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I Got A Feeling



I think im on a bulk?
weighed 187 - or maybe I need to make a massive poo

training -
moblity- dislocates lunges lunges lunges
a bunch of hip crap

A seated box jump 3x5 bw 3x5 bw+30 med ball
B dead 135 2x5 195 2x5 225 2x5 275 2x5 315 2x5 365 2x2
315 x5
C snatch grip eccentric *straps 3x5 5 second eccentric - sux
D bb rows 135 2x15
E front squat 135x5 185 2x5 225 3x5
F CSR 2p 3x12
G ab wheel 3x12

pulls suck strenf is there - left ham and knee are missing in this lift I got the shakes like Im pulling closer to 5 plates
sucks but where Im at.
could have warmed up more

snatch width eccentric- holy shit these suck ass.
reveals all dem ‘weaknesses’ used straps for these 5 reps lowering on a 5 count - I suck.

bb rows- just 2 quick sets -bicep and elbow not a fan

front squats- felt great I used to do these with pulls all the time and they still felt great - even though light as F.

chest supported row- I think I was doing these with 4 plates
a few years back. hmmm. I cant really pull hard after pulling
I should probably do a squat dead bench day each and a day or two when I can of accessory shit to support all of that.

this ‘bulk’ thing - 187 is alot of me- just showing the top four abs
usually I show more. mayb hit 190? and back it down?
Id say fuk it get to 200 but for what Id be pudgy



weekly training… sad but its when I can train

mobility - lunges TKE lunges disclocats some other prep at home

A prone ham curl 3x12
B Dead 135,225275 x5 315 4x5
B front squat 135x5 225 3x5
C bss 40 3x8
D sled drag/push 4 plates 10 trips
E ab wheel 3x12

shitty weather knee sucks
pulled with a stiff bar- used straps in the 3rd set of 315
front squats - these didnt feel great
bss - huge pump should have went lighter and for volume
drag/push- backwards drag - push back
ab wheel - much easier then with a loaded barbell.
I still suk but its happening


This can make a big difference. We train with a texas power bar which is fairly stiff. I have a bigger pull in contest because even though IPF doesn’t us deadlifting bars, the competition bar (typically Eleiko) has enough additional flex to add weight. If I pull my opener in the gym it normally feels pretty tough but it flies at a meet.



mobility stuffs lunges lx ball stuff.

A 25 min assualt bike ride
B trap bar carries 315 x 6 trips
C ab wheel 3x12+

short and sweet just some conditioning
nothing too strenuous


4/1 training
Upper crap

Mobility stuffs
Bad pull parts x face pulls x shoulder junk

A1 hand stand wall push ups 8 6 6 5 5
A2 straight arm pull down
B1 oh press bars many 65 2x8 95 2x5 115 2x5
B2 pull up dead hang 30-45 sec
C1 loaded push up bw+45 5x10
C2 csr 2p 5x10
D spoon press 30 4x15
E assault bike 25 min ride some intervals


Felt good some glitches
Right bicep wasn’t feeling the OH press
Elbows both a bit crunchy should have added bad tricep crap
assault bike - still sucks


5.4.18 training

mobility stuffs lunges lunges lunges hip stuff
90/90 stretch face pulls more lunges
thoracic and ankle crap
A seated box jumps bw 3x3 bw+30 3x3
B deadlift 135 3x5 225 2x5 315 2x5 365x2 385x2 405x1
315 2x5 * straps at 365
C Air humps 135x10 185 4x8
D db row 65x20 80 x20 100 x10
E1 single leg ham curl 2x10
E1 seated calf 2x20
F 10 min assault bike ride

pulling sucks- where my left hamstring should be -
no leg drive- 405 - I got the shakes- no speed.
but I figured out some stuff- left ham and glute are weak

air humps- I did 225 for 20 and 315 for 8-10 on the regular
so… these need work.
ham and calf work - while needed - the two machines I used
put to much pressure on the knee- the single leg machine
your resting on one knee- and curling the other too much pressure on the graft/knee etc
seated calf machine -
I really need direct calf work-
but this machine rests the load right across the knee/VMO
not great for the knee either…

I think I need to do a SHIT TON of posterior chain work
more single leg stuff


short training session
mobility -PVC LX ball at home
dislocates face pulls lunges bpa’s
scap push-up many many face pulls

A1 lat pd machine 8x10
A2 machine row 8x10
B1 OH press bar 55 75 85 2x5 105 5x5
B2 dead hang 30 sec 10 rounds
C1 spoon press 30’s 4x20
C2 seated cg cable row 4x15
D1 ez bro curl 30 2x25
D2 banded tri push down 2x50

going to stick with work like this
joints do well with this kind of pump and fluff
upper back and hams
feeling those pulls from yesterday felt good to feel beat up.
sadly elbows felt it too.
this session is what I need to be doing- maybe add
some loaded dips heavier floor press/ bigger rows,
maybe some bigger pushpress- but this is what I need.
pump and fluff FTW


I think pump and fluff for old guys is more like required maintenance to keep looking good, and hopefully feeling ok.

The only “heavy” (by my average standards) lifting I do these days are deadlifts.

