dead135x10 225 275 315 x 5 365 3x5 top set used straps
B db row 100 2x20 each straps
C ng grip pull down 3x20
D HLR 3x10
E 20 min bike ride

no grip strenf
this felt heavy as F
took awhile to get in position


4/11 training

slept more ate a shit ton.
got my days confused should have done upper

lunges lugnes lunges floor crap glutes hips calves
A bb complex 65 3x8 of row x RDL x snatch x good morning x squat
B squat 95 x10 135 x10 225 275 315 x5
335 x2 365x2 385x2 then 225x20
C assualt bike tabata 8 20/10 then 20 min ride
D1 prone ham curl 4x10
D2 HLR feet to face 4x10

squats felt pretty good- bar is 51 lbs or some shit.
the bar is also stiff and thicker- the thinner bars- have more whip and somehow squats feel better with those? go figure.
the 20 rep and assault bike awesome- idea.
still feeling later on.
squeezed like a 10lb med ball with feet on HLR
and ham curls - need more volume.

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Man, as intermittent as your training is, you hold onto squat strenf like no one else I know


thank you

I was literally thinking that today-
its got to be a volume hold over

I cant bench 185 for ten go figure.


I am shitty at keeping up with everyone.
and for that I offer my apologies.
some thoughts
I had two beers - so this might be silly.

being a former super jock gives me some advantages that I take for granted
things like
body comp
muscle memory for sure
and drive- I have allot of drive
first fueled by black tshirt anger- and teenage angst
and being uber competitive I am way way more competitive then I will acknowledge
I guess I get to still do some stuff in the gym that I probably shouldnt.

work- yes a workaholic Ive had slow years and busy years.
but I have way way way more drive then my coworkers.
its almost unhealthy.

during the holidays- my sister who was more chatty then usual
commented that if I had a different support structure- meaning more support at home I would be a banker or some hedge fund jerk.

instead I am in a labor union in a big city griding out a nice living.
go figure

more looks at me.
got in at 330 am from work.
got up at noon ish.
had two shots of expresso a bunch of water
an avocado and trained.
I came home made gespacho for dinner
had two beers and two cans of sardines.
felt like king kong in training and feel good now.
must be the sardines.


4/13 training
stiff stiff stiff pvc at home
this food sleep thing is amazing.
I am heavy for me 188 eating more and carrying some fat.

uhm that more body fat stronger thing uhm yeah.

fac pulls lytp stuff and stuff
A 15 min assault bike ride.
B1 bb oh press bar is 50 bar x13 70 2x5 100 2x5 120 x5 130 x5
B2 bpa 5 of many
C1 football bar 135 5x10
C2 face pull 5x 15 ish
D1 cable chest fly 3x12
D2 tricep band pushdown 3x20
E1 rear delt cable 4x10
E2 mini db raise 4x10

uhm 5x10 football bar - I cant do that on a straight bar-
felt light til set 5.
mid and low back lack of mobility and some legit tightness
made oh pressing tricky.
not much to say


Which would you rather be doing? It sounds like you’ve carved out quite a nice life for yourself.

Also, fwiw, I find stiff, thick squat bars harder to use as well.

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easy ones first-
stiff bars - to press with sure.
stiff bar to pull or squat with FUCK NO.

more pain in my bicep/elbow/shoulder from the stiffer thicker bar.

If we had a house/bigger place I would absolutely do home gym
and SSB or buffalo/duffalo bar

harder questions.
I am very blessed in the work field.
Will admit to being in a very elite category at work- very few people
have the kind of job I have- at the very top.
that being said when Im still at work - at 4 am, on a tear of 5-6 14-20 hour days I want to rethink life choices.

