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I Got A Feeling


training 11.20.18

pvc dislocates BPA’s fake shoulder rok

A clean and press 65 3x3 96 3x3 115 3x3 135 3x3
B1 z-press 95 10x5
B2 pull up 10x5
C1 bb bench 95 x1- 135 x1- 185 3x5 bleh
C2 BPA x 20
D seated db tri extension 60 4x8
E 30 min eliptical
F ab wheel 4x10
some other arm junk

shitty day-
cleans- uglee as F press - even uglier
z-press got in a good groove with these
pull ups- actually felt good
bench- do people really like this?
tricep stuff- I have none wanting to find some tris.
eliptical - needed , lame and disliked


I hate bench. Because I suck at it. So I hate it.
Also, I have no triceps.
Or muscle, generally.




In my experience only losers.

Winners deadlift.


so true.
bench only farts


11.24.18 row row row

pvc mobility stuffs, banded walks - lunges lunges banded lunges
some holds etc

A seated box jump +30 3x3
B deadlift row 135x5 225x5 275x5 225 4x5 straps
C db row 120 3x12 straps
D rack pull fest dbloh + straps 225x5 315x5 405x5 495x3 just below knee
E snatch grip rack pull 225 6x5 fun
F meadows row 2p 5x12
assault bike 30 mins ugh
Ab circuit
LR from the dip position x10
hollow rock x10
superman roll x10

uhm rowing - last weeks rows where heavier -but I was not sore like at all the days hmmmmm.
more volume this week- wore traps through most .
find ways to use lats vs arms. need work

dead row- these are hard fun- but I have to control the bar path better
rack pulls - these suck. - snatch rack pulls way way more fun
DB rows- less reps more sets this week.
meadows rows- after all the other rowing- these felt good.
bike sucks
ab stuff- hollow rocks- super good to do .
used the dip station as a hold and did leg raises
these are awesome. maybe better the HLR?
super mans- are verse hollow rocks- just felt good to do.


11/27 training lower

pvc 876,455 lunges
dislocates more lunges
A box jump bw+30 3x3
B deadlift 135 2x1- 225x5 275x5 315x5 365 x 2x2
C squat 135 185 225 275 315 x5
335 x 2 365x2 385x1 335x2 315x5 * add 5 more bar weighs 50
D1 db clean and press 30 5x10
D2 bpa 5x20
E bss 35 4x8
F assualt bike 20 mins
G abs- HLR from dip hold x hollow rock 3x10

I pulled a little bit today- no squat rack available.
some days I can pull, some I cant - this was meh.
hook grip -but just felt really stiff.
squats- bar weighs 50 - so this was ‘heavy’
aw some stars on that 385-390.
db cleans- just keeping the shoulders moving
bss- these sucked- so clearly they need to be back.
bike- sucks abs- needed



stiff as fak legs and glutes super tight
pvc mobility stuffs- dislocates BPA’s face pulls many x many

A incline smith bench 135 2x10 185 5x5
B db floor press 70 4x8
C1 CSR 2p 3x12
C2 loaded pushup bw+45 3c10
D1 ezbro curl to press 40 5x10
D2 band tri push down 5x20

really stiffl and pressed for time
bench stuff- I am so not into this.
But I really want to make bench something I can do.
smith machine- like hammer machines
amazed that people can use these.
I watch kids struggle with 135 then rep out 3 plates on the smith.
I found these difficult
floor presses - after other shit- these where kind of hard.
I suck.
or I have to do far more warm up crap - and make the ’ main movement’
second or third.
huge swole from the floor press and arm crap.
cut it short as I have stuff to do


did you think I forgot to post thanksgiving pics.

I did.
Here we go.
We didnt host- but my wife signed me up to ‘help’
which means I cooked it at her cousins house.
she had it catered- but I had to reheat dress and fix everything.

so this is the first year I have not brined a bird.
I was sad.
but it came out pretty good all the same.

Turkey - I did glaze it. It was ok. ( im super picky)
Brining makes a monster difference.
sides- I made brussles peas and panchetta
reheated some squash green beans and mashed potatoes.
but you still had to really dress them into something.
Wie made a cheese plate goat gouda two pyranese goat cheeses and a dutch which is the orange one.

made a pitcher of sazerac Rye- pear and lemon juice tiny bit of cinnamon
and bitters
all those fall flavors - all those good whiskey feels
sadly it was camera shy

in all honesty-
I would cater the sides in future- its a huge time saver-
Im going to Dr, them up into something so why not.
however- brining air drying a bird - just adds so much flavor


Yes! We have been waiting on food porn on this thread! Looks incredible! Wow!


The turkey is very artfully arranged, well done.

Brining is the only way that the breast meat can still be moist, if the rest of the turkey is cooked.


