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I Get T-Nation Members Confused


rrjc, rattler, and jtg - you all might as well all be the same person.

tokyopop and totenkopt - I can't tell the difference.

Petermus and gregus - combine your accounts and start using it jointly because it won't make a difference.

papanick and andrew_live - Start being more distinct.

younggully and gettnitdone - I'm pretty sure you're both trolls anyway.

Anyone else get members confuzzled?


LankyMofo and Kerley - the Bob Saget avatars really throw me off.


You and Kerley, or should I say you and lankEy.

I don't even try to figure out which is actually posting anymore. It's just too frustrating to constantly be checking to see if Bob has a hat on or not.


POLO and Vegita are very alike in humour and writing style, I think anyways,FTR good guys.



5000 posts and you're still a level 1?? What's the deal, drink the water man, buy a few supplements!


Well it has been a theory of mine that there are only 10 actual people who post. The rest are just the same people under another name.

I'm really Zepplin and one of the Vixens. Wont tell you which vixen it might break to many hearts.


Oh and polo and counting beans.

Edit: Ooops, I meant print


AndrewG909 & RRJC have to be the same girl.


Fuck - kerley change that damn avatar!

And to the lil mexican - I don't really use supplements, only whey protein.


lmao, the whole lil mexican label always makes me grit my teeth while smiling. Kinda like a "haha good one now i want to punch you in the mouth".


never puta!


HAHAHA Ur too Poor To Affoerd Stuff.



just assume everyone is the same person! That way, then you are trying to organize your piles of "Hate" and "Like," its very easy!

Hate = 1
like = 0


Maybe if you didn't spend all of your money on supplements you could afford some photoshop lessons, homo!


I'm 'bout to unfriend you, suze!


I don't know, you're all batshit crazy but I love ya.


NO! NOT THAT! Ill have to go back to lying when i tell people i know and converse with a Lankymofo!


Where the shit has Rattler been anyway? He's a funny motherfucker.

I don't even recognize JTG...?


I have no idea who any of you are anymore.


would you prefer lil brown person?