I Gained 35 Lbs In the Last 4 Months

I’ve been training about 2 years now mainly for strength but just recently started getting serious. I also broke my hand last summer and had two surgeries since which set me back a bit.

179lbs ~19%bf
214lbs ~21%

A gain of about 23lbs muscle but with 12lbs fat (yikes). Yes my diet stinks but is getting better.

Bench from 225 to 285
Squat from 275 to 355
Dead from 305 to 410

Yes I am aware of my poor camera skills.

i’m gonna beat venus on this one…legs

progress looks pretty decent though by the numbers

Yeah, legs needed. I don’t think you look to be 21% either. Maybe 16-18%.

sorry I couldn’t find my own post. Legs are coming I know.

my posing skills are lacking aswell

on a side note, Willis McGahee goes to the same gym as me. Pretty cool I guess

Nice calves.

Keep up the hard work, thick calves!

yeah ill agree with brant drake, you dont look 21%, I like the all around build on wheels and everything. good work

Looking good man, nice strength gains, too.

How tall are you?

Good progress, thats a solid gain and not that much fat. Gratz!

Thanks guys. I am 5’10.

Good job dude. You look like a tough mofo.

Solid yoke, btw. Gives you that “look of power”.

Okay, What’s your plan now?

The plan is to keep going. I doubt my gains will continue to be as rapid as before. I don’t plan on cutting anytime soon. I don’t have any long term goals or any plans on competing in anything at least not anytime soon. I set small goals and once I reach them I reevaluate and reset them.

Lucky bastard, you have big calves.

[quote]ericbyrnesjr wrote:
i’m gonna beat venus on this one…legs[/quote]

LOL! Damn it. That’s my line…LOL! Good though. I think it’s the 1st thing someone should ask for before rating when there aren’t any LEG shots. Well done!

OP: Very nice calves indeed.

Excellent progress. What was the training like? And did you monitor cals?