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I Got A Feeling


Kev- Sorry about your friend.


thank you OG
Its good.


I have had some bad really bad phone calls I made,
texts I sent.
I got a really good one.

This friend was an organ donor.
His heart
both kidneys
and amazingly his liver
all found new homes - with people who need them
thats 4 people.

I also found I had sent this to allot of people
really not feeling great this week.

been super helpful.


2/1/19 some training

20 min assault bike ride
TRX face pull x pushup x row 4x10
A1 bpa 8x15
A2 db bench wu then 80 5x5 meh
B1 bw dip 6x12
B2 face pull 6 x many
C abs- HLR from dip 4x20
a bunch of mini db shoulder junk
D another 20 min bike ride

tried a barbel got to 185 x5 meh- switched to db’s
two bike sessions and dips where its at this week
the bike sessions where very tame


I’m very sorry you lost your friend. His family must be devastated.


Thank you - it’s a mess




Just cardio
assault bike ride
tabata 8/20/10
20min ride
3x10- HLR

That’s it


Back from a vacation
Went to morroco for 7 days

Ate everything

mobile stuffs
lunges crawls a shit ton of leg swings different ways

A read dead
add 15 bar is 60
135 x10 225 2x5 275 x5 315 x5 365 3x3
365 added straps but used the light handles

B RDL 225 x8 275 x8 315 2x5
C shrugs 225 3x12
D pull down 4x12
C low pulley 1 arm row 5x15
Some ab crap

First day back bleh
Trap work felt heavy
RDLs and shrugs used straps but felt really good
To lame and stiff to do much.
blew of cardio


This is 3kg of lamb cooked in a terra cottage pot for 4-5 hours in ashes by my wife’s business connection - it so pays to have local friends made for an amazing vacation

Highlight of the trip


I have been following your pictures on IG. It looks like you had a wonderful time and the food looks amazing. It’s a great thing for your son.


Thanks OBS
Yes he had a blast turned 9 there.
We did a trip there two years ago
trying to combine work play and a bit of culture


training 2.23.19

mobile stuffs
10 minute bike ride
face pulls many
A db bench 25 4x25
B1bb bench 95 x5 135 x5 185x5 205 x 5 bleh
B2 BPA many
C dip bw+25 bw+45
D1 z press 65 4x10
D2 face pulls 4x many

kb swings 52lb bell 100 swings in like 4 sets
30 min bike ride
some abs

so detrained
bench - why do I bother lol.
dips felt good
kb swings felt like death
bike meh



lunges swings etc
assault bike 20 mins
more mobility shit

A1 back raise 5x15
A2 NGHR 5x6
B squat bar 95 3x20 135 x20 185x20 225 x20
C seated ham curls 5x12
D HLR 4x10
E15 min bike ride

doesn’t look like much but left me for dead
those high rep sets where brutal


training upper crap

mobility stuffs
BPA face pull mini db junk

A 20 min assault bike ride
B db bench 25x20 40x12 60 x8 80 4x6
C1 bw dip 5x15
C2 bar shrug 2 plates 5x15
D1 cable fly thing 5x10
D2 low pulley v grip 5x10
E abs- HLR 4x10

this felt pretty good.
super busy -will be checking you folks out soon


OK barf.


Then No Mas.


Yes thanks those high rep squats sucked ass.

I feel so shitty with training was trying to mix it up.


training lower
Lunges banded walks a bunch of junk

A1 back raise 3x15
A2 fake fever hyper w 3x15
B1 prone game curl 3x15
B2 HLR 3x15
C squat 65 95 135 x10 185 225 245 275 2x5
315 4x3 meh
D fake belt squat 60x 10 100 5x10
C RDL 225 3x8
E 20 min assumption bike + tabata 8 20/10
F1 ab wheel 3x10
F2 fake NGHR 3x6

Neck bugged me in squats and RDL so cut those both short
Belt squat used the belt you’d load for sips or pull ups and used thisnlike dip stand
These def felt good to not be under a bar
Kind of difficult kit to get a significant load
Lots of low grade stuff for accessories



some training
20 minute assault bike ride
PBA face pull tiny db junk

A1machine pull down 5x 20
A2 machine bench 5x20
B1db bench 30 x20 60x10 80 5x5
B2 BPA 7 x 20
C db OH press 50 4x8
D1 tricep push down 5x20
D2 cable ez bro curl 5x10

some abs
not too noteworthy just getting it do e


3.12.19 lower training

10 minute assualt bike ride
lunges dislocates more junk with bands
medley of ham x curl back raise x revere hyper
A seated box jump bw 2x3 bw+30 3x3
B squat 65 95 135 x10 185 225 245 275x5 315 3x5 1x8 amprap
C fake belt squat 100 db 4x15
D q leg db dead 60’s 3x5 each
E prone ham curl unilateral 4x12
F 30 min assualt bike ride
G hanging leg raise 3x10

triceps where sore- from yesterday- I forgot what that felt like
needs work
this felt good
been doing more and more warm volume to warm up.
It takes allot. so I try to do some mobility 10-15 mins
and some high rep crap before I squat pull press etc.
squat did an amrap 315x8 wanted 10.
somethings happening- its all these carbs.

belt squat- I want to use a proper one -
this is rigged out of junk and its awkward to set up and load.

a good day