Good to see you still working hard at it.


Really good deadlifts. Nice pump and fluff too.


Thanks @hel320 and @punnyguy

Pump and fluff makes all the joints feel ok
And there is always trying to get that hyper trophy


Training 5/8/18

Mobility stuffs a lot of lunges some rolls some junk

A dead 135 c5 225x5 315 2x5
*straps 365x3 495 2x2
B1 front squat 185 3x5
B2 snatch eccentric pull 185 3x5
C dB row 80x20 100x20 straps on 100
D1 pull tru 4x15-20
D2 face pull 4x15-20
E tabata assault bike 8 20/10

Pulls felt good used cheater straps at 365
Could have did 365 for 5
Doubles felt good - figuring out this no hamstring thing
Snatch eccentric 5 second lower these are Satan
Be rows can’t wait to not use straps on the 100s

Felt good even the bike went ok


Training 5.14.18

Mobility stuffs lunges face pulls etc

A rack pull at knee 135x5 225x5 3151x4 405 x5 455 x3 314 x5
B snatch width below knee 225 x5 315 2x5
225 x5
C1 meadows rows 4x10
C2 straight arm pull down 4x10
D pull downs 4x10
E TRX roll outs 3x10

Doesn’t look like much but kicked my ass.
Rack pulls are the devil - did a few sets below the knee then moved the pins higher - just too damn hard.
Snatch width pulls could have just done these
Meadows rows made me feel swole


training 5.15.18
mobility stuffs pvc at home
a bunch of ground work a bunch of lunges etc.

HLR 3x10
1 seated row machine 5x10
2 prone ham curls 5x10

A low box squat bar x many 65 2x10
135 2x10 185 2x4 225 2x5 275 2x5
B squat 315 3x5
C bss 30’s 4x12
D1 seated ham curl light 5x10
D2 leg ext light 5x10
E HLR 3x10

I really should have pressed but while getting warm
felt ok so fuk it I squatted
low box is probably like 12 or 13" its lower then ‘depth’
for me these felt ok but they got hard
315 - walk outs felt spry last set RPE was up there fo sho
bss - went light and got some volume - huge pump
curl and ext - ext are not my fave at all- just went for some blood moving


training 5.15.18 upper push

stiff asF from the last two days.
pvc and mobility stuffs at home - more at gym
band pull- aparts dislocats scap stuff TRX face pulls

A1 machine row light 10x10
A2 machine pulldown light 10x10
B1 bb bench bar 65 95 115 all 10 135 x5 155x5 183x5
185 8x3
B2 face pull many x many
C db incline light 350 method 30lbs
E pjr pull over 60 4x8-10
F1 band push down 4x20
F2 pull down abs 4x10
G 20 min assualt bike ride

stiff as F from the past two days.
not a surprise.
machine rows and pulldowns for activation mixed with face pulls BPAs etc
bench - I have not benched in forever this was surprisingly good
hard but good -
accessories -
incline db 350 method three sets til you reach 50 reps
pjrs tricep pullover - both from Paul carter - super effective.
after the tricep band pulldowns- Ive never had a tricep pump
in like forever.
bike - needed stuffs

vid of pjr


have not been participating so much here just logging

5.19.18 training
stiff as F
disllocates lunges face pulls band work lunges lunges
ground work some crawls jumps rolls

A dead 135 225 275 315 2x5 *add straps 365 2x2 405 2x2
B stiff leg 225 4x12
C squat 225 2x20
D ab wheel 4x10

did a bunch of drills between sets
90/90 stretch , ankle mobility stuff
pulls didnt feel great
stiff legs did feel good
squat- huge quad pump.

doesnt look like allot but I was done


That’s interesting. I use hooks/straps for low weight/ higher volume but find I need to grip the bar to pull heavy.


I must have lost quite a bit of grip strength - I think the straps actually get in the way of pulling heavier… still playing with all this.


training yesterday- 5.22.15

got moving did what amounted to
a shit ton of face pulls BPA’s and
a bunch of machine rows x dips
wup bench 185 3x5 bleh
then more dips and more rows
12 x10 of dips and 12 x many machine rows

I think I was just tired - bench was moving like crap so I canned it and just went back to dips
the machine row is like a seated stack type machine that also has the ability to grab different handles and do some rear delt crap- crap is what this session turned into.


training 5.23.18

mobility banded walks, lunges, banded lunges, floor work
more lunges leg swings
some broad jumps

A1 prone ham curl 5x10
A2 machine row thing 5x10
B squat bar x 10 65, 95, 135x10 185x5 225 245 275 x5
315 2x5 335 x2 365x2 315x5 245 x20
C db snatch 60 2x5 bleh should have done these first.
D 10x10 seated ham curl - eccentric reps
E ten minute assault bike

prone ham curl and the seated row machine are next to each other - good way to start any squat or dead day.
who doesnt need more hamstring or more back-duh
squats- felt good 365 was def RPE 8 or so ugh
20 rep felt really good been digging these past few sessions
db snatch could have done these first - but Im always racing/fighting for racks.
a shit ton of seated ham curls - should have done something single leg
bike ride- just ten minutes


Nice! And a lot