[quote=“punnyguy, post:351, topic:222408”]
Brining is the only way that the breast meat can still be moist, if the rest of the turkey is cooked [/quote]
thanks PG yes dry or wet brining helps the bird stay moist
but you can also make a double foil breast plate like a conquistador
for the turkey
really its probably best to separate the parts- and cook them separately.

thanks Chicken- I like to cook.



had a food reaction that laid me up yesterday
and scared me out of squatting
or really anything that had me squeezing or core bracing

pvc at home
mobility stuffs lunges dislocates BPA’s etc

bb complex 95 4x8
bo row x rdl x clean and press x x good morning x squat

A db low incline press 20, 40 x10 2 rounds of 80 x6 60 x8 40 x10
B1 spoon press 25’s 5x10
B2 cable fly 5x10
C rear delt cable fly 4x10
D1 dip +25 3x10
D2 face pull 3x15
E1 ez bro curl to press 50 5x10
E2 face pull 5x15
F HLR from ab station

db pressing- these flights of sets where fun
want to add more sets of these
cable flys- for chest- I guess I have no pecs?
rear delt cable fly- uhm these are kind of awesome
need to do these allot more
arm stuff ab stuff thats it


12/4 some training

A shit ton of mobility
Bl lunges ground work and postures dislocates stiff and creaky

A squat 65 95 135 x10 185 225 2752x5
315 3x5 335 x 2 365 x2
B bss 60 4x8 each
C abs HLR vs ab wheel 3x10

Took allot to get moving
Needed that
Squats felt meh
bss want to start pushing the load on these
Could have skipped squats and loaded these up.

soreness tells me my upper back is super weak
As are my pecs- I never really think about pushing muscles.

Thanks for looking



some training pull stuff

pvc ground work lunges dislocates a ton of groin glute and hip stuff

A clean 65 2x3 95 2x3 115 2x3 135 2x3 155 2x3 175 3x1
B snatch dead 135 185 225 275 315 x3 335 2x2 365 3x1
C front squat 185 3x5
D1 low pulley row cg 4x15
D2 rear delt cable raise 4x15

this crushed my low back
cleans-these where so ugly
snatch dead- last few where grinders- fake leg really makes
pulling hard, but these always feel good

tried some DB rows- low back wasn’t having it.
low pulley and cable junk - good pump

thats it.



I am feeling all the love with these likes.

training- just some squats.
pvc extensive movement prep

A seated ham curl 4 sets
B OH squat 65 2x10 95 2x5 115 2x5
C squat 65 thru 275 all x 5 many steps in between 315 3x5
B1 seated z press for time 3x 20 seconds
B2 rear delt machine 3 x15
C assault bike tabata +20min ride

wanted to do more abs and single leg work-
3rd work set- ab and ham both cramped up.
squats - did a shit ton of mini jumps- like 135 155 85 95 etc
just greasing the groove.
zpress- trying something old - did them this way in college.
for time- I think we did them for 30s and later for a minute
20 ish seconds is about 15 reps - FIRE.
Low back - still fatigued from pulling this weekend duh.
needs work


some bullshit training

pvc a home
movement prep
dislocates scap work a bunch
lunges etc.
A 20 min assualt bike
B HLR 3x10
C foot ball close grip 185 3x5
C2 BPA 3x20
D Decline 135 x5 185 x5 10x3
C BPA 10x15
E incline smith 3 sec negatives 5x5
F1 curl to press ez bro bar 45 4x10
F2 rolling tri ext 35 4x10
abs some stuff
neck - baned neck raises

put cardio first
did a bunch of bench stuff
just need some volume here
Im super weak at pressing
foot ball or swiss bar - I like it.
Decline- meh incline meh for time
eccentric reps for some TUT
arm junk.
neck- have not done in a long time just bridges at home.


Happy Holidays
work got silly for a week or so
did a shit ton of pushups at home.

12/26 training

got some training in
low back was super tight
mobility pvc at home 8765432 lunges at the gym

HLR 3x12
A squat bar 95 135 185 2x10 225 275 315 2x5
EMOM 315 10x2
B 4x15 medley of
back raise
BW reverse hyper
incline sit up
HLR from dip position
20 minute assault bike

low back was very very stiff
from cooking and work
turned this into some squats and a core day-
squats - position was all over
could feel my low back and hips- loose and moving allot
core stuff felt pretty good huge low back pump.


Food from Christmas eve…

from top to bottom
Shrimp cocktail
lump crab salad
sardines- a venetian dish. Sarde en Saor
cleaned fillets of sardines- pan fried then
marinades for three days in this sautéed onion mixture with a bit of vinegar
fried calimari- I leaned on a local fish store for these -
picked them up and served.
stuffed clams
Baccala thats dried cod - soaked for 3-4 days made into a salad
dressed with olive oil hot cherry peppers and olives
Linguine with mussels

Merry Christmas


Wow! I am heading to your house next Christmas! :rofl: