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I Got A Feeling



I think im on a bulk?
weighed 187 - or maybe I need to make a massive poo

training -
moblity- dislocates lunges lunges lunges
a bunch of hip crap

A seated box jump 3x5 bw 3x5 bw+30 med ball
B dead 135 2x5 195 2x5 225 2x5 275 2x5 315 2x5 365 2x2
315 x5
C snatch grip eccentric *straps 3x5 5 second eccentric - sux
D bb rows 135 2x15
E front squat 135x5 185 2x5 225 3x5
F CSR 2p 3x12
G ab wheel 3x12

pulls suck strenf is there - left ham and knee are missing in this lift I got the shakes like Im pulling closer to 5 plates
sucks but where Im at.
could have warmed up more

snatch width eccentric- holy shit these suck ass.
reveals all dem ‘weaknesses’ used straps for these 5 reps lowering on a 5 count - I suck.

bb rows- just 2 quick sets -bicep and elbow not a fan

front squats- felt great I used to do these with pulls all the time and they still felt great - even though light as F.

chest supported row- I think I was doing these with 4 plates
a few years back. hmmm. I cant really pull hard after pulling
I should probably do a squat dead bench day each and a day or two when I can of accessory shit to support all of that.

this ‘bulk’ thing - 187 is alot of me- just showing the top four abs
usually I show more. mayb hit 190? and back it down?
Id say fuk it get to 200 but for what Id be pudgy