I Get Hit on a lot When Using Testosterone?

Guys I have no idea whats going on here but Im not imagineing things as friends tell me about it aswell, that girls are reacting to me in a different way now.

I had low testosterone, like 150ng/dl, so I got put on TRT, I also added some of my own testosterone so Im on a fairly low/decent dose of 175mg of testosterone a week coupled with some testogel. Ive only been using it for like 2 weeks so I still feel pretty bad … but one thing have changed, GIRLS often stare at me now, give me smiles, flirt with me … its like they are “drawn” to my presence … without even being consious about it???

I used to get absolutely ZERO interest from girls … and now suddently it has basicly exploded … what the F is going on? Anyone experienced this stuff when using testosterone??

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Yeah, I wish.

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Ahh how cute… he thinks he’s superman! The juice is working. Test is providing you with confidence. This is what is attracting the women IMO…


No i feel like shit yet, no dialed in protocol. Friends were the ones who noticed first.

Either humans have evolved into super sophisticated intellectual bots who have evolved beyond our hormones, or there’s something to this. Yes, we are, at our core, animals.

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Its a very weird feeling for me for sure, Ive always been decent looking but never had much attention from women when I was low testosterone, it was almost like they just didnt “like” my presence at all.

But lately … they glance at me, smile, some wanna talk, one just approached me out of no where and wanted to get to know me … Ive never ever had this happen to me in all my life, so the difference is quite big.

not saying im a casanova or something, far far far from it lol, but the differnce in attention is pretty big for sure

this is great. lol I had read something recently about stuff like this. it hit some ideas on the topic about like your natural scent and stuff, higher testosterone( referring to people who lift) itself can attract better. nothing about being muscular verse non muscular, it was a lot of like, behind the scenes things if you will. just like its a natural sixth sense or something. it hit some weirder topics also like, if a woman is in a red dress, chances are she is psychologically displaying that she’s at her most fertile time of the month, not that she physically knows this, but its her mind or something… but it all wrapped around this kinda stuff lol

Happened to me, but only when I started and wore out

Probably some shit about pheromone being initially overexpressed then regulating down shortly after

Well this is funny,I’m writing a article on something similar. Androgel is a topical hormone it has been shown anecdotally to increase arousal of the opposite sex when combined with sweat and pheromone release that men and women both have. Also when combined with a more charismatic person the effect is very interesting. Just my 2 cents. Haha.

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