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I Got A Feeling


I did - it’s a beautiful city I had some good food and really nice weather for exploring.

The city itself is so clean - or maybe it’s that NYC is so dirty.

Good coffee good whiskey lots of walkable things to check out - like the lake


10/10 training.

Mobility agile 8 - lunges etc

A squat bar 65 95 135 x10
185 225 245 275 315 allx5
335x2 365x1 275 2x5
B bands on hip dead 135 5x10
C BSS 40 3x8
D seated ham curl 5x10
E an wheel 5x10

Felt pretty good wanted need more volume
shit I just need to get to the gym with any kind of regularity squats felt good
Dead’s - really these are just RDL. With a band from hips - to the rack pulling them back - just for activation these helped allot.

BSS single leg work - much needed


Amazes me how you maintain such a decent base of strength and stuff while working out once in a blue moon. Mad at your genetics, 'bro…


thanks PG
I never really thought about genetics.
but I guess they are pretty good.
I wish I could get in a few days a week- but its not happening


some training
made some time - kept it mostly full body

walks lunges banded junk pv at home
dislocates and leg swings many x many

A prone ham curls 4x12
B squat bar x10 95 2x20 135 2x5 185 2x5 225x5
275 4x5 x8
C1 db C&P 30 40 x10 50 2x10
C2 BPA 4x20+
D medley
reverse lunge x 8
tricep band pushdown 20
abwheel 10

stiff and tight as F.
squats - I probably should have done more sets
felt ok kept it light
db clean and press always feel good
other stuff- minimal accessories

it all needs work


Really? It kind of looks like you did a shit ton already.


I have to do allot of small jumps to ‘feel’ warm.
I certainly felt it the next few days.


11.5.18 some training

PVC at home
walks - ground work banded junk

A seated box jump bw x5 +30 3x5
B1 squat - bar 95 135 x10 185 225 245 275x5 315 3x5 done
B2 deadlift against band on hips 45 8x10
C1 db C&P 35x8 50 4x5 25 x15
C2 BPA 5x 20
D1 HLR 4x10
D2 tricep band pushdown 4x 20-30

felt ok squats went well wanted 4x5 meh.
band against hips RDL type thing just for activation.
other stuff- felt good- just trying to get in there.

think I’ll roll with this when ever I can get to the gym
Id like to ad one or two more parings - to pretend this is TBT.
maybe a dip/row or pullup/dip situation

side notes life is crazy

work is winding down a bit so thats like a 60 hour work week
whats wrong with me.

little man survived his appendix being taken out children are so resilient bad scare but all good now
kind of over this year


Was it an acute episode? It’s pretty scary but their capacity for fast recovery is amazing.


Whoa! Glad to hear the little man is OK.

Just tell him even little chicks (wait, is that redundant) dig scars. Next show & tell at school…


I’m not sure it was sudden and was ‘perferated’
A nice way of saying it was bad.

Amazing recovery abilities.
Back at school tomorrow


Yaaas we are too love little man more then I can say.
He is a sturdy kid Happy all day.
It hurt me to see him suffer glad it’s ok.


Little man is back in full swing.
Kid is a house

some training 11.12.18
pvc at home
banded walks dislocates banded lunges more lunges
ankle calf stuff hip crap

A seated box jump bw+30 5x3
B squat 95-225 all 2x5 275x5 315 5x5
C1 db clean and press 30 x8 50 5x5
C2 BPA 6x20
D1 ab wheel 4x15
D2 5 sec L-sit hold
E1 pull thru 5 x15
E2 more L-sits 5x5sec

felt gsood- squats had snap til last set
box jmp actually felt really good
db cleans- made me feel jacked

weighed 183 in track pants and nerd glasses
feeling all dad bod


Solid work
“Feeling all dad bod”


Tony - thank you !
good to see you .


some training11.14.18

dislocates, face pulls lugnes, many many dislocates

A1 pul up bw +25 10x3
A2 OH press 65x5 95 2x5 135 7x3 bleh
B1z press 65 5x10-15
B2 band tri pushdown 5x20
B3 band face pull 5 x 20
C1 plate raise 25 4x10
C2 meadows swings 4x20
D 20 min assault bike ride

OH press- needs work
allot of work
z press- medley - huge pump from the volume
bike ride- so much good so much suck


pull stuffs

trx face pulls x inverted row x diclocates
5 x 10-12 x10 x 20
A bb row 135 2x5 225 2x5 275 x3 x5 225 3x5
B db row 100 x20 each 120 x15 each
C1 ng pull down 4x12
C2 CSR 2p 4x12
D1 high cable pullover 5x10
D2 rope curl 5x10

battle ropes 8 rounds 20/10 tabata

am I doing push pull squat?
vs my normal squat with stuff ?
knee felt like absolute dirt grinding all day in the snow.
thats right east coast fuck you snow.
sleep and food.
holy shit. all summer I sleep 2-4 hours a night and have some short time to doze. This sleep food thing is amazing.
used straps- finally figured out how to use these.
every bro uses them and I hate them never found them useful

I have a super grip and felt weaker with straps they get in the way.
bb rows- lots of body english watched many videos of Dr. Deadlift doing them gave it a shot.
db rows with straps sure I can wut 120 x30
other shit pump and fluff.
needs more work needs more cardio


I was thinking of trying those Cailor Woolam rows myself, but I’m DLing or squatting 3-4 days a week, so i don’t know if I want to overload rows that way.


I haven’t planned that far - but I did them as a main movement - instead of dead’s.
Strangely not much soreness in my back
I get more sore from pull-ups


Some training 11/19/18

PVC dislocates lunges jump rope.
A seated box jumps+30 5x3
B squat bar-135 x10 185 225 275 2x5
315 4x5 225x20
C dimel dead 135 x 20
knee and neck had enough
D dB clean and press 30 4x8
E 30 min ride asaukt bike.
Abs and banded tri junk

Felt all meh
Elbows knees and neck all cried
Squats not as smooth as I like
Dimel dead knee and neck really were not having it.
Think the neck is a posture and sleep issue

Bike ride these suck need to do more.