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I Got A Feeling


=just a movement and bw stuff day

had to ice my foot and knee this morning
thats pretty typical
I have two big wraps with velcro that I wrap my knee with
something is going on not good with my
post lateral corner- go figure the big ice packs
let me ice the front ( where the ACL the graft and the quad tendon are)
and the back where my hamstrings PCL calf etc all got detached.
that was depressing to type

esspresso two
PVC pipe
LX ball on feet proneals, ( cant spell) lats
the frozen LX ball on my foot- and calves

a shit ton of dislocates and BPA’s at home
lunges progressions
cock sack squats
banded walks lunges
lots of hamstring work with bands PNF stuff

some yoga flow crap
A TRX 5x10
face pulls x inverted row x push up x inverted pike ab x hamstring curl
B1 cable face pulls 5x20
B2 loaded pushup bw-45 5x10
C1 ab circuit hollow rocks x v-up x mcgill sit up 5x10-15

more shit for shoulders glutes knee etc
looking back - I thought I was doing enough activation prehab
mobility shit
but I realized I did much more in mornings and evenings,
as well as the few times a week or month that I rolled and did judo or BJJ that if I did roll - I did a few more hours a week of that stuff.
hmmm this getting old and feeble thing is bullshit.


Catching up. I see all the icing, did you get hurt, again. What does that old and feeble shit feel like?


Hey Harry-
pretty sure I tore my right bicep in early summer and its healing slowly

all that ice is that pipe cleaner leg
4 years later and its well its you know there.

as for old and feeble- I just need to rub dirt on it.


training 2.9.18

moblity did a bunch - dislocates, lunges banded walks
a bunch of other movements some face pulls etc
5 min bike ride with band around knees- pump

A Trap bar dead 135 x10 225 x10 315x10 365 2x5 low handles
B trap bar row 135 2x10 225 2x8
C medley prone ham curl x good abductor x adductor machine 4x10-15
D assault bike tabata 8 20/10 then 15 min ride

trap bar weighs 60 I just listed the plates
these felt pretty good- more volume needed
trap bar BO row- these are weird - but ok
tried to use the trap bar with BSS- its awkward getting the rear foot
elevated - but I Think I can do it and load them up heavy
bike tabata- no on like these
uhm banded bike ride- huge pump


How old are you now? There’s a lot of warm up, mobility etc in here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I’m wondering if I should be doing that.


I don’t have much luck with BSS and the trap bar either. Very awkward.


Im 46.
physical job takes a toll
really the mobility stuff is a must and doesn’t take that long


yeah makes sense from a loading perspective-but awkward indeed
need to look at some videos of it again


I’m sure it does. I’ve never had a physical job but have seen the stress Frank’s previous job put on his body.


Job? Work? Kinda rings a bell.


Yes work takes a toll.
For years- I worked in broadcast - and television
and loved it- got to do some good work and traveled allot.

summer 2017 - I had an even bigger opportunity and took that.
Im a ‘head’ a supervisor at one venue - its an arena in brooklyn.
you can do the math. Been in a labor union since 99- and it paid off.

Yes Im a ‘boss’ but im very hands on - and the physical work to put on a
concert is high.
Id have it no other way
but it takes it’s toll


You have worked enough for many lives.
glory in your retirement- you have earned it.

spend that time in the sun surrounded by family.

work is work and it can suck
but I am proud that I have a work ethic
and a drive


4 sets of adductor abductor
DOMS are there-

During PT ( leg rehab)
we did these every session - I think I might need to do these
and much much more direct hamstring work
build up all those little leg muscles for support


been a few minutes here.

work stuff work
shit weather
trained today- but have been doing a bunch
of bw stuff at home
v-ups , squats and push ups

stiff as F
moblility and movement stuff
lunges lunges lunges, banded walks dislocates,
black burns , more stuff

A TRX medley face pulls x elevated push up x row
B1 prone ham curl 10 x 10
B2 trap bar dead
135 2x5 225 2x5 315 2x5 365 x5 315 3x5
C hangning leg raise from elbow things 3x10
D tabata assault bike 8 20/10

just been crushed with work -
had a week ok more like two where weather fucked
up my knee
trying to get back to some gym time in the next few weeks


You’re right about the shit weather. We just got 2 feet of snow and have another storm coming next week. We’ll get back outside someday.


Crushed with work? I seem to remember this work thing vaguely. Nice trap bar DLs at 365. What are you weighing now?


Hey Steve- I forget further north it stays colder longer
Its actually beautiful today but 35.

Its the cold/wet leaves me crippled.
just need to rub some dirt on this knee


Im always crushed with work
I think you have earned the right to not
remember work

trap bar meh- just trying to train at all.
Im just under 180 in gym clothes


training lower short session

mobility stuff -
a shit ton of lunges
banded walks face pulls etc

A squat bar 65, 95 135 2x10 185 225 275 2x5
315 2x3 225 2x20
B1 rope pull down abs 5x10-15
B2 pull thru- 5x20
B3 face pulls 5x20
C seated ’ roatary’ calf machine 5x20

this is that detrained life again
snuck in this short session
squats- not worrried about loading
20 rep sets felt good but they still suck
pull thrus and face pulls - much needed
direct calf work has blown up my knee
testing the waters with these
wanted more fluff and accessory stuffs


training upper

a bunch of banded shit and stretches

A1 face pull 5x10
A2 bw dip 5x10
B1 db bench 70 10x5
B2 CSR 2p 10x10
C curl to press ez bar 35 3x10
D1 mini db raise 5x15
D2 tricep band pushdown 5x20
E 15 min assault bike ride

dips- felt good
db bench -beyond light- right bicep still not right.
fluff - need more fluff volume