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I Got A Feeling


I did have a good Christmas - thank you .
I hope everyone here had a good holiday too.

some gratuitous food pics-
usually we do more this year I just made a big ass paella thats a 20" pan.

and an antipast platter of meats


12/27 training

movement and conditioning day
moblity allot- pvc at home
banded walks lunge progressions

bb complex
65 x5 95 3x8
row x rdl x front squat x good morning x squat

trap bar walks
330 10 trips they are short.

20 min assault bike ride

12/28/17 training

moblity lunges banded walks agile 8 type crap

bb complex 95 2x5
row X RDL x power snatch x good morning x squat

A squat
bar-185x10 band around knees 225x5 275x5 315 3x5
B dead 225x5 275x5 315x5 bleh- knee gave up
C barbell roll out - 2x12
D 2 circuits of machine crap

squats felt ok - wanted more voume then this but what ever.
pulls- these are still not feeling good might stick to just trap bar work

having issues with leg drive on the paper clip knee had more pain then I should have so I stopped.

I need to add in a shit ton of single leg work - but it seems to bother knee more- when I do - go figure.


That all looks delicious. Are you finding that as the holiday season winds on, you get tired of all the rich food? By the time we hit Christmas day, I was done.


Yes - the holiday food takes a toll


Happy New Year
Training 1/1/18

Pvc mobility
3x10 of
TRX Face pulls x inverted row x elevated push up x dip
A pull down med NG 6x10
B CSR 2p 4x 12
C low pulley v grip 5x10
E pull down abs
F 20 min assault bike ride
and 8 20/10 tabata assault bike

Just some volume - uhm it’s boring
but I need to do it.
Bike ride and tabata both boring

Usually I post some New Years goals
I going to just focus on getting more work done
Just consistency and frequency


pvc and a shit ton of armaid work -
its great for forearm bicep stuff

just a little training today

trx face pull x elevated pushup x inverted row 3x12

A squat wut 315 5x5
B assualt bike tabata 8 20/10
C ab circuit v-up x bb roll outs 3x10



I hadn’t thought about doing these. I will try them out.


TRX face pulls are pretty good-

short training today


shit ton of mobility work - lunges banded walks dislocates etc
a ton of stuff cat camels , bird dogs agile 8 stuffs.

TRX face pull, elevated row x push up - 3x10

just a simple circuit 5 rounds of
A 315 ( 330 ) trap bar dead x5
B 500m row

this sucked ass


flu work flu work work


short session today

lunges progessions
banded walks lunges

rolls crawls stuffs

3 x10 HLR feet to face x TRX face pull x prone ham curls

A squat bar- 135 x10 185-275 2x5
315 3x5
B dimel dead 135 2x20 225 1x10
C bss 30 3x10


been sick and work stuffs
just putting in work trying
aiming for consistency

shoes and sleeves at 225
felt detrained squats felt meh
225 dimmel ran out of gas
bss - forgot how much I need these

thanks for looking


Hope you’re feeling better.


I am thank you !




have been doing a bunch of pushup’s and bw squats in the morning
got to train today.

moblity pvc st home banded walks , lunges, banded lunges progressions
shit ton of BPA’s
HLR feet to face x face pulls 4x10

bb complex 95 5x3 row x rdl x high pull x power snatch bleh

A squat bar -135 for 10+ 185-275x5
315 4x5
B1 bss 30 4x10
B2 seated calf 4x10-20
C1 seated ham curl eccentric 5x10
C2 leg ext eccentric 5x10

flu fucked me up - work did to
did a 20 ish hour yesterday for WWE RAW
so I felt pretty good with this.
maybe I can train one or more times this week

thanks for looking - sorry Ive been a shitty participant


training 1.24.18

pvc at home lx ball too
234,567,890,124,567 dislocates
BPA’s same

lunges a shit ton of face pulls with bands

A1 OH press 10x10 6 sets @ 95
A2 face pull 10x15
B1 db low incline press 50 5x10
B2 CSR 2p 5x10
C1 delt raise 100 reps total 5 sets
C2 face pull 100 reps total 5 sets

abs- v-up 4x10
some ab machine 4x10

just some volume- cant do much with OH
but I want to get that allot higher.
no cardio - knee was acting up
it hurt yesterday - thought it was just weather today it rebeled


1/31/18 training

upper push stuffs

mobility - bpa lytp dislocates HLR 3x10 dips 3x`10

A1face pull 12x10
A2 OH press bar 65 65 85 85 95 95 115 115 95 95 95 95 all for 5’s
B1 CSR 2- 4x12
B2 db low incline 50 4x10

assualt bike tabata
4min 80/20

fluff and pump
right bicep still tight- pretty sure what I did in late may or early june
is worse then I thought but this as light as it is -
is where im at but felt all swole after.


2.1.18 training

mobility - lunges banded walks pvc and thoracic shit at home
lots of BPA and dislocates

A1 squat bar 95 135 all 185 all 2x10 225 275 315x 5 335 2x2 365 2x1
emom 315 15 dbls
A2 TkE many many
B sldl db 30’s 2x10
C1 HLR 3x10
C2 pull down abs- 3x many

wanted 15 triples on the emom did doubles instead
by round 5 of these you feel good round 10 you feel awesome - the last 5 meh
should have done more single leg work - just managed 2 sets for 1 leg db dead
knee def feeling it now sitting here with an ice pack on the knee now.

I am a dummy- somehow If I dont ‘feel it’ after training
had a physical last week- bp 100/70 EKG was great-
waiting on blood work - guessing my sugars are not great.
did this physical where I did PT - they have a walk in treat release type deal.
they where pretty pumped to see me .


That’s a lot of squats. I often do too many sets and pay for it later on. Why do you think your sugars will be bad? Are you diabetic?


Hey Steve- thanks It felt good- paying for it is part of the fun
As for sugars- just guessing in the dark- shitty schedule , sleeping habits
and often eating the wrong stuff, or on the longer days- just eating too many times a day.


2.3 training

pvc and some stretching at home
lunges walks, banded walks lunges etc
shit ton of other mobility junk

bb complex
row x rdl x clean x front squat 95 3x5
TRX face pulls x HLR 3x10

A1 OH press 5’s bar 50 65 70 85 95 6x5
A2 face pull 12x10
B1db flat bench 50 60 70 80 all x 8
B2 CSR 3p 4x8
C1 bw dip 7x10
C2 face pull 7x10

oh press- I suck . right bicep put the kabash on these
db bench- actually the bicep felt ok using elbow sleeve and sadly wrist wraps
rows felt good
dips- actually these felt really good
I think I will just do face pulls db floor press and dips loaded dips from now on.


2.6 training
maybe I suck less?
hard to tell

mobility lunges banded walks many many dislocates
A seated box jump bw 2x3 +30lb med ball 3x3
B box squat slow eccentric bar -185 x10 225 2x5 275 2x5 315 4x5
225 2x10 very close stance no box
C bss 30 2x10 40 2x10
D db RDL 90 2x10
E HLR 3x10

left foot - all jacked today
Ive been having sensations of heat on my fukked leg.
like fake leg menopause
ice helps
tried box squats- to take some pressure off the knee-
these are awkward - but I figured out a groove and felt ok.
the slow ecccentric sucks
bss - makes me feel swole- should do these a 2nd day

thats it.


I am def feeling those box squats today.
booty is all sore.

  • eccentric reps are just really taxing.
    used a bunch of ice this morning- and post training today.

2.7 training

mobility - not enough felt stiff
dislocates, face pulls - lunges glute and shoulder stuff.
BPAs some other junk.

A 20 minute cruise on assualt bike
8x 20/10 tabata assualt bike
B1 face pull man 10 x many many
B2 BHNOHP bar many x many 65 2x8 85 2x5 95 5x5
C1 bw dips 4x10 +25 2x10
C2 cable row/pullover standing thing 6x10

should have done more mobility stuffs and like trap bar carries
bike - much needed pump
behind neck press - surprisingly pretty good - weak but pretty stable
what ever bicep injury on the right side - is yup tied in to that shoulder
I think a SHIT TON of volume of these might actually work to push that along
dips - I want to get up to 5x20
just some reps and fluff