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I Got A Feeling


oh hell No…Someone had better got paid some good $$


Yeah, and put it on health insurance.


two things-

after 14 hours- you never see it.
worse- these are my hours pretty almost every day


your not kidding…

actually I get insurance where I am now- but I do have to do those hours.



I ‘officially’ got job
its the job Ive been doing for 7 months.

Its not full time so technically I dont have a job?
( voice got squeaky on the last part of the sentence)

but the days/hours/dollars/ equate to two full time jobs.
but I be getting that insurance 401k etc

doing the same shit I been doing.
but I cant train.
no time- when you do a 20 hour day 3-4 days a week
you cant really train.
and when you get that one day or day with a late start
Im all pumped to train -
but the next day - when Im doing that 20 hours day
the squats I did the day before - leave me fucked up.

make sense - why Im not tracking much training.
going to embark on a daily bw routine with one or two days a week for strenf

that all being said

I trained.

mobility yes- lunges
lunges banded lunges- the shit.
a bunch of shit like the agile 11.

dip x HLR - 3x10
shoulder mini db stuffs 4 rounds

A squat bar-85x 10
225 2x10 275 x10 315 3x5
B1 zpress 65 2x8 95 2x8
B2 bb row 135 4x10

thats it.

I lost my belt at the gym - no idea when .
shit was an inzer 30$ two prong
but I did rock some wrist wraps and knee sleeves
and shoes.
squats tens felt really good.
315 felt heavy - cuz I am detrained.

zpress- right bicep is still jacked up
going to try to do some upper volume to get this sorted.
rows- cant load because of the lame bicep
knee felt good- but the cold/wet/humid stuff sucks

thanks for looking


Hey Kev- Congrats on the Job thing…enjoy the holidays!..if you have time


Damn, well if that’s how it works, I haven’t had a job in 6 years!

Remember mate: work to live, don’t live to work.


Thanks OG I am going to enjoy the holidays.

In fact I think I have thanksgiving food pics to put up here.

Yes the job is a thing-


ahhh I have not had a ‘job’ since 1999-2002- I have been freelance ever since.
Basically I work at one venue- or facility - whenever there is an event or work - I am there and when there isnt a show - work or maintenance etc
Im not there.


12/11 and 12/13

12/11 just a movement and light conditioning day

mobility banded walks, lunges
dislocates more lunges etc

TRX face pulls x dip x HLR 4x10

bb complex
Row x RDL x front squat x good morning x squat x reverse lunge (each)
95 5x5

not much at that today

moblity lunges banded walks banded lunges
some agile 8 stuff

face pull x dip x HLR 4x10
A squat 95-225x10 275x5 315 x5 EMOM 315 8x3
B1 machine OH press 10x10
B2 machine pull down 10x10
C assault bike tabata 8 20/10

knee was shitty. only did 8x3 instead of 5x5 or 4x6
the upper body crap is super light.
just trying to get some light volume in
dips and machine crap was todays choice.

thanks for looking
will get more involved with the people here again


Your Thanksgiving food pics are the best, put up lots!!!


Been busy - I’ve been trying to do a body weight circuit in the morning

BW squat x BW push-up x v-up sit up
Gradually adding volume
Right now it’s so basic
25 squat 10 push-up 10 V-up
I might do 3-5 rounds
Surprisingly w win this little activity j feel good - loose and almost spry I should add a yoga type flow.


I’m late on these but here you go

Turkey as a trophy then carved
That is a 23lb bird brined roasted glazed
Biggest I’ve done
Two day brine one day air dry
I use a high heat roast and foil to slow the breast cooking
Glaze is butter mirin and ground up fresh rosemary
Stuffing - chestnuts sausage herbs and brioche
Glazed sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes and cranberry
Ther was also Brussels roasted with bacon
And peas and pancetta

Pics are out of order hard to manage that part
Ther is a pic of the table and a pic of the GIANT manhattan on ice I had while watching star wars with my kid


Hey. I just made my way back over here. I’m glad to see you back again. The food looks amazing. What did you put on the sweet potatoes?


thank you - its good to be back - as little as Im back.

I think it was honey - olive oil some ancho chipotley pepers

training update to follow


12.12.17 this am.

mobility stuffs lunges banded walks - banded lunges
dislocates cocksack squats

heard about riding an exercise bike with bands- thats next.

HLR 3x10
2 x5 65 95 of bb complex
row x RDL x front squat x good morning x squat

A trap bar dead
135 225 315 365 405 all by 5 bar is 60 so add 15lbs to that
B snatch width tempo RDL 4 second eccentric
225 3x5 these suck balls
C1 csr 4x8 2-3plates
C2 prone ham curl 4x8
thats it.


bw was 180 in track pants
trap bar - all from low handle the 405 or 420 or what ever felt heavy as F
the temp RDL- these are super hard- but I need that posterior chain work
my left glute isnt working well- and the parts of the hamstring that are missing - are still weak.

the bw squat and pushup stuff-
has made a difference in body comp-
and just feeling spry-
however the pushups seem to aggrivate the blown up bicep
go figure


Kev, I hope you, your wife and Ronan have a Merry Christmas. And not to be captain obvious but 420 trap bar feels heavy as F because it is heavy as F.


Steve- thank you
Yes - we are gearing up to have a nice holiday
I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday as well

420 trap bar- heavy enough.


just a movement and bullshit conditioning day


mobility stuffs- pvc at home
lunges banded walks - banded lunges dislocates

4x10 of TRX face pulls x dips x HLR

BB complex

65 x5 95 2x5 105 3x5 3x5

Row x RDL x power snatch x front squat x gm x squat

land mine complex 35lb plate 3x6
reverse lunge x sldl x row x oh press

assault bike 4min tabata
8 20/10

this kicked my ass.
the pulling from the other day- hams and glutes worn out and tight.

bb complex- felt ok power snatches got funky
land mine - the lunges rdl and row - I can go heavier on these
the OH press is limited- I Like using this thing.

thanks for looking

Everyone have an amazing Christmas and Holiday


Have a lovely Christmas. I hope to see pictures of more food.