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I Got A Feeling


Kev- Sorry about your friend.


thank you OG
Its good.


I have had some bad really bad phone calls I made,
texts I sent.
I got a really good one.

This friend was an organ donor.
His heart
both kidneys
and amazingly his liver
all found new homes - with people who need them
thats 4 people.

I also found I had sent this to allot of people
really not feeling great this week.

been super helpful.


2/1/19 some training

20 min assault bike ride
TRX face pull x pushup x row 4x10
A1 bpa 8x15
A2 db bench wu then 80 5x5 meh
B1 bw dip 6x12
B2 face pull 6 x many
C abs- HLR from dip 4x20
a bunch of mini db shoulder junk
D another 20 min bike ride

tried a barbel got to 185 x5 meh- switched to db’s
two bike sessions and dips where its at this week
the bike sessions where very tame


I’m very sorry you lost your friend. His family must be devastated.


Thank you - it’s a mess




Just cardio
assault bike ride
tabata 8/20/10
20min ride
3x10- HLR

That’s it