But to be at the top - means work.
I wish I could be home more is all.

clearly all my problems are first world problems




wanted to squat - barometer + knee + both racks busy I did upper.
FUCK fuck fuk the person who broke the chest supported row machine. Really go fuck yourself

PVC and some other shit at home
BPA lunges BPA shoulder stuffs at the gym

db press 25 3x20
A1 bb bench 140 2x5 185 2x5 210 2x2 ( bar weighs 50)
A2 BPA some x some
B1 football bar decline 135 5x10
B2 pull down 5x10
C1 db clean and press 4x10
C2 incline rear delt 4x10
D incline abs 3x15
E 35 min bike ride

bench- actually making tiny bits of progress here.
pleased and surprised. I dont think I have ever done 5x10 of 135
and this is the 2nd week I did .
decline football bar- uhm like db’s but my shoulder wasnt happy
other crap- just some upper volume- which is what I should be doing.


It’s a tough balance. I’ve pared down quite a bit of my life because when I have a ton going on, it feels like life is whipping past me. Other people feel it differently.


Home work balance is tough.
I get rewarded for long shifts or stupid hours-
many many times when working those hours
or when Im still working at 4 am- I question my life choices.


lunges lunges lunges - banded shit - a million dislocates

A1 ham curl 4x10
A2 stiff leg dead band on hips
B squat 95 x10 135 2x5 285 225 275 315x5
335 x 3 365 x4 x3 x3 225 x20
C1 DB RDL 80 4X10
C2 mini db clean and press 20 4x10
D1 incline sit up 4x10
D2 hanging leg raise 4x10

activation - ‘banded’ dead lift I have a band tied off- and its set in my hips- Im hinging against it - and using just 1 plate gets the glutes firing.
squats- took longer breaks- wanted 5 at 365 got 4 meh.
RPE - yes it was allot triples felt good.
db rdl - more glute more ham abs -
uhm incline sit ups are way way easier then the crap I do.
felt strong


4.22.19 training

Im wrecked from yesterday- feels good
pvc at home
lunges, disclocates
10 minute assault bike
mini db shoulder junk

A1 OH press 65x10 95 5x5 115 4x5
A2 pull downs 10x10
B1 klokov press 65 5x10
B2 plate raise 25 5x10
C meadows row 45 5x15
D HLR 3x10
E 500m row 3x 2:07 2:03 2:05

biceps crushed - CRUSHED from squats - not a surprise,
I really squeeze the bar - pull it apart and down- into my traps.
so its hard to train when jacked up like that.
need to get my gym a ssb.
tried pull ups-
the football bar for OHP
bb rows
football bar rows
trap bar rows
and even the medows rows
all sucked - cuz of bicep tightness.

Im gonna buy a titan ssb when they are back in stock.
and leave it my gym duh


4.25.19 training
short session

20 min assault bike
bb complex 95 x 5x5
row x rdl x power snatch x squat
trap bar dead
135 x5 225 x5 315 4x5
Had to leave for work kept it short.



pvc and shit at home
more mobility crap at gym

5 min bike ride
A1 dimel dead 135 3x15
A2 HLR 3x10
B squat 95 135 2x5 185 225 275 315x5 335x2
365 4x3 300 x6 225x20
C1 mini db clean and press 25 3x10-12
C2 standing rope abs

had to go to work
will try to train upper and conditioning tomorrow



training - pvc at home
30 min assault bike ride
a bunch of lunges leg swings etc

A deadlift 135 x5 225 2x5 315 2x5 365 x2 405x2 435 x2
B bb shrug 225 x10 315 4x10
C1 bb row 135 5x10
C2 db rer delt raise 5x15
D hlr 3x10

somehow I ended up pulling- but I squatted yesterday
I was stiff- and needed more volume before this
used straps at 365
405 x2 was smooth 435 for a dbl is some kind of a pr.
was not that smooth.
since I fell - and blew up my knee- squats are ok pulls not so much.

rows- I have a hard time loading bb rows or DB rows- my brachialis and elbow really dont like it.
some shit head broke the chest supported machine
so my options are limited.

over all I need more pulling volume
more more more rowing