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I Got A Feeling


I did - it’s a beautiful city I had some good food and really nice weather for exploring.

The city itself is so clean - or maybe it’s that NYC is so dirty.

Good coffee good whiskey lots of walkable things to check out - like the lake


10/10 training.

Mobility agile 8 - lunges etc

A squat bar 65 95 135 x10
185 225 245 275 315 allx5
335x2 365x1 275 2x5
B bands on hip dead 135 5x10
C BSS 40 3x8
D seated ham curl 5x10
E an wheel 5x10

Felt pretty good wanted need more volume
shit I just need to get to the gym with any kind of regularity squats felt good
Dead’s - really these are just RDL. With a band from hips - to the rack pulling them back - just for activation these helped allot.

BSS single leg work - much needed


Amazes me how you maintain such a decent base of strength and stuff while working out once in a blue moon. Mad at your genetics, 'bro…