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I Got A Feeling


thanks @hel320 I felt good so I pushed it…

feeling it today


training - movement and conditioning stuffs

a shit ton o f lunges leg swings crawls dislocates
a bunch of stretch positions banded walks etc

A 6-7 plate drag push x10
B 5 plate sled drag x rope pull x 10
C 25 min assault bike ride
D ab stuff hollow rocks v-ups

just some non cardio - cardio


training 5.26.18

mobility stuffs pvc and LX ball at home
band walks lunges crawls - banded lunges - awesomeness

prone ham curl x machine row x good girlx bad girl 4x10

A dead 135 225 315 x5 365 x2 385 x2
405 2x2 365 2x3 405 2x2 365 3x2 315 3x5
all hook no straps
B1 good morning 135 3x10
B2 bo barbell row 135 3x10
C pull downs 10x10 various grips
D 15 min assault bike ride some intervals
E some Ab crap

notes- I wanted to do some upper body stuffs.
but another kid - stocky strong kid was setting up a bar to deadlift- so we pulled it was fun.
ramped up and down - leg got shaky on the last sets of 315
but hey when I feel good Im going to go for something
even when its not really allot.

row x good morning- the superset of suck
rows- I want to get stronger here- but elbows say no.
pull downs for the pump
just some bike and abs to finish


6/7 some training

Jump rope banded walks lunges a shit ton of ankle and hip crap

Squat wit 315 4x5 335x2 365 2x1
DB rdl staggered stance 80 2x8 each
Belt squat 56 lb kB 2x20
Abs wheel 5x 10

Notes doesn’t look like much
But I was tired


upper fluff

Mobility lunges bands
TRX face pull x row x push-up x HLR 3x10
A1 oh press bar x many 65 2x10 85 2x5 95 8x5
A2 pull up 12x5
B reverse grip oh press 66 :x10
C1 v grip pull down 5x10
C2 oh press machine 5x10
D spoon press 30 2x20
E1 band face pull many
E2 banded push down many

short session decent swole
Right bicep isn’t digging any of this
Can’t really load oh press or any kind of pressing
Just doing the work


That’s what makes the world go 'round.


Somedays that’s all you can ask for.


Thanks PG thanks Harry

Felt pretty good to get anything in.


Some training
Two conditioning days

Mobility stuffs
TRX push up x reverse row x face pull x HLR 5x10

B.B. complex 95 3 x8-10
row x RDL x squat x good morning x reverse lunges
15 min assault bike

Much mobility leg swings etc
10 x 50m sprints
2x19 tire flips

Hit up the HS track it’s close and it’s really nice
Knee felt ok I’m sure I’ll be icing it soon.
This felt so good.
To do something vaguely athletic
Googled the tire brand and size
I think it weighs about 250
So much fun


busy week of work = no training

some training 6.23.18

mobility pvc lx ball at home
more stuffs st gym banded walks lunges banded lunge
been having awful pain in both arms/elbows
worked on that allot- starts at what feels like shoulder impingement

A squat 65x95 135 x10 185 225 245 275 295 315 35 all x5
B hammer strenf RDL machine 4x10
C pull thru x face pull 4x10
D medley of machines 5 x many
seated ham x machine row x tricep push down x machine laterals

stiff and not a great session
been leaning on ‘machines’ more and more
for pump and ‘accessory work’ as they are joint friendly

I have a work buddy who is at least my age and strong and pretty jacked - he has never ever done any bench squat dead and infact
just uses machines-
he does a big medley- of maybe 6-8 different machines
and just adds rounds or sets instead of going heavy.

maybe there is something too that…


With the evolution of machines over the years from the Universal when I was young I’d say it’s very possible to get big an swole just using machine. I think since Arthur Jones and Nautilus that’s been true.


I love my barbell stuff.
But really machines are joint friendly.


NBA draft kept me away from training for like a week.


Mobility lunges dislocates more lunges

Activation B.B. comes
Row x rsl x clean
65 2x5 95 2x5 135 2 x3
A dead 135 -275 2x5 315 4x5
B1 walking lunge 16 kg kb 4x20
B2 air hump 225 4x8
C1 vgrip low pulley row 4x12
C2 seated face pull 4x15
D hammer curls 35 3/10
E ab wheel 4 x10

Pulls shaky leg and no pat strength
No surprise as I haven’t been training
Air jumps need work - I used to do 225 x20
Face pulls cable rows - easy on the elbows
curks - needed stuffs


Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July.
Or a happy Canda day but that was the first.

We watched some fireworks little man lit up some sparklers and I roasted a big piece of lamb.




7.5.18 some training

PVC and lx ball shit ton of mobility
Walked lunges band work
TKE many
HLR 3x10
Med ball seated jump bw+30 3x5
A OH squat 65 2x10 95 2x5 135x3
B squat wut 315x5 shut it down
C db RDL 80 4x10
D sled drag push 6 plates 7 short trips ?
E assault bike 10 minute

knee was banged up and stiff going in to this-
needed allot of work to feel ok .
OH squat felt good - 135 could have hit 5 - but shoulders where revolting
however they felt great after. that and the hanging leg raises at the top of the session - I need to do both movements every time I train.

squats - 315 - wanted 4x5 or 5x5 but on set 2 I knew I had some stuff not going well. RDL - felt ok sled was good bike was not good.
back of knee feels like shit a few hours later- iced and heat.


7.6.18 some training

rained like crazy the night before - no wonder knee was jacked up.

mobility stuff lunges dislocates etc
HLR x trx face pulls 3 x 10
many many BPA’s
A1 bhnp seated wut 95 10x5
A2 seated rope face pull 10x10
B1 bw dip 5x10
B2 CSR 2p 5x10
C 5 rounds BP x 20 banded db front raise x 10 x 20 BPA
D PJR tricep pullover 50 x10 60 3x10
E1 banded tri push down 5x20
E2 banded curls 5x20

bands are the shit- I always forget how good these are.

I own a bunch - there are some random one that are like the tide
at the gym. BPAs are life.
messed around with Behind neck shoulder press- shoulders felt really good after OH squats the day prior- go figure.
bpa- I need to do these every session -
banded pushdown and curls- huge swole no pain in the elbow and
getting some blood in there-


7.7 training

just a conditioning day

pvc at home some dislocates

HS track

some skipping bounding
a bunch of lunges and some other activation crap

10 x 55 yd sprint
5 x 20 yd crawls

thats it.


That looks delicious


It was…

it was nice thanks

after last years trip to morocco - I still have spices I carried back.
the lamb was a 3 ish lb boneless leg
rubbed with butter crushed garlic salt and toasted ground cumin coriander and fennel

I have another piece maybe a bit smaller in the freezer