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I Got A Feeling


7.9.17 track day

just more crap at the track
pvc dislocates at home
lunges some skips hops etc

10 x 50yds
5x 20? yd crawls

this is so much more fun then a bike or erg/rower
and its getting a bit easier.

This only takes like 15 mins of actual work if that.


FTW, enough said !


I have a track/agility day too! Takes me a lot longer though LOL!

Old minds think alike???

Well, actually, you’re still a young 'un!


thanks OG
I should have just left it at that.


Thanks PG- Im creeping up there.


been a minute.
this work for a living stuff is bullshit.


dislocates a ton of work on both elbows/biceps/forearms

voodoo floss, some crunchy lx ball work that awesome yet miserable armaid vice grip for your forearm.

hip circle walks a bunch of lugnes
3 20 sec blasts of battling ropes for activation
987,678,345 bpa’s
A1 rope face pulls 5x20
A2 rope triceps 5x10
B1 bb bench bar x10 95 2x10 135 2x5 185 3x5
B2 more face pulls
C1pull downs 5x10
C2 machine seated ‘bench’ 5x10
D 4 500m rows

both elbows/biceps have been flaring up
really shitty bench pressing… gotta start somewhere.
face pulls band stuffs- all needed.


Looks like it’s been a minute.
Work work work

8/3/ training

Extensive mobility lunges yogic shit bands etc

Face pulls x HLR 5x many
A trap dead 135 2x10 225x10 315 4x5
B1 close grip low pulley row 5x10
B2 straight arm pull over 5x10
C1 delt raises 5x 20
C2 BPA 5x20
D tricep bands 5x 30

Work has been crushing me
Kept it basic and light
Trap bar weighs like 65 so these where a little heavier then I wrote
Lat and delt stuff just some pump and fluff
Triceps bands more fluff but helps the elbow

Can’t train til August 10


8/11 training
Shit ton of mobility agile 8
Walks lunges bands blah blah

A Face pulls 5x20
B1 HLR 5x10
B2 back raise 5x10
C nghr 4x5
D1 dB bench 30 40 50 x10 60 70 80 x5 60 3x5
D2 CSR 2p 10x10
E 89345678 BPA

Just super light very basic day of movement


8/25/18 some training

Been a minute busy ass month at work
I’m lucky if I can get two days a week.

Shit ton of pvc and stuff at home
Lunges banded walks many many BPA and face pulls

A trap bar dead 225 x10 315 4x5
B dip bw+25 10 bw+45 4x8
C low pulley row v grip 5x12
D dB bench 50 5x12
E assault bike 20 mins
F and stuff v-up planks hollow rocks

Feeling retrained and weak - but this felt good.
Didn’t have allot of time to train
Dips - these felt good.
Trap dead - needs work
Other stuff was good.

There was a football or a Swiss bar
At the gym not sure if they have one
Or if someone left it there
Going to play with that




a shit ton of lunges leg swings etc
10x50yd sprint
thats it.


lunges walks etc
went to squat - dia bunch of super light warm ups
br- 65 95 135 2x10 185x5 - 225 x5 called it a day-
groin acting up. same side as my pegleg.

switch to
A db bench 75 4x8 50 x15 35x25
B low pully row 5x12
C face pulls10 sets of many
D banded pushdowns 5x25

pretty sure I did my groin at the track - and Im sure work didnt help.


Awesome you’re doing sprints. I hope the groin feels better soon. Sometimes you’re pressed for time you have some of the best workouts.


Thanks Steve - I like sprints quite a bit.

Set strained the groin another week it will be all good. - I hope.

Short training is always better - intend to push harder then.



ton of pvc and mobility stuff.
Lunges Le swings etx.
A medley - ham curls x good girl x bad girl 3x12
B deadlift 135 2x5 225 2x5 315 2x5 365x5
C1 low pulley row 5x12
C2 Lilly shrug 60 5x12
D HLR 3x12

Groin still weak and banged up.
Pulls hook grip all around - felt good
365 def twinged groin.
Cut it off there - no more work sets it back off sets

Kept the accessories to a minimum
Felt pretty good


training 9.15.18

stretch mobility shit lunges lunges - a shit ton of
hip stuff clam shells fire hydrants - stuff with bands

TRX face pulls x row x pushup 4x10
BPA’s many x many

A1 db bench warm up 50 2x10 work 80 3x8 60x15 40 x25
A2 BPA many 8x20
B1 hammer strenf incline bp 5x10
B2 hammer strenf row 5x10
C band push downs 5x20+
D 30 mins assault bike

these db presses are hard.
hammer strenf are for big people with short arms
and again I have to complain that the row machine handles are
horrible- that being said- an easy pump.

on the incline press machine- I have to do these like half reps-
or it kills my bicep- watching other people load these up with
a bunch of plates they do these tiny reps.
that being said I got a titty pump which I never get from any
bench dip push up etc.

bike- much needed steady ish state cardio



short session
movement and some cardio
some pvc at home mobility crap at gym

bb complex
95 3x5
jump shrug
clean and press
good morning
reverse lunge
HLR 3x10
banded tri pushdown 4x20

assault bike tabata
8 x 20/10
10 min ride following

got in got out



some training

shit ton of mobility lunges leg swings
band work
A 5 x15 medley of prone ham curl x good girl x bad girl
B squat bar - 135 x10 185 225 275 2x5 315 2x5 225 x12
C db rdl 105 5x8-10
E abs HLR 3x10

some banded stuff tricep push downs TKE

was tentative with squats today- groin felt ok.
need some volume in here.
db RDL - felt good.
attempted some single leg work- not happening today

really have not been able to keep up much here with people
so I negligent there


Training upper

Mobility stuffs
TRX 3x10 face pulls row x push-up
A1 football bar bar 65 95 115x10 135 5x 8-10
A2 BPA many
B1 hammer incline 5-15
B2 hammer row 5-15
C shoulder medley
mini dB clean and press
Lateral raise
Rear delt raise

10 min assault bike

Messed around with the multi grip or football bar these felt pretty good
Hammer strength - some joint friendly crap
BPA s many by many
Pump and fluff

Heading to Toronto next week will try to train there


Didn’t get to train in toronto- conference was pretty intense
just did some crap in the hotel gym.

training upper
pvc bands a ton of lunges walks BPS’ TRX face pulls
more junk

A1 football bar bench tiny sets then135 5x10
A2 BPA many x 20
B1B2 B3 5 rounds bw dip x 15 facepulls x 20 ng pull up x 5
C rolling db tris 30 2x10 40 2x10
D1 suitcase dead 135 3x5
D2 barbell rollouts 3x10

doesn’t look like much but kicked my ass.
football bar- cant tell if is beneficial but its fun.
dip face pul pull up circuit was good
suit case deads- new favorite thing


10.3 training

Did something at work mid back is jacked up for a bit.

Mobility mucho mucho
Occ at home lunges banded walks leg swings face pulls BPAs some ground work
Clamshells cat camel bird dogs fire hydrants blah blah blah

TRX ham curl x face pull 3x some
A oh squat 95 3x10
B squat 135 2x10 185 2x10 bleh
C1 seated ham curl 3x20
C2 leg ext 3x20
D abs planks 3x1min hanging leg raise 3x10
E assumption bike 25 mins mostly easy

stuff and feeling crippled
That’s about it.


I hope you had a chance to at least enjoy the city a bit. I lived there for 12 years but find it a bit much when I go back now. Too many people and too much of everything. You’re from NY though so it’s probably low key to you.