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I Got A Feeling


you can come- plenty of food


Wow looks awesome!
What sauce is that with the prawns?


thank you -
cocktail sauce I made.

chili sauce horseradish hot sauce,
fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest


training 12/28/18

upper crap
lots of pvc and mobility - legs + p chain - fried.

dislocates push ups arm and shoulder band junk
a bunch of TRX stuff

A1 incline smith 135 2x10 185 5x5
A2 BPA 7x20
B1 bw dip 5x15
B2 face pulls 5x15-20
20 minute assualt bike ride

felt like dirt pressed for time
tried to have a 2-3 second eccentric on the smith crap
dips - had fun - I can do these all day- no pain
bench 135 - feel like crap.
thats it.



first training this year same me

mobility low back and hips tight as F
lunges many many dislocates
3x12 HLR
A1 prone ham curl 3x15
A2 abductor 3x15
A3 adductor 3x15
B squat bar 65 95 135 185 x 10
225 2x5 275 x5 315 5x5
C snatch RDL 135 x10 225 3x6 ham gave up
D BSS 40 3x10 on fire
E assualt bike tabata 8 20/10 + 15 minute ride

low back and hips really tight
squats - felt good 5x5 felt smooth.
lots of volume on the warm up helps- some days it doesn’t
snatch RDL - left ham was done
BSS some days the single leg work is too much for the peg leg
assault bike the devil.


Kev- Have an awesome 2019 !


Thanks OG!

I think I will indeed

Have an amzing 2019 people
You too OG.



training upper stuff

pvc pull aparts dislocates lunges dislocates
A pull downs activation 5x10
B BHNP 65x10 95 2x5 115x5
push press 135x5 155 2x3 mobility
C football bar bench 135x8 185 4x5
D incline DB 60 x8 80 x4 40 x20
E zpress for time 65 x 20 seconds 3 rounds
F1 rear delt cable 5x10
F2 lateral raises 5lbs 5x20
F3 tricep band pushdown 5x20

behind neck press and push press- just exploring
exploring mobility
football bench - think I can use these and do better
z press for time these are horrible and suck

did these in college I think I used a 45 and did this for like 4 rounds of 30 seconds
I actually think we did pullups in between.

thats a long time ago.


busy busy busy

have’nt been here in a while
have’nt trained to much either

I have however been doing some pushups at home.
doing a 100 in the mornings or evenings
usually 4x25 or 5x20.
not much but something

1/12/19 training
lunges banded walks
leg swings
A1 HLR 4x10
A2 prone ham curl 4x12
B OH squat 65x10 95x10 135x5 155x5 185 miss
C squat 135x5 225 x 2x5
275x5 315x5 335x5 365 x2
D bss 50’s 4x5
15 min assault bike

OH squats felt good going to so these for a bit
didnt have that 185 today
squat felt ok knee and ham said to shut it down
bss going to push weight on these
assault bike 15 mins hamstring sucked and called it quits


training 1/15/19

pvc 20 minute assuault bike I was really tight
some mobility crap
A1machine pull down 4x10
A2 prone ham curl 4x10
B trap bar dead 150 240 290 330 x 5 380 x2 420 x2
high handles 420 x2 470 x2 485 x1x1 500 x1 x1
C trap bar RDL 240 2x10
D sled drag push 4 p x2 6 p x3 10 yds each way
E one arm pull down 4x15
F v grip low pully 4x15
G HLR from dip position 3x20

have a busy few days of work coming up
wanted to limit volume- which I respond to well,
like and need more of - to mitigate soreness and DOMS
maybe this worked?
trap bar- switched to high grip - when it got heavy ish
500 on the trap felt both heavy and good

other crap some pump and fluff
thats it


I’m stealing that trap-bar deadlifts idea. I think it will overload the upper back in a good way. Buh-bye sumos.


You really put a lot of volume in. How long are you typically in the gym?

Nice work on the OH squats. I used to love them but a couple of years ago, using the empty bar, I effed up my shoulder. It sucks.


they are just easier to recover from
I think its a safer pull for me


thanks Obs…
I dont take allot of rest the warm up sets are just to change plates squats pulls - Im there for maybe an hour and half.
if I do cardio stuff its about 2 hours
this day was about that long-
most of it spent on a bike , and doing movement mobiity stuffs

ifs its like a squat day I really just blast thru and take the minimum rest.

Upper days- I dont take much rest and really pair exercises together


some training

lunges a bunch of crap

A seated box jump bw 2x3 BW+30 3x3
B deadlift conventional 135 x5 225 x5 315x5

  • add straps 365x2 405 2x2
    C shrug 225 4x10 straps
    D HLR from dip position 3x20
    E1 ez bro curl 3x15
    E2 tricep band pushdown 3x20
    F 20 min assault bike

wanted to pull straight bar
results where pretty good wanted more

but can work off this.
shrugs- felt good
other junk a bunch of BPA’s
felt pretty good


some training.

life work stress blah blah blah
a friend my best boy so to speak
had as stroke on sunday evening
found 10 am monday morning.
face down - burned by a radiator pipe
seven hour operation to remove a blood clot.
the texts where pretty clear - he wasn’t responding.

the texts progressed and the lights went out.

I blew off work for an evening.
cooked a nice meal tonight- and pretending it was the onions I chopped.

there where no onions.

48- mostly health- left behind a wife and 5 year old daughter.
Im kinda fucked. unfair -and other people have worse.
so much worse.

hug your fam
count your blessings.


lunges lunges lunges.
TKE floor work blah blah
lots of TKE

A circuit of
adductor x abductor x prone ham curl x HLR 4x12-15

B squat 135 x 10 225 2x5 275 2x5 315 2x5 365 2x2 315 2x5
C prone ham curl 4x12
D tke many x many

Im not focused
used this anger- and might pay for it later.
knee felt like dirt- can squat - but riding an exercise bike was out.
squats felt ok - did a set of 315 after the ‘heavier set’
these where rough.
plan on doing some bw and conditioning this week.

feeling ok .

thanks for looking


Geez. I’m sorry man. That’s rough.


So sorry for your loss. I lost my bestie in April. Hang in there.


its ok - shitty genetics.
our work isnt kind.
predisposed via genetics.

Its good


I know you have been through the fire and then some
this was unfortunate.