I Gored a Matador

So there I was, grazing in a massive field. I was actually checking out some bovine piece of ass when I got jumped by these springy motherfuckers with huge moustaches and a dart gun.

When I came to, the next thing I knew was that these midgets were poking me with rods and sticks. One of them tells me its my time to shine. I didn’t argue. To be honest, I was a pissed off. A bit groggy, but pissed off.

Then I got let out into a facking huge arena. Lots of people. Spanish mainly. Don’t get me wrong, I like the spanish.

But I can’t stand men in shiny tights. And I guess luck was on me side because stood right opposite me was a guy in shiny tights, whose face looked like a smashed crab.

The silly twat fell over and then I raped his face.

maybe these ‘opposing view’ threads have been overdone lately…

HAHAAHAHAHA I loled. Hard.


[quote]gswork wrote:
maybe these ‘opposing view’ threads have been overdone lately…[/quote]

Maybe. But not the Phil Collins ones.