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I Got A Feeling


Ouch! That sounds sucky


I was going to pretend I knew what fluff volume was, but I don’t.


yes - I should have mentioned I was sore as F for a few days.


its what everyone who isnt strong does at the gym

and what people who would rather be strong do when they are
too banged up


Some training 3.30.38
30 min quick session
mobility stuffs bands dislocates lunges

TRX 4x10
face pulls x elevated rows x elevated pushups

medley of
4 x 500m row
4 x 5 trap bar dead 335

this felt pretty good to just move
while it cooked my ass


3.31.18 some training lower

mobility - lunges lunges lunges banded walks
a bunch of other movements
A OH squat 65 2x10 95 3x5
B squat 145 185 225 2x5 275x5 315 2x3 335 x1 365 4x1
C dimmel dead 135 3x20
D seated ham curl 5x many
E assault bike tabata

knee wasnt feeling it on squats
volume wasnt going to happen -so did some singles
which moved well.
dimel- lit the p-chain on fiya best shit ever
seated hams- these ‘hurt’ the least of the various ham machines I try.

been taking some CBD oil - thats hemp oil without the THC
( the good stuff) it seems to help with pain management


I’ve been doing these periodically and they are deceptively difficult.


Nice squats. Had to look up Dimmel Deadlift. Stiff leg except bottom half at start and finish?


yes the TRX face pull is nice took me a while to
find the right angle/set up I think I like them more then with the rope/pulldown


thanks Hel-

Love Dimel 's
came out of westside named after a lifter
really are great at blowing up your hamstrings and Glutes

here is OG Dave Tate demonstrating

I send my hips back and concentrate on pushing hips thru
and flexing the glutes

Here is another vid this guy also trained at westside
Jordan Syat - this video is good because its from the side.


Did a 125 hour work ‘week’ in like 4 days.
UFC came to town - it was busy.
press conference McGregor drama
big night of fights- equals two mega days
did a 5 am til 7 am with an 8am start the following
nothing prepares you short of the military
for these hours

blah blah blah

4.10.18 train
mob - dislocates 90/90 stretch lunges PVC band walks etc.
bw 178 in sweats glasses sneakers

A1 face pull 4x15
A2 NG arms width pull up 25 reps in 4 sets
B dead conventional 135 x10 225 2x5 275x5 315 2x5 365 3x2
C bb ab roll out 4x10
D1 trx face pull 4x10
D2 pull thru 4x15
E machine seated row 4x10

pull ups- did something 8,7 5 5 5maybe I did 30 dont know

dead’s- wanted one of the better bars- had to use the stiff bar
it was stiff as fuck these weigh 50 lbs so add 5lbs to all the numbers who cares
left leg - no drive

still nursing the right bicep- used a forearm compression cuff
but still cautious - looks like I can re build a respectable squat but pulls are limited - 405 might be the top of what I can pull-
the hamstring -back of knee- is the limit here.

ab rollouts - these sucked needs work
bicep - is fukked- work isn’t helping either
all being said- was grateful to move something modest heavy

pretty sure if I find time I can squat 500+
pretty sure Im there on deads.


Like the look of the Dimels. Think they may be more useful in the shot than the regular dead. Trying them next back day.


Holy smokes. It’s a good thing you like your job.


I like money- and healthcare.
Im good at my job so I like it.


You’re about as romantic as I am with respect to employment; it puts food on the table, I’m good at it and I mostly like what I do. I don’t expect anything more.


I like what I do- but the hours get old too.
Really Im could not pass this job up - Im at the head of a small food chain.


training 4.13.18

mobility stuffs banded walks lunges
dislocates pull aparts many many

A1 dips bw 5x10
A2 facepull 5x10
B1 db floor press 50x10 70 2x5 80 2x5 70 2x5
B2 CSR 2px10 3p 5x10 2p x10
C1 tricep push down 5x10
C2 one arm pull down light 5x10
D cable bent over row-pullover things many x many
E assult bike tabata + 10 min ride
F hollow rock tabata wutthefug

pump and fluff- um I see whay people can mindlessly like this rep stuff dat pump.
dips as a start is the smart move
db press- somehow all pressing - kills my bicep - more then pulling- the bent arm- compressed arm in squat OH or bench press kills the bicep
cable stuffs- more needed
bike tabata- ouch
hollow rock tabata - go fuck yourself
so awesome - so full of suck

hollow rocks

thanks to @Alpha for hollow rocks
ps he is on post surgery comback…


4.14.18 training

lower stuffs
mobility - lunges band walks 456,789 leg swings, more lunges
a bunch of other stuff

A squat bar many many 65 -135 all x10 185, 225 275 all 2x5.
315 3x5 done
B dimel dead 135 2x20 185 x15 bleh
C sled drag/ push - 20 trips 4- 6 plates drags/pushes

felt pretty good- took a while to get loose-
squats felt good- wanted 5x5 settled for 3x5
dimel dead 185 crushed me
wanted to do some single leg work - knee wasn’t having it.
sled drags- worked up to 6 plates for a bunch of short trips
pushed on the way back- pulls seem to help knee/quad ham pump
thats it


Good stuff in the video


thanks Hel his stuff is solid
those hollow rocks left me